Hey guys, it’s Ro! Summer is just around
the corner I live in Southern California, so it’s starting to get very hot here! And in the
summertime I love eating cooler and lighter foods. And, I got a lot of requests
from you guys to share some of my favorite summer recipes, so that is exactly
what we’re gonna be doing today. Today we’re gonna be making 3 of my favorite
summertime recipes. Let’s get started! The first Summertime Treat that we are gonna
be making are these fresh fruit popsicles. The things you will need, will
be: A popsicle mold, fresh mint, oranges, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries,
peach and mango coconut water, and some lemonade! I found all of these ingredients for the recipes
that I’m making today at Walmart, when I was there running some
errands, I noticed that they are carrying fresh and locally grown produce now.
Just remember locally grown produce varies by store, and these are
the ones that I found. I am a big fan of locally grown food and I
thought that this was really cool! So I decided to team up with them to make
the recipes in this video! I’m gonna be making 2 different kinds of
popsicles today, the first is a berry lemonade. So the first thing that we’re
gonna do is I’ve got our fresh berries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries,
and a cutting board. And I’m gonna cut our raspberries and blackberries
in 1/2, just gives it a little bit more space when it’s in the popsicle,
little bit easier to eat. Now we’re gonna place them inside our popsicle
molds, I’m just gonna be using the 3 popsicle molds, because we’re making 2
recipes. So open up 3 of ‘em and place your berries inside. I fill mine almost
all the way to the top. After you’ve filled the molds with berries,
we’re gonna pour in our lemonade! You’re gonna fill it all the way to the
top. The second popsicle recipe that we’re gonna
be making is a fruity mint popsicle. I love mojitos, I feel like anything
with a little bit of mint just tastes so refreshing. And the first thing
that we’re gonna do to make these popsicles is we’re gonna cut our oranges.
We’re gonna cut off the 2 ends… 1… 2! Then we’re gonna cut off the sides, cutting
off the rind. Then we’re gonna cut thin orange slices that will fit inside
the popsicle mold. I’m gonna put a few blueberries in first,
and then I picked a few pieces of mint leaf, off my little mint plant over here and
I washed them in the sink, make sure that you rinse them with water. I’m gonna put a few little mints in there.
Then an orange slice. Few more blueberries, another mint leaf, another
orange slice. I think I can fit in some more blueberries,
so I’m gonna do it! We’ve got our fruity mint pops filled, and
now we are gonna pour in our peach and mango flavored coconut water. And just like our other popsicles we’re
gonna place on the tops. Now we’re gonna pop these in the freezer,
I like to let them freeze for about 6 hours, every freezer is different depending
on your settings, but mine take about 6 hours to freeze. Once your popsicles
are frozen they’re ready to eat! Just pull off the top… Whaw! So cute, I love it! The berries turned the
lemonade pink. Ohmp! Oh my gosh that’s so good. Ohm, ohm, ohm, ohm! The second Summertime recipe is 1 that I like
to nom on for lunch and dinner. It’s an Italian inspired Avocado Bruschetta. The things you’ll need to make this will
be: Fresh wheat french bread, they bake this daily fresh, at the store.
Fresh basil, olive oil, 1 cup of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, grape
tomatoes, mozzarella pearls, 2 firm, slightly ripe avocados, and 1 lemon. The first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna heat our balsamic vinegar, it’s really easy to do this and the reason
I like to do it, so that when you drizzle it over your bruschetta it will
stick right on there, and it has a lot of flavor! It just thickens up your
balsamic vinegar a little bit. So now we’re gonna take our balsamic vinegar,
and a saucepan, and this spatula, over to the stove! Pour the balsamic vinegar into the saucepan.
Bring it to a boil on medium-high heat. Once boiling, reduce the
heat to low, and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes to thicken. We want to reduce the vinegar by 1/2. Stir
occasionally so it does not burn on the bottom, and you’ll know it’s done
when you can put a spoon in and it will coat the back! While our balsamic sauce it cooling, we are
gonna toast our bread. You can either do this in the oven, or I am
using my little toaster oven, over here. So you’re just gonna open him
up, and I’m gonna put about 6 slices in here. And, I want to lightly toast
these, so I’m just gonna be putting them on a very light setting. And I’m just gonna place them over here,
onto the cutting board. We’ve got our bread toasted and now we are
gonna cut our grape tomatoes into quarters. Here I’ve got a cutting board
with a sharp cutting knife, so again, be careful, don’t get your fingers.
So, I like to cut them in 1/2 and 1/2 again. I love tomatoes, so I’m gonna be cutting
up a bunch, but you can cut however many you’d like. Tomatoes are ready and now I’m gonna add
some basil, I’ve got my little basil plant over here. You guys, I’m turning into
a real adult! I actually have herb plants that are now all around
my kitchen, I have mint, basil, rosemary, I’m like…. Adulting! Over here I picked off some of my basil leaves.
and we’re gonna bring them over here to the cutting board. Make a little
pile of basil leaves right here. And then, we’re going to roll them, roll
them up like a little tube. Then you’re gonna hold it in place, take
your sharp cutting knife, and we’re gonna cut really thin ribbons. Pick up all of your basil ribbons and place
them over here in the tomatoes! Everything is coming together, but now we’re
gonna add a little bit of olive oil, I’m just gonna slightly drizzle
a little bit on top of our tomato and basil. And a little salt and
pepper to taste. Then I’m just gonna take a spoon and mix
it all tighter. Next up is slicing our avocados! I love these!
In California we have so many yummy, fresh avocados, they’re so
good! We’re gonna cut our avocado in 1/2, and
there’s a seed in the middle, so you go all the way around. Then you twist,
boop! To open it up! Just gonna flip our avocado upside down and
we’re gonna peel off the skin. Now we’re gonna slice. There’s many different
ways to put avocado on bruschetta, but I like to put it in slices
because it looks prettier! But you can also mash it up if you want to. Now it’s time to assemble our bruschetta! I’m gonna take your avocado, place it on top of a piece of bread, and just fan them out. And now over here
I’ve just sliced a little bit of lemon, you’re gonna squeeze a little bit
on top of the avocado, so that the avocado won’t brown. Then you’re gonna
take 1 tablespoon scoop of our tomato basil mixture, and place it on
the top! Then place on a couple mozzarella pearls,
now we’re gonna assemble the rest of these! It is taking all my willpower not to eat these
right now, they smell so good! The final step is we’re gonna drizzle a
little bit of our balsamic vinegar sauce over the top, and then place them onto
our serving tray, and they are ready! Look at that! Nice and thick! And I’m just
gonna bring it over here, it’s OK if you get a little messy, oooooh! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Alright, and then a little bite for me! Mmmmm! Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm! Mwah! So good! I’m a little messy… Onto the final recipe! Our final Summertime recipe, are these Banana
Split Bites! They’re fun, easy, and they feed my sweet
tooth! The things you will need are: Some fresh bananas,
strawberries, bittersweet chocolate chips, chopped cashews, and popsicle
sticks! The first thing that we’re gonna do to make
these Summertime Treats is we’re gonna cut up our strawberries. Over
here I’ve rinsed all my strawberries and I’m gonna cut ‘em on top of this cutting
board. I’m gonna cut off the hat, the leafy part! And then you’re gonna stand your strawberry
up and cut it in 1/2 once again. And then, once you cut it in 1/2 we’re gonna
keep it together, because we want them to be the same size, because we’re
gonna put a little banana in the middle. You’re gonna need 1 strawberry
for every treat, it just depends on how many you want to make. I’m gonna
be making a bunch! Because I got some friends coming over! Now we’re gonna cut up our bananas into
little chunks and assemble our bites! So you’re gonna take a little banana-y,
peel him, open him up. And I’m gonna cut off both of the ends,
because I’m not gonna use the ends. I’m gonna eat ‘em! Take a strawberry, and we’re just gonna
eyeball it, you want to cut your banana the same height as your strawberry.
Then you’re gonna separate your strawberry, place 1 on the top, 1 on the bottom. Take 1 of your popsicle sticks, and we’re
gonna press it all the way through! Huh, yummy, yummy! And I’m gonna place
it over here, I have another cookie sheet, lined with a piece of parchment
paper so that they won’t stick. Got our bananas and strawberries assembled,
now I’m gonna pop these into the freezer to chill, and while they are chilling I’m gonna heat up my chocolates, melt them in the microwave! Our fruit has chilled, I’ve melted my chocolate,
now we’re gonna take 1 of our little fruit kabobs over here, and
I’m gonna dip the bottom of them into the chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off into the
bowl. Then, I’m just gonna take a pinch of nuts, and sprinkle them on! All
over! Now I’m gonna do this to the rest of our
fruit. Ta-da! Here are the summertime recipes that
we made today! We made: Fresh Fruit Popsicles, Avocado Bruschetta,
and Banana Split Bites! Oooh! Yummy-yummy-yummy! Am-nom-nom-nom-nom. I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these
treats on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make
any of these Summertime Treats or your own yummy treats, please take a picture
and send it to me! I love seeing your creations, it always makes
my day. A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
something Summertime Themed, this is a first for me, I’ve never made
Summer treats with you guys before. Alright, Thanks again, bye-bye! And have a happy summer!