I know somewhere in this house that
Kayl made a desert and I don’t really know where it is or exactly what it is did you fall okay so we’re on it we’re
on a path here it’s some kind of balls and I’m going to find them
hang tight as we find these delicious desert balls did you call me in here
just to smell the delicious pasta no I am exciting news what my iPhone my
iwatch whatever this is called yes it just pinged me sir and it’s from Mac I
got a text message and she is having her baby now well no worry axe well I don’t
know if hopefully like within a couple hours it will be baby
Robertson Doherty time yeah for make sake anyway that’s why don’t you forget
it Wow well good luck yeah so Lee you know
I don’t know if they grow in the pantry well you know I actually don’t know how
big these things are but I do know what to desert and I do know it smells like
peanut butter so maybe somewhere in here she still thinks she needs to hide stuff
from me because I’ll eat it all and that may be true but I’ll do my best to not
eat it all but if you love desserts because the key to finding things like
this is you can never be too obscure like I could see her hiding these
templates that probably never look I never use medication over here or
band-aids hopefully but you had to be pretty sneaky and the key there was
always being picked up solid finding stuff is just keep looking and never
giving up the problem here for me is that I have no idea how big these things
might be so there could be like tiny little things like okay you say thank
you got another problem for desserts but you’ve been searching
dessert for how long so I’m well sure that gives me the answer Sadie is a
publicist I would argue that I do not I just wondered now what they are mom
good luck to find them you’re very very full right there right there doors open resistor will there’s a way that’s a
famous saying probably I’ve heard it before and I think if I keep looking
during I can’t I can’t not find it if I don’t stop looking
that seems like pretty sound logic to me nobody’s I don’t exactly know what I’m
looking for do it they’re doing them doomed doomed and ruin them it sold
yourself they smell I could smell the peanut
butter for a while way to smell delicious when they taste amazing they
like my hard work really paid off there which also be really mad though Noel
self suppose your speech is hippy now we have a much smaller frisbee that I
normally use with her but she’s pretty excited about this great big one so see
see how she does me pretty excited bad girl me buddy Ellen yeah good she that was a pretty
good catch it sort of floated into her good girl see if I can do a low one just
so that you guys can see if that looks like we’re just we only have a couple
minutes so I wanted to come out here and do this with her so I’m not really
throwing the frisbee very far but I just want to get it and running around well
trial oh now that’s pretty good now she she didn’t quite catch it but if she
didn’t have to look back or lean back or reach back for the frisbee that’s
exactly what I was looking for is to make sure that you know she didn’t put
her in an awkward position that was fun what’s even better is the dogs are
really tired out it’s pretty warm day so the dogs are pretty tired out before I
have to head back in to create one and a family obedience program I have an
apprentice right now that is sort of working with me and
learning about training dogs and it’s really great it’s a lot of fun as an
instructor when you get to teach someone else how to do something like family
dogs will be in training and as we probably mentioned before we’re actually
training the owner we’re not training the dog but we select our instructors
our apprentice instructors from our students so if a student really excels
and they have some interest in dog training then we’ll often ask them if
they’d like to join our apprenticeship program and the apprentice oh very now
is really great and just makes it be more fun like I love I love teaching
grade ones you know I really enjoy step there’s nothing better than seeing
someone really connect with their dog really build a relationship with the dog
it’s just so cool when you see that happen because I remember when that
happen for me but I’m off to grade one class now and I’m looking forward to it so classes are over for tonight Kayla
finished up for agility class and this is where a lot of dog training
brainstorming happens and you’ll see with us is instructor Lauren she’s one
of our head instructors and these two kale and Lauren hang around on Wednesday
nights and these guys talk about all things dog
so puppy training right now but it’s using yeah this see this is where the
brainstorming happens for it’s for these guys a lot going on and it’s a beautiful
night in here and nice and cool so I’m sure he’ll probably want to train her
dogs down we have these great big huge fans to keep the arena cool all
throughout the summer but probably the best part is that at any point you can all now kale had initially planned to train
her dogs after classes but she got into the chatting zone and got too cold
yeah and that sort of fell apart so if you are big fans yes yeah and I mean
they are very big fans but that’ll problem actually police are called
Big Ass Fans that’s like the actual like name of them that would make sense
that’s a version like they’re brand names yes so there will be no camel
train your dogs after classes because it’s almost midnight we need to shut it
down get up about bright and early tomorrow morning so on that note I want
to wish you guys a morrow happy training good night everyone good night go on okay now that kales gone I can’t
wait to get home and have one of those delicious oatmeal peanut butter dessert
treats but it’s going to have to be our little secret because if she finds out
that I know where they are I’m going to go half I’m going to have to go
searching again so for now let’s just keep that between us