[Luna] Guys. So today, we’re
going to the grocery store to get some pizookie groceries. We
only need ice cream and cookies dough. [Reezy] Ready to go?
[Luna] Yeah! [Reezy] Let’s go. [Luna] Cookie dough and ice
cream, can you help us find it? [Reezy] Where is it at?
[Luna] I don’t know. [Reezy] Is it over here? Come on Luna. Eat whatever you’re going to put right. [Luna] Guys, today we’re going
to make our own pizookie. [Reezy] How are we going to do that? [Luna] We just need… We’re getting ready.
We need to open this! [Reezy] You got to wait till I give… (Luna singing Circle of Life) [Luna] Guys, we’re going to put the
pizookie in the oven for 10-12 minutes. [Reezy] Sounds good, let’s do it. …25% chocolate chip cookie dough. [Luna] Yeah! Good… (music) [Reezy] Time to get the pizookie going.
Ooh, it looks pretty good. Not burnt. (music) Is it seerup or syrup, which one?
[Luna] Syrup. [Reezy] Seerup or syrup?
[Luna] Seerup. [Reezy] Is it seerup or syrup?
[Luna] Seerup! [Reezy] Syrup.
[Luna] Seerup! [Reezy] Syrup.
[Luna] Seerrrrup! [Reezy] Syrup.
[Luna] Seeer rrrr rup. [Reezy] Syr ur ur, you got
to lift your nose up. So we going to need three scoops
of vanilla ice cream on there. Luna, you got this? [Luna] That’s that pizookie.
[Reezy] Yeah, you know it huh. [Luna] Yep, that’s that pizookie.
[Reezy] This is a giant pizookie. [Luna] Yep, that’s that pizookie. [Reezy] There you go stop, stop.
(laughs) I think I got a Reese’s bite. Some of its chocolate chip
and some of its Reese’s. I’d say we’re at least 75% of the
way there to pizookie-ville. (music) RIP pizookie.