Hey guys it’s Ro! Today we are gonna be
making some DIY Rainbow Treats! I got so many requests from you guys to make
something Rainbow themed, and I have been seeing rainbows everywhere on the
internet. Everyone’s throwing up Rainbows left and
right. My sister and I love rainbows, and her favorite
color, we asked her when she was little. We go Mo, what’s your favorite
color? And she said Rainbows! And we painted her whole room rainbows, and
today her favorite color is still rainbows! She’s really gonna like today’s
treats! The first thing that we are gonna be making
are these cute little Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes! The things you will need, will be: 2 cups
of flour, 1-1/2 cups of sugar, 5 egg whites, 2 teaspoons of baking powder,
1/4 cup of vegetable shortening, 3/4 cup of whole milk, 1 sh-tick of butter,
which is 4 ounces, 1/8th teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1/4
a teaspoon of almond extract, and, 1/2 a cup of rainbow sprinkles! To decorate, the things you’ll need will
be 6 different colors of fondant. You can make it from scratch and dye it yourself,
or you can buy it pre-made like I did, from Wilton. This saves a lot
of time, and I really love these! We’ve got blue, red, green, yellow, purple,
and orange. You’ll also need some decorating icing,
blue silicone cupcake liners, decorating tips, to shape the little rainbows,
and some toothpicks. The first thing that we’re gonna do is mix
together our flour, salt and baking powder, into this little mixing bowl, and
whisk it together! Now we are gonna mix together our butter and
shortening in the mixer. And you want to make sure that your butter
is room temperature, so it’s kind of soft. And mix together until it’s
well combined! Now you’re gonna add your sugar, and mix
it up one more time, cream it together until it’s well combined! Now we’re gonna add in both of our extracts,
and mix it together one more time, and then we’ll be adding our eggs. Because we are making a white cake today,
we are gonna separate our egg yolk from the egg white, and we are just gonna
be using the egg whites today. We’re gonna add the egg whites one at a
time, so I’ve got one egg white in here and you’re just gonna add it to the mixture! And then… Mix it up! And then add, and then mix it up! And then add, and then mix it up! And then add, and then mix it up! And then add, and then mix it up! Once you’ve mixed in all of your eggs, now we are
gonna alternate adding in our dry ingredients that we mixed together earlier,
and your milk, starting with the dry! Dry, milk, dry, milk, dry! Now to make this cake a funfetti cake, we
are gonna add in our sprinkles and mix it up one last time! Oh it looks so cool! Eeeee! The funfetti cupcake batter is all ready and
I just put our silicone liners into our cupcake tray, and I really like these
because they actually have a fill line, so in the inside they have a little
line and it says fill to here, for the perfect sized cupcake. And I thought
that was pretty neat! So I’m just taking a little scoop over here,
but you can just use a tablespoon, whatever’s handy! And I’m just gonna do
a big scoop, plop it in! And it should fill right to that line! Once you’ve filled all your cupcake liners,
they’re ready to bake! We’re gonna pop these in the oven at 350 degrees and bake
for about 18 minutes. While the cupcakes are baking, we are gonna
be making some rainbow decorations out of fondant. Over here I’ve got purple,
blue, green, yellow, orange and red. And then, I’ve placed down a piece of wax
paper, I’ve taped it on top of a little cutting board, so that the fondant won’t
stick to the surface. And we’re gonna start with purple. What you’re gonna do is just take a little
pinch of fondant, I’m just gonna roll it in a little ball.
Then I’m gonna roll out the fondant into a rope, about 1/8th of an inch
thick. Then I’m gonna take one of these little
decorating tips, and you’re gonna place the fondant all the way around. This will just help create the shape of the rainbow. So I’m gonna take this little knife, I’m
gonna cut off the excess. The cupcake recipe makes about 24 cupcakes,
so you can make however many you’d like. Then you’re gonna take a little pinch of
blue fondant and we’re gonna do the same thing. To make sure your fondant’s stick
together, what you’re gonna do is take a little paint brush, this is a little baking
brush. You’re gonna dip it into a little bit of
water. And the best way to get fondants to stick together is just put down a little
bit of water, you’re gonna place the second color all the way around. And it will
stick together! Now you’re just gonna keep doing the same
thing with our fondants, rolling them out into a thin rope, and then layering them on
top of each other to make little rainbows! We just finished making all of our little
rainbows out of fondant, and I let them sit for about 10 minutes so that they would
harden. And now, when you pick ‘em up they’ll
stay together, they hold form. And, I just took the cupcakes out of the oven,
they’ve had plenty of time to cool, and now we are going to decorate! I’ve got some decorator icing, I put it
into a plastic baggie, with a number 12 tip. Just for a little bit more control! And we’re just gonna frost the top of each
cupcake, so that it will look like clouds! You’re gonna take a little rainbow, and
then you’re just gonna press it right on the top. And there you have it! Here are all of our
Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes! And when you peel it down, ooooh! You can
see the funfetti in there! I love Funfettis! Hawmph! The next treat that we’re gonna be making
are some Rainbow Pudding Pops! These are very similar to the ones we made
for the DIY 4th of July treats, but we’re gonna be making them with so many
more colors! To make these rainbow pudding pops, the things
you will need, will be: some dixie cups, a stove pot, 3 cups of milk,
a whisk, 1 package of vanilla pudding, 6 different colors of food coloring. We’ve
got red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, the colors of the rainbow! 6 bowls for mixing, 6 spoons, and some wooden
craft spoons for the little handles! The first thing that we’re gonna do is take
our stove pot, milk, and vanilla pudding mix with our whisk, over to the stove. Pour
your pudding mix and milk into your stove pot, and whisk together! Then turn the
stove onto medium heat, and heat until the mixture comes to a boil, you’re gonna
want to keep stirring! Stir constantly! Then, once it boils, turn off the heat, and take your pot back over to the baking
station! Our pudding is fresh off the stove, so be
careful, it’s very hot! And now we are gonna divide it into the six
bowls. I’m just gonna pour it, I’m using an eyeballing
technique. Got these little pour spigots on the side of the pot which
makes it a little bit easy. You just need a little bit. I like to do this
while it’s still hot because as it cools it thickens up and it’s easier to
pour while it’s still thinner. Now we are gonna dye each of our pudding a
different color from the rainbow. I’m gonna start with orange, just add a
little drop of orange, and then mix together! Now a little bit of yellow. Little bit of green! Now that we have colored all of our puddings,
we are gonna assemble our little pops in these cute little Dixie cups I have over
here. I placed them on top of a baking sheet because
we are gonna pop them into the freezer later. And, letting them freeze on a baking
sheet is a really good idea because they won’t fall over in the freezer, it’s a
nice, flat surface. Gonna start with purple, I’m just gonna take
a spoonful, put it right in the middle. Make sure it covers a layer at the bottom.
And then what I like to do is jiggle it, just a little bit, and then give it a
tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap! So that the pudding will be flat. Then we’re gonna add our blue and tap flat, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap! And then green, yellow, orange and red. Once you’ve assembled your little pudding
pop, I’m just gonna place it right here, and you’re gonna take a wooden sticks, and
put it right in the middle, about 1/2 way down. Alright, now we’re gonna
pop the pudding pops into the freezer, for a few hours until they have completely
frozen. These pops sat in the freezer for a few hours
and now they are ready to eat. You just pick one up, hold it by the little
handle and then you peel off the paper. Oh my gosh this is so cool! Look you guys! Dee-dew! Here’s our little rainbow pudding
pop and now they are ready to serve! The next treat that we’re gonna be making
are these rainbow jar cakes! The things you will need to make these will
be: 2 cups of flour, 1-1/2 cup of sugar, 5 egg whites, 2 teaspoons of baking powder,
1/4 cup of vegetable shortening, 3/4 cup of milk, 1 sh-tick or 4 ounces of
butter, 1/8th teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1/4
teaspoon of almond extract, and, we’ll need some rainbow food coloring
dyes, The tools you will need will be: 6 round 6-inch
pans, some decorator icing, some glass jars, decorating bags, rainbow
sprinkles, and a circle cookie cutter. I’m using a 2-1/2 inch so that it will fit
into the jar. The first thing that we’re gonna do
to make these rainbow jar cakes is very simple, we’re gonna be using the same recipe
as those funfetti cupcakes that we made earlier, so over here I’ve already
mixed up the batter, from what we made earlier. But, I didn’t do the last step,
I didn’t add any sprinkles! So that is the only difference. So now we are gonna divide it into these six
different bowls, to color them the colors of the rainbow. I’m just gonna scoop a little batter into
each bowl, I’m using an eyeballing technique, trying to make them even. We’re gonna dye each of the bowls a color
of the rainbow, ROY G BIV This is super easy, just take a couple of
drops, and mix it up until it’s evenly combined. Our cake batters are colored and now it’s
time to pour them into our baking pans, I’ve got a little baking spray over here,
I’m just gonna spray each pan. And just a reminder, I am using 6, 6-inch
pans but these ones look a little bit different because they’re a little taller,
I didn’t have 6 identical ones, but they are just the same, no difference. Now you’re gonna fill up all of your pans
with the batters. All of our pans are filled, and as you can
see, it’s a very little amount of batter, look at that! So you want to make sure that the batter is
touching all sides, so you give it a little shake… Shake-shake-shake-shake-shake-shake-shake! And a little tap… Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap! And then we’re gonna pop them in the oven
at 350 degrees and bake them for about fifteen minutes. These little pans are so
small so I was able to fit them all onto one rack. Once your cakes have baked and have had plenty
of time to cool, now, we are gonna take our circle cookie cutter, and cut out
a bunch of circles, into our little cakes. This recipe makes three cake jars, because
that is how many circles you can cut into the top of each of the cakes. There are many ways to make a rainbow jar
cake. And, I like to do it this way because you really see the definition of color
between the colors. I’ve also done it the other way, where you
pour the batter into the jar and actually bake them in the oven. But the problem I’ve
had with that is that the outsides turn a lighter brown, even when I bake it
in a water bath. So this is the way I like to make my rainbow
jar cakes because you just see the colors, they’re so bright and beautiful! We’ve got all of our circles cut out, and
now over here on a little piece of parchment paper, I am going to assemble the
stack, and I’m going to show you a trick what I like to do. So you’re gonna start with red, and you’re
gonna take a little bit of buttercream frosting, just a dab. And just go, boop! And
then, spread it flat. And then orange, and then yellow, then green,
blue and then ending with purple! Now for the fun part, I love this, you’re
gonna take your jar, oh my gosh! And, you’re just gonna go right down on
top of your cake stack. You’re gonna slide the jar to the end of
the counter, and use your parchment paper, and flip it upside down. Boop! Our jars are assembled, and now for the fun
part, it is time to decorate! I love this part! So here, I just have some
buttercream frosting, and a little baggie with a star tip. I’m not sure what number
this little tip is, but it’s the one with the little star end. And now we’re
just gonna frost a bunch at the top, Oooooooooooh! Like this, it reminds me of an ice cream cone. This part is totally optional, but I’m gonna
decorate them with some rainbow sprinkles! Take a pinch, and make it rain!
Over the top. I make it rain! I make it rain! I make it
rain! And there you have it, our Rainbow Jar Cakes.
The next treat that we’re gonna be making are these yummy rainbow fruit skewers! The things you will need to make these yummy
Rainbow Fruit Skewers will be: 1 Pineapple, a cantaloupe, fresh raspberries,
red grapes, green grapes, blueberries, A large cutting knife, a small cutting knife,
and some wooden skewers! Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, da-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee! The first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna cut up our pineapple. You can buy your pineapple pre-cut to make
things easier, but I love fresh pineapple! I got a cutting board, a sharp cutting knife,
and the first thing you’re gonna do is cut off the pineapple’s hair. And
then, you’re gonna cut off the end. And we’re gonna cut off the sides. And we’re gonna cut our pineapples into slices. Like pineapple patties! I’m taking a smaller knife and I’m just
gonna cut out the core, the core is in the middle. Get rid of these suckers! And then, you’re just gonna cut your little
pineapple slices. Now we’re gonna cut up our cantaloupe. These are really easy to cut up, again, I’m
working on a cutting board with a sharp cutting knife, so be very careful! There’s the little end, and here’s the
top, so I’m gonna cut it hotdog style. And now, I’m gonna take a spoon, and I’m
gonna scoop out the middle part, the guts, into this little bowl. Then we’re gonna cut hotdog once again down
the middle. And now, we’re gonna do the same thing,
we’re gonna cut the quarters down the middle. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! And you’re just gonna cut the green and
skin off! Don’t need him! Then, we’re just gonna cut ‘em into little
chunks. Now all of our fresh fruit is prepared, and
we are ready to assemble these cute little skewers. To assemble these, you’re
gonna take a wooden skewer, one end is dull and the other end is pokey,
so be careful! And we’re gonna assemble these backwards.
So we’re gonna start with purple. And you can either do one or two, I really
love grapes so I’m gonna be using two. And then we’re gonna add a couple blueberries.
You’re gonna add your green grape. Now add a piece of pineapple, then your orange
cantaloupe. I love raspberries, so I’m also gonna be
adding two of these. There you have it, Rainbow Fruit Skewer! Da-da! Here are all the DIY Rainbow treats that we
made today! We made, Funfetti Rainbow Cupcakes, Rainbow
Pudding Pops, Rainbow Jar Cakes, and some Rainbow Skewers! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Thanks you guys for suggesting something Rainbow
Treats! And, a big thank you to Wilton for partnering with me to make this
video! I made a video over on Wilton’s channel
so I’ll put a link down below to go check it out. It’s a video I made about
some tips and tricks for working with fondant, like these cute little rainbows
we made today. I use fondant all the time on my show and
I thought the video would be super helpful! And, I will be posting lots of pictures of
these yummy treats all over my social media, and if you guys make these, please
take a picture and send it to me! I love seeing your baking creations, I get
a big kick out of it. It just makes my day! Alright, thanks again, bye-bye!