In this video I’m going to show you 10 crazy,
unique and a bit weird DIYs for back to school. Notebooks, pens, school bags, pencil cases
and much much more. Check it out! Hey guys! It’s almost time for school! Yeeey… I hate school. OK, I know that going back to school may not
be your favorite thing in the world, but you got to admit that preparing for new school
supplies, backpacks and all that stuff, is a pretty exciting part. And this year I want you guys to have the
coolest school supplies at your school, so I put together the most crazy, unique, epic
DIY school supplies you’ve ever seen. I’m going to show you 10 ideas and Sue from
the channel DIYlover will show you another 10. Her video will be linked at the end of this
tutorial and in the description bar. But let’s not wait any longer, because school
is almost here, come on! We’re going to kick off with this epic bottle
pencil case. It’s hard to imagine that it’s actually made
out of plastic bottles, because it looks so cool! Take two bottles, a zipper, glue gun and scissors. Cut your first bottle right below the point
where it starts getting narrow. This is just below it’s neck. The second bottle needs to be cut much lower,
as this one will act as a lid to our pencil case. When both bottle pieces are ready it’s time
to grab a zipper. Place it on a flat surface and apply a bit
of glue on each side of the zipper like this. While the glue is still soft, stick on the
bottle pieces. Apply the glue all along both sides of your
zipper. Then simply roll both bottle parts down so
that they stick to the zipper firmly. That’s it! If your zipper is too long, you can cut away
any extra, otherwise you are pretty much done with this awesome pencil case. I love how inexpensive this DIY is plus it’s
a great way to recycle empty bottles. To make your new pencil case even more epic
you can also decorate it with stickers or sharpies. These pens are so unique, pretty and sparkly
no wonder that everyone would like to have one. But hey you gotta make your own! And relax I got your back because I’m going
to show you how to make these glittery, bendable, liquid pens with a lava effect. I know – awesome, just awesome. To make these magic pens we’ll need a transparent
pipe, baby oil, water, a wide pen, food coloring, glitter and a glue gun. Take a pen that should be about as wide as
your transparent pipe. Unscrew the front part of the pen, take one
ink refill and save the end cap for later. Fill the front of the pen with a bit of glue
and stick the ink refill in the center. Grab your pvc pipe and apply some glue on
the inner part of one side. Quickly stick in the front piece of the pen. You can also screw it a bit so that the glue
really grabs all the edges and makes our pen waterproof. Now it’s time to mix together the liquids! Take a bit of food coloring, I went for orange,
and mix it with water. Use a syringe or a funnel to pour some of
that liquid in the pipe of your pen. Fill it about half way. The most exciting part to me is adding glitter. So go crazy and pour a lot of glitter in the
tube. I went for several colors like dark blue,
orange, silver, and even some light blue stripes and stars. Yep a full on party in a pen! Suck some baby oil into a syringe and use
it to fill up the pen until it’s almost completely full. Apply hot glue all around the edge of the
pipe. Make sure that you are using a glue with a
good hold for this as it has to make our pen waterproof. Lastly cover the opening with the end cap
that we’ve saved earlier. Yay, we are all done with this gorgeous glittery,
bendable, liquid, lava pen! What a mouthful. I also made one in pink and blue, so pretty. I wanted to make mine extra crazy so I used
long piece of pvc pipe but you can totally make yours shorter. Like this one for example. How cute right? I seriously think these pens look amazing
and I really enjoyed making them. When I said we’re making crazy and weird DIYs
today, I wasn’t joking. The next one is a notebook made using potatoes! I remember making potato stamps in primary
school and I have to share with you this unusual but really cool painting method! You need a notebook, a piece of white card-stock
paper, a potato, double sided tape, acrylic paint, paint brush, and a black permanent
marker. Take an inexpensive notebook and stick on
a few pieces of double sided tape or use any other glue of your choice. Place a piece of white card-stock paper on
top and we got a plain white notebook ready to be decorated. For the watermelon notebook, cut your potato
in half. Cut it again to get a potato quarter, which
works perfectly for a watermelon stamp. Squeeze some red acrylic paint from the tube. Use paint brush to apply it on one potato
side and we can start stamping. Press the potato on your notebook cover to
get a yummy watermelon print. I like how this stamping technique makes the
shapes kind of imperfect and rustic. I think it looks so beautiful! Besides the red watermelons I also want some
orange ones. Using orange acrylic paint and another potato
quarter I’m making orange prints on all the empty areas of the notebook. OK, now let’s make these red and orange half-circles
look like real watermelons. Dip your brush in green paint and draw a line
below each red half circle. Leave a bit of white in-between to make it
look more realistic. For the finishing touch grab a black pen or
marker and draw a few seeds to each of the watermelon slices. This detail really brings the design together
and makes the watermelons look so real and yummy. Watermelon is such a pretty fruit – I love
its colors. Plus I like how it reminds me of summer and
it tastes delicious. All these facts combined, this notebook just
makes me so happy, only by looking at it! You can make any kind of shape using potatoes. Here I made triangles stamps from the potato
halves. Put on a bit of acrylic paint of your choice. I’m going to use three colors and the first
one is green. Press it on the notebook cover and there you
have a beautiful triangle print. My next color is pink, then a blue and repeat. I went for the pattern where every other row
has triangles turned upside down. You can see that even if you’re bad at free
hand drawing, like I am, you can still make beautiful creations using paint. You really can’t mess it up with potato stamping! I honestly had such a great time making these
potato notebooks and they turned out so cute. You know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m going to show you how you can make an
awesome pencil case out of trash. Hehe no, out of your favorite candy bag. This DIY is so much fun and let’s be real,
it looks absolutely adorable! You’ll need a bag of candy, duct tape, glue
gun and a zipper. Take your scissors and trim away the upper
and the bottom edge of your bag. Flip it around and make a vertical cut along
the candy bag. Next step: Eat all the yummy candy! Just kidding, you can totally save some for
later, because that’s a lot of sugar. Now you need to decide how big you want your
pencil case to be. I want mine quite small so I’m cutting away
the sides and I’m left with about eight by eight inch square. Take some duct tape or washi tape and use
it to cover the back of your candy wrapper. This will make our pencil case more sturdy
and durable. Grab a zipper and place it on a flat surface. Apply a stripe of glue along one side. You can use hot glue or any other glue that
has a good hold. Stick the candy wrapper sheet on like that. Flip your work around and temporarily fold
the zipper down. I’m using some hair clips to help it stay
in place. Apply a stripe of glue along that side of
zipper as well and fold the candy wrapper up to stick it in place. This is what we have so far! Unzip the zipper and flip your pencil case
inside out. Glue the sides together like this. It is really important to have the pencil
case unzipped at this point otherwise you’ll never be able to flip it inside out! OK, the glue has set so flip your work around
to reveal your gorgeous candy pencil case! Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Candy bags are always so colorful and pretty. And the fact that you can turn the wrapper
of your favorite candy into an amazing pencil case is just the best thing ever. With this one you would totally win school’s
most creative pencil case award if such thing existed. Desk organizers out of old jeans? I told you we’re making weird DIYs today. This one is super easy and handy. You know when you are making shorts out of
jeans you always just use the top part. Well this is a great DIY that makes use of
the bottom part of your jeans! We’re gonna need the bottom part of any jeans
or pants, scissors and a glue gun. Start by cutting about seven inch long piece
of fabric from your jeans. Flip it inside out. Take a glue gun and apply a stripe of glue
along that freshly cut side. Fold the edge up and hold till the glue sets. Apply a bit more glue and stick the back piece
of fabric on as well. Now we are left with a little pocket. Turn it on one side and fold it down like
this. Apply a drop of glue on the bottom corner
and fold it up. Do the same on the top corner but this time
fold it down. Flip the pocket basket or whatever you wanna
call it inside out. I like to roll the top edge down as I think
it looks even more cute this way. To jazz up these organizers I decided to stick
on some jeans patches. You can also use badges or fabric markers
to make your organizers all nice and pretty. They look so adorable and they are super handy
to have on your desk. You can put in your pens and pencils or other
desk necessities like paper pins, tape and so on. These jeans pockets will keep your desk tidy
and organized, plus they look totally cute so they’re a perfect little desk decor. I love this DIY because it’s so creative and
different. It will only take you a few minutes to make
it and I bet you already have all the supplies at home. You need an old lipstick, a pencil and a small
piece of baking paper. Pull the eraser out of the pencil’s ferrule. Now roll a piece of parchment paper around
the top part of your pencil like this. Secure it in place with a piece of tape and
set it aside for a minute. Next we gotta melt our lipstick. Make a double boiler, take a piece of lipstick
and place it in the glass container. Optionally you can also add some glitter,
but remember to use lipstick grade or edible glitter. Wait for the lipstick to melt. Give it a little stir and pour the mixture
in the lipstick mold that we’ve made earlier. I like to pour it up to a quarter or half
an inch above the pencil end. Finally we can unwrap the parchment paper
to reveal our awesome lipstick pencil. I think it turned out so cool and I love all
that blue glitter. I also made one blue lipstick pencil. And I have a tutorial on my channel on how
to mix up epic lipsticks from scratch using different methods. You can tell how how much I like these lipstick
pencils by how many I’ve created. Look at this galaxy inspired one – so gorgeous! You never know when a cute guy will walk into
your classroom and these lipsticks will have you ready at all times. I’m kidding, with or without lipstick you are just as beautiful. But this is a really cool DIY and you’ll be
the only person at your school who has a lipstick pencil, which is quite awesome. This is probably one of the coolest backpacks
I’ve ever seen and you can have one too. You can make this beautiful snapchat rainbow
filter design on any kind of school bag or backpack that you own. We’ll need a backpack, paint brushes, and
fabric paint. First I like to sketch the design on my backpack. You can skip this step and paint directly
but I would mess it up for sure, because free hand painting is not my thing. Alright, time to grab the fabric paint! For the lips you can use any color like red,
pink or even nude. I went for red, since red’s a classic. I get asked a lot about the fabric paints
– whether they last, if they are washable etc. And yes, fabric paint is completely washable. So no worries if rain catches you on your
way to school – your backpack should be totally fine. Of course we want our backpack to have a big
bright smile so here I am coloring the teeth in white. To make the edges neat and precise rest your
elbow on the table and move your brush slowly. There we go, a perfect smile! For the rainbow vomit… eww, that doesn’t
sound appealing… I should rather call it rainbow waterfall or just rainbow-fall. Anyway for the rainbow feel free to use any
colors that you have. I don’t have a violet or orange fabric paints
but that’s OK. I’m just gonna use what I have. So I colored the first wavy stripe in pink
and the next one in dark blue. I could also mix blue and pink to get a purple
but I decided to keep it simple and make a little bit different rainbow waterfall. You can use any kind of fabric backpack for
this DIY. It could be white or a darker one like mine
here. I actually think that this colorful design
looks so pretty on the darker background. The rainbow is done and the backpack looks
stunning already. If you look at the snapchat filter, you can
see that there are some white stars here and there on the rainbow. So dip your brush in white and draw a bunch
of plus signs to represent the stars. A flat stiff brush works best for drawing
such thin lines. Voila, our backpack is complete and I couldn’t
be happier with the result! I think it looks so cool, unique and trendy! Awesome backpack can be very expensive, while
you get plain ones for only a few dollars. So this year make your own dream school bag! You’ll save some money and have a lot of fun
crafting. Who should we examine today? Actually, we don’t have time today… Let’s continue with lessons. School can get very stressful and nerve wracking! So I had to include an easy DIY stress ball
in this tutorial. Even if you’re not at school – these are
so squishy and fun to play with. To make your own stress ball all you need
is a balloon, water and corn starch. Turn the heat on and pour about 2 deciliters
of water in a pan. Add a spoonful of corn starch. Keep stirring until the mixture thickens and
you get a gel like consistency. Take the mixture from the heat and pour it
into an empty plastic bottle. Now blow your balloon, I chose this yellow
one to go well with my snapchat backpack. Something like this is more than enough. Twist it a couple of times to prevent the
air from escaping and attach it to the bottle opening like this. To fill up the balloon simply turn the bottle
upside down. You may need to shake it a little to make
the gel fall down and fill the balloon up. Pinch the balloon at the top and pull it from
the bottle. Let the air escape from the balloon so you
only have the gel inside and make a knot. You can make your stress ball smaller or larger
depending on how much gel you pour into it. We’ re finished! This is so satisfying and squishy. You can also tie a short piece of string around
your balloon like that and attach it to your school bag. That way you have it on hand whenever school
becomes too stressful. And I also think it looks very nice as a little
decor. Anyway, whether you still go to school or
not this is a really simple and enjoyable DIY to make. For all you cereal lovers I have a fun DIY
that makes use of your empty cereal boxes. We’re going to transform them into pretty
desk organizers. What we need is some wrapping paper, cereal
box, scissors and a tape. First you have to cut your cereal box diagonally
like this. Now take a wrapping paper of your choice. I went for this bright green one. To cover the cereal box, start in the same
way as if you would be wrapping a present. The only difference is the top part where
we have the diagonal opening. Here I like to make four straight cuts going
up to the cardboard from the cereal box. As soon as you feel that you have reached
the cardboard, stop cutting. Lastly fold the wrapping paper inside the
box. You can also secure it in place with a piece
of tape. There we go, our cereal box organizers are
finished! I also made one using hot pink wrapping paper,
because you know I love me some pop of color in my room. I think they look very pretty on the desk,
plus they will keep all your notebooks organized. What an easy and inexpensive DIY, right!? Sara! You’re sleeping again?! Let me present you world’s most gorgeous and
epic notebook, which also doubles up as a sleeping pillow. You know like water bed, this is a water pillow. I am completely obsessed with this glittery
liquid notebook, which is inspired by FimoKawaiiEmotions. Even though this DIY looks out of this world
amazing, it’s actually very easy to make. For your own glittery liquid notebook you
will need a notebook, two sheets of acetate paper, glitter, food coloring, baby oil, and
a piece of parchment paper. With a help of an exacto knife and a ruler,
cut a rectangle piece out of the center of the cover. I placed a cutting sheet under the cover to
protect other pages in the notebook. We are left with a notebook cover that looks
like a picture frame. Set that aside and let’s now work on our waterproof
pocket. Put two transparent acetate sheets into the
fold made from a piece of baking paper. Take an iron and iron along the edge. Heat will melt the plastic and seal the sheets
together. One side is done, we still have to melt these
two edges. When the plastic melts it turns white. This is when I know that the edge is 100%
sealed and waterproof. The most exciting part of this DIY is making
the magic glittery liquid. Grab two glasses and fill up the first one
with water and the second one with baby oil. Take a bit of food coloring, I went for the
blue one, and mix it with water. Grab any kind of glitter or sequin of your
choice and mix it in the baby oil. Then just take a moment to admire how pretty
this thing looks. No joke, when I was filming this, I totally
took a break and was playing with this glitter liquid for 10 minutes, because it’s just beautiful! Ok let’s continue. With a help of a funnel, pour the glittery
oil and colored water inside the waterproof pocket. Oil and water don’t mix, so together they
will create this awesome lava effect. To make our liquid pocket completely waterproof,
we need to iron the top edge as well. Do that in the same way as earlier using a
piece of parchment paper and an iron. There we have it – our liquid glitter pocket
is all done, looking rather phenomenal, so let’s quickly stick it on the notebook. Take a glue gun or other glue with a good
hold and apply it all around the inner side of your notebook cover. Last step is to stick it on the liquid pocket
and we are finished with the hands down most amazing notebook my eyes have ever seen. I wanted to make mine look like a galaxy so
I went for blue water and loads of blue glitter and sequin. I think being generous with glitter really
makes this notebook so mind blowingly awesome. You can find a great selection of inexpensive
glitter online. They have all the possible colors too. I’m kinda tempted to make these notebooks
in green and pink as well, because I feel like I just need them in my life. Don’t spend a lot of money on pretty school
supplies that everyone has. Because you can make so much more epic and
unique school necessities that you could ever buy in a store. That’s it for this video. I hope you guys liked it and give it a big
thumbs up if you want another back to school video on my channel. Also, tell me down below when do you start
school this year, because I know it’s very different from country to country and I really
want to know. Make sure to check out Sue’s video for more
amazing back to school DIYs and of course – subscribe to her channel. I’ve been watching her videos for years and
I love how unique and creative her DIYs are. Thank you so much for stopping by, I love
you guys, take care and I’ll see you soon. Bye! Whether it concerns school supplies or life
in general, don’t be afraid to go your own way and stand out. Because that’s exactly what makes you so special
and unique!