Want to have the coolest and most unique DIY
school supplies this year? Look no further, because I’ll show 10 amazing
ideas on how to DIY insanely epic school supplies and save a ton of money along the way! Everyone has such cute school supplies, can’t
wait to go buy mine tomorrow! Hi mom! Hey sweetie, I stopped at the mall and already
got you all the school supplies. So we don’t have to go tomorrow. Here! What?! These are the most boring, the ugliest school
supplies ever! Even though your school bag is not the most
stunning and unique, don’t throw it away! Because there’s so many hacks to pimp it up
in a school bag of your dreams. I’ll transform my plain black furry backpack
into a cute bear one. Start by cutting the eyes, nose and mouth
form white and black felt. Stick them to the school bag using a glue
gun or some fabric glue. Then take two fluffy pom poms in any color
that you like. I have white pom poms and and they will represent
the ears of our bear. Stick them on the top part of the backpack
and hold in place until the glue sets. Ta-daaa the backpack is complete and it is
so cute! How should I name this gorgeous new friend
of mine? Comment below! As you can see it looks like an inverted panda
and pandas are one my favorite animals so this backpack is absolutely perfect for me! So snugly, soft and out of this world adorable! How beautiful are these colorful feathers! So fluffy and light. And don’t worry, they are artificial ones
– I would never steal feathers to the real birds. Maybe only if I’d find one laying around. Take a pencil and remove the eraser from the
top. Now we’re left with a little empty dent and
we’re going to apply some hot glue in it. Grab a glue gun and squeeze in some glue. Super glue would work great as well. Quickly pick your first feather – mine is orange and stick it in the glue while it’s still hot. Now keep adding more feathers until you are
satisfied with how your feathery pencil looks like. I added a blue and green feather to get a
super full and pretty look but this kind of depends on how big and how fluffy your feathers
are. I’ve had these in my drawer for a while and
wanted to make a DIY out of them for such a long time. So glad I finally did it because these pencils
are honestly the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. I love how feathers move when I’m writing
with these pencils. I find it so mesmerizing to watch. I also love how quick and easy plus inexpensive
this DIY is. Store bought pencils like this are always
very expensive. So huge thanks to that DIY magic for helping
us save some coins but still making it possible to rock the coolest school supplies ever! Do I see makeup?! Excuse me, these are my crayons so… To make the cool lip balm crayons, first you
got to pick a crayon color. I’m starting of with the pink one. Place it in a double boiler and wait for the
crayon to melt. To speed up the process you can give it a
little stir along the way. Once the crayon is completely melted, take
it of the heat. Carefully pour it in an empty lip balm or
lipstick container. Melted crayon liquid is extremely hot so be
very careful and ask an adult to help you if you need it. Wait a few minutes for the the crayon to solidify
and you got yourself the most epic crayon ever! I also made a green one and a bunch of other
colors because I wanted an big selection of lip balm crayons. They are so fun, and one think that I love about them is how neat and non messy they are. Usually crayons stain your fingers when you
use them, but not these. On top of that they are perfect for pranking
your teachers and schoolmates what more could we wish for! Don’t throw away those tube packets when you
finish your chips! Because there’s so many cool DIYs that you
can make with them. Let’s transform ours in a pencil case! Take a piece of denim fabric and place it
on a flat surface with the front facing down. Grab a glue gun and apply a stripe of hot
glue along one side of the fabric piece. Now roll the empty chips tube over the fabric
and wrap it in. We’re left with a pretty denim pencil case
that we need to decorate! First I’m taking this gorgeous pom pom ribbon
and I’m going to glue it around both of the side edges. Next I want to take some jeans iron on patches
and instead of iron I’ll simply use hot glue to stick them to the pencil case. You can be super creative with decorating
your pencil case. Use beads, yarn, ribbon, buttons or anything
else you find around your house. You can also switch up the fabric and use
a knit material or fake fur instead of denim. There’s honestly a million options to make
the chips pencil case truly yours and unique! Just let your creativity fly and I am sure
you’ll end up with something out of this world gorgeous! Cute notebooks always motivated me to study more and just made me way more excited about school. And this notebook is a real cuteness overload! Let’s make it from scratch. Get any kind of notebook ready. I have pretty silver one and it’s perfect
to pimp it up! Print a head of any kind of character like
a monster, a troll an animal and glue it to the bottom half of the notebook. Time to give an awesome hairstyle to this
buddy! I am using a piece of pink fake fur fabric
for that. Let’s cover the area between the monster head
and the hairline with a bunch of small pom poms. That way our notebook will look even more
neat, colorful and fun! I love the texture and dimension these pom
poms give to our beautiful new monster notebook! It literally took me 5 minutes to make it
and I am in love with it! You can make a bunch of these with different
characters and hair colors. One for each subject! What an epic school supply squad would that
be! I had this cool idea on my mind for so long
and I finally brought it to life! This colorful snake pencil holder is so unique,
cool and will keep all your pens and pencils neatly organized! Grab a piece of clay, I chose yellow and start
rolling it out on a flat surface. You want to get a long, thinner stripe of
clay. Something like this is just perfect. Make a few more of these in different colors,
like blue, pink, green or any other. Take all the four clay strips in your hands
and start twisting them together until you get a gorgeous rainbow swirl. Quickly roll it back and forth in order to
firmly stick the different colored strips together. When you’re done make the snake shape that
you’d like to have. Hmm I think something’s missing… I know! The eyes will make all the difference. Use some white and black clay to create a
pair of eyes and place them on your snake’s head. Next you want to grab a pencil of your choice. We’re going to use it as a tool to create
circular dents all along the snake. Simply push the pencil in the clay about quarter
of an inch deep and take it back out. You don’t want to go all the way through and
make a hole – just go for a little dent. Make those all along the snake’s back. Lastly you want to bake your clay for about
30 minutes on 150 degree Celsius or 300 Fahrenheit or follow the instructions on the package. This snake pencil holder is so incredibly
cool! Not going to lie – I’m not a big fan of
snakes. Especially in the summer you can find a couple
of poisonous snake species where I come from and that’s quite scary. Our beautiful rainbow snake is of course not
poisonous, just very friendly and helpful. It will make sure that all of our school pencils
are neatly organized! Boring notebooks are no fun, but there’s no
need to stress out! Because for every boring notebook there exists
a DIY to make it absolutely out of this world cute and beautiful! And if you are a unicorn lover, this project
is perfect for you! Take a piece of furry fabric in cut it in
a similar shape as I did. Place on a notebook, open it up and grab your
glue gun. Apply a stripe of glue on the three sides
of the notebook cover. For every glue stripe fold the fabric up and
stick it to the notebook. OK, the fabric is all glued to the front cover
of the notebook so it’s time to work on the back cover too. Apply three stripes of glue and fold the fabric
up! As you can see I’m using pink fake fur for
this DIY notebook and I am obsessed! It’s gorgeous. Check it out! The furry notebook is already so pretty and
snugly but are going to take it to a whole new level by transforming it into a unicorn! First let’s make the ears. Cut two slightly different sizes of triangles
and place the smaller one on top. Apply two blobs of glue and fold the bottom
corners inside. You get a perfect unicorn ear, how cute! Off course we need another pair, so make one
more of these and set them aside. There’s no unicorn without a horn, so let’s
make one from colorful felt! Start by folding a white piece of felt into
a cone shape like this. We want to make it a bit more special and
defined. To achieve this, glue colorful felt stripes
diagonally on the horn. Alright, time to give this notebook a unicorn
makeover! Glue the horn on the top part of the notebook
in the center. Add the two cute little ears that we’ve made
earlier. From a black felt I cut out gorgeous unicorn
eyes with long and perky lashes. We’re also going to decorate our unicorn with
a bunch of flowers. But not the real ones, let’s leave those to
grow outside in the garden. Use fake flowers instead. I chose daises because they are my faves but
also look so pretty against the hot pink fur of our unicorn. Voila this baby is complete and I almost can’t
believe my eyes! What a transformation! Who would have thought that we can revamp
a plain notebook into something so amazing. Notebooks like this are so insanely expensive
if you buy them in stores! You could pay over 15 bucks for it! Instead buy a boring notebook for less than
a dollar and make it yourself. Your wallet will be grateful and you will
have a ton of fun along the way. I love recycling food containers and other
pieces that would otherwise end up in the garbage bin. So let’s transform a mini pringles pot in
a pencil holder! You know me – I love anything fluffy, fuzzy
and cozy. Cut a piece of fuzzy sock making sure that
it’s long enough to cover the entire pringles container. That’s perfect! All we got to do now is dress that empty pot
of chips in the beautiful fuzzy gown that we just made. You can leave your pencil pot like this or
you can go one step further and decorate it. I decided to keep it quite simple and just
stick on a pair of googly eyes. You can also decorate them with ribbon, yarn,
beads, gems etc. How adorable are these pencil pots! I also made a little blue friend so our pink
pencil pot won’t be as lonely. These are so easy to make, affordable and
nonetheless useful. You can store in your pens and pencils or
other school necessities like paper clips, push pins or other bits and pieces. These cute organizers will keep your desk
tidy plus they will give a beautiful pop of color to your room – love that! Not a fan of plain white pencils?! Me neither – so boring! Load the brush with generous amount of nail
polish and wipe it against the top of your pencil. The polish will start dripping down the pencil,
leaving a beautiful colorful trace behind. My first color is blue and I like to make
two to three drips with each color. Next let’s pick this yellow shade. White pencils are a perfect blank canvas and
give us the opportunity to create anything we like out of them. One idea is using nail polish. Creating paint dripping pencils is so therapeutic. I honestly love watching the drips slowly
making their way down the pencil. I don’t know it’s just super calming and fun
at the same time. You can use different colors or even textures
of nail polish. Let’s apply some holographic glitter only
on the pink drips. Wow! That looks amazing doesn’t it!? I also made some other color combinations
of paint dripping pencils. For example the black, blue and pink, topped
with glitter! Absolutely gorgeous. I love playing with confetti and glitter top
coats when making these. This is such a fun way of transforming plain
pencils into something special and unique. I am in love!! The paragraph is one of the basic building
blocs in writing of both fiction and non fiction. Both words and sentences… Wanna take a nap during class but you’re afraid
the teacher will notice it and give you detention?! No worries, this hack will take care of all
the problems! Grab a pair of affordable reading glasses
and set them aside. Now take your phone, make a selfie and print
out the picture of your eyes only! Next you want to cut out both eyes following
the shape of your glasses frame and glue them on the lenses. Here we have them! The perfect sleeping glasses for back to school! Sometimes I stay up at night way to late on
social media, so the next day… well… I don’t really feel fresh like a flower. Our sleep glasses are perfect for days like
this and give us a chance to pull a little prank on our teacher. All jokes aside, don’t forget that school
is a privilege and by listening to your teacher you’ll learn so much! So make sure to get a long relaxing sleep
every night and go to school with a clear mind, ready for all the fun school adventures! How cool were these DIYs? I love them! Comment below when you start school this year
and give the video a big thumbs up if you want to see more back to school videos from
me. Love you guys, mwah! Bye bye!