– Hey guys, it’s Hope! – And Noah! – And I’m Eden! – (together) And we’re the SuperHero Kids! – And today, we’re going to be playing Do Not Touch the Wrong Button! It’s pretty explanatory, we
have four different buttons and we’re going to hit one. Some of them are good,
and some of them are bad. If you hit a bad one,
you have to pick the pile from that side, and if
you pick a good one, you have to pick an
ingredient from this side. So let’s get into it. (high-pitched squeal) Before we get started, make sure to hit that Subscribe button and comment in the (i) who
you think’s going to win. Whoever has the best slime wins ten thousand Super Bucks. – Yeah! – Let’s play rock paper scissors to see who goes first. – Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot! (gasps) – Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot! – Hope goes first.
– I go first! Okay… I’m gonna go for lucky blue. (buzzer sound) No! I got it wrong! I have to choose a slime ingredient on this side of the pile. I’m picking the green slime. – Ewww! – Ugh – [Eden] Chunky! Ew! (high pitch squeaking) It’s my turn. Now I’m gonna pick, (squishing sound) (beep beep) – [Noah] Ew it smells (dinging) – [Woman Off Camera]
Yay! you got it right! – Yay! – [Hope] Woohoo! – [Eden] I’m gonna start with…. this… glue… – [Hope] Oooh that looks nice! – [Eden] It’s metallic glue. oooh! – I’m gonna go lucky color orange. (door bell ringing) (dinging) Yay! I got it correct! (squirting sound) I’m going to go with this color. – [Eden] Hope, your turn again. – Now it’s my turn So, since I have green slime, I’m gonna pick the green button. (dinging) – (together) Yay! – I got it right! I’m gonna go with this nice metallic blue. – [Eden] My turn! Oooh! this is hard. I’m gonna go with the green. (buzzing) I added the marshmallows. – Kay, my turn. I’m gonna go, blue. (springing) (dinging) – Ohhh! – Yay! I got it correct! – [Noah] Okay, I’m gonna go shaving cream. – [Eden] That’s good. (aerosol spraying sound) – Okay, now it’s my turn. And I’m gonna go with, pink. (beep beep) (sad buzzer sound) – (Group) No! – Which one? – Eden’s turn. – Cocoa, cheese balls, Frito’s. – I’m gonna go with, some… – Cheese? – clear slime. – [Noah] What? Oh! This, Clearz. – [Eden] It’s not really clear, it’s kinda brown. – Ewww! (sound effect) “You better stop! Stop!”. (Group) Ewww! – I’m gonna with orange. (doorbell ringing) (dinging) – (Group) Oh! Yay! Okay, um, kinetic sand. – [Noah] (mumbles) – [Eden] Oooh! That’s nice! – [Noah] Wait! Once somebody uses it, can you use it again? – [Eden] Yes. – Okay, I’m gonna go pink. (beep beep) (sad buzzer sound) – Awww! You got it wrong! – Cheese balls? – [Noah] Um… beads. It’s not that bad. – [Eden] Yeah. – But it is still. – [Eden] Ooooh! Colors go nicely with blue. – [Noah] Yep, that’s right. – Okay, now it’s my turn! I’m gonna go with lucky blue. (springing sound) (Group) Yay! – I got it right! I’m gonna go with kinetic sand slime. We’re gonna add some clear glue, – [Eden] Oooh! Nice! – Now I add some dye, I’m only gonna do the blue because that’s like my theme is kinda like a turquoise
now with the green. Gonna go with my theme. And now! It’s time for kinetic sand. Gonna add some nice texture to it. – [Eden] Okay, while she’s finishing adding that, it’s my turn. Here we go, I’m gonna pick pink. (honk honk) – (together) Yay! I’m gonna… add… this. – Oooh! That’s good. – It’s the only thing
that goes well with mine. – Oooh! Pretty! So much color. – Okay, now it’s Noah’s turn. – I’m going to go with… (heartbeat) boink! (ding) – (together) Yay! – Boop boop! What are ya goin’ for man? – [Noah] More glue. – [Hope] More? Glue! – [Noah] It’s the only thing that goes with my color scheme. Dumpin’ in my slime. – Hope’s turn! – My turn! – Glue should be made for slime actually. (squelching sound) – [Eden] We don’t need it for slime. (mumbling) – Here goes, lucky green! (chiming sound) – (together) Ohhh! – That’s unlucky… cheese balls? – (slow-motion) No! – [Hope] I’m gonna go
for the bread crumbs. – [Eden & Noah] Awwww! – Delicious – [Noah] Can I smell it? – [Eden] Yummy! – [Noah] Urgh! Oh! – That was not okay! – Eden’s turn. – My turn. – [Eden] I’m going to go with orange. (door bell) (sad buzzer sound) – (together) Awwwww! – Okay, let’s go for some cheese balls. – [Hope] Cheese balls! Ooh! Oh my goodness Eden, your slime is going to be crazy. – This is my color, orange. (door bell) (dinging) – (together) Yes! – I’m gonna go silver. – Ooh! Silver’s nice. – Change it up a little bit. – [Eden] Alright! Now it’s Hope’s turn. – [Hope] My turn! – I’m gonna go for pink again, so hopefully it makes it lucky. (beep beep) (dinging) Yes! I got it right! Whoo woo woo! – Whooo! – ‘kay Let’s see, let’s see. Let’s do… I’m thinkin’ let’s do some grape soda slime. – Ewwww! – What? – Pretty cool am I right? It’s nice and liquidy like grape soda. – (together) Ooooooh! – [Eden] Looks like jelly, so cool! – [Noah] It does look like jelly! – Blue! (springing sound) (dinging) – (together) Yay! I’m going to do… 2 glues this time, – [Noah] 2! – [Eden] Because we have a lot. And I’ll go with…
the black and the gold. – Whoo! – (together) Whoa! – I’m gonna go green. (bell sound) (sad buzzer sound) – (together) Awww! – [Girls] Hair gel? – [Noah] No! I’m doing hand sanitizer. – [Girls] Hand sanitizer! – I’m gonna dump this in next. – Hand sanitizer, so
that’s great for slime. – [Noah] No it’s not. (squirting sound) (mumbles) – Hope’s turn. – It’s gonna take a while,
so now it’s my turn. I’m gonna go with some
blue, come on do me good. (springing sound) (sad buzzer sound) – [Girls] Awww! – What do you want Hope? – I’m thinkin’ of, we’re
gonna go with some rice. – [Eden] Ooh! Rice. – Make’n a nice… – Yeeet! – [Eden] Texture. – [Hope & Noah] Ooooh! – Alright, I’m going to go with green. (dinging sound) (sad buzzer sound) – (together) Awww! – That means it’s my turn! – No! – Cocoa powder. – Recently, it’s been
wrong, that’s so sad. That’s a lot, whoa! – [Eden] Mhmm, smells like chocolate. – [Noah] Mmm, oh my God. – Now it’s Noah’s turn. – Okay… since I’ve been getting it right with my own color, I’ma go orange again. (doorbell) (dinging) – (together) Yay! – I think I’m gonna go
with the Nickelodeon slime. – [Hope] Oooh! – [Eden] Nice! – First I’m gonna do
this glue, clear glue. Basic clear glue, yeah, ooh! (squelching sound) – [Hope] Okay! – [Noah] Next I’m gonna go paint. – [Eden] Nice! – [Hope] Nice! – [Noah] And then… – [Eden] Put some green paint? – [Noah] Yeah, put some
green paint… yeah. – [Hope] Okay. – [Noah] Okay, that’s
about it for the paint. Now I’m gonna add the
last thing, the beads. – [Girls] Oooooh! – [Hope] Alright! ‘kay
I’m gonna go for orange since it’s been Noah’s lucky color, maybe it’s mine too. (click sound) (ding sound) Yay! I got it right! (mumbling) Let’s do some tube glue action. We’re gonna do this nice color glue. – A nice pink. – [Eden] Ooooh! – [Noah] Whoa! – [Eden] Grape soda. (squirting and squelching sounds) – [Hope] Then we’re also
gonna do some purple. – [Eden] Oooh! Pretty!… okay my turn. Okay, I’m gonna do… blue. (springing sound) (buzzer sound) – Awwww! I’m gonna go with the green glue. – [Hope & Noah] Ewww! – [Hope & Noah] Ewww! – [Hope] That’s disgusting! – [Noah] My turn! Since my lucky color has been orange… (doorbell ringing) (sad buzzer sound) – (together) Awwww! – Not my lucky color anymore. – (slow-motion) it’s mine! – I’m gonna go with the Flarp! – [Hope] Mega Flarp! Ewww! – It’s banana scented, it
actually smells pretty good. – Whoa! – [Noah] That was cool. – Okay, now it’s my turn and
I’m going to do some green. (bell sound) (sad buzzer sound) – (together) Awww! – Darn it! – Whaddya want? – Let’s do some lotion. – All right, here you go. – I think I’m gonna add all of it boys. – Add that lotion girl. – [Hope] Ewww! – [Noah] Ewww! – [Hope] This is disgusting!… okay! I sound like a robot…
this is disgusting. – My turn. – Eden’s turn. – Alrighty, I’m gonna go with pink! (beep beep) (dinging) Ayyyy! Yeah, I got it right! Hand me the big slime! – Oh oh! She’s goin big red and glittery. – Red and glittery baby! – [Noah] Red and glittery baby! (plop sound) – (together) Whoa! – [Eden] That’s cool! – [Noah] It’s right there
in your whole entire thing. – It’s Noah’s turn. – I’m going to go orange again. (doorbell) (ding) – (together) Whoa! – I’m gonna go, glowing slime. – [Eden] Ooooh! – Now all we have is 3 different glues. – Whoa! – [Eden] (gasps)… whoa!
That looks cool! Hope? – [Noah] Glow and (mumbles) – [Hope] It’s my turn, ‘kay
let’s hope I get it right. (buzzer) oh! – Wrong! – Again! – (together) Ewww! – [Eden] Pretty gross. My turn, I’m gonna go with orange. (doorbell) (buzzer sound) – (together) Awww! – I’m gonna get the Frito’s. – Frito’s. – Smells like Frito’s. – [Hope] That’s disgusting! – Mmkay, my turn… pink. (horn sound) (buzzer sound) – (together) Awww! – What do you want cheese or blue? – Blue. – Oooh! – Old slime! – That’s pretty gross. – [Eden] Adding old slime. – (together) Ewww! – Okay, well not it’s my turn I hope I get it right since
both of them got it wrong. Let’s see we’re gonna go lucky pink. (horn sound) – (together) Yay! – Let’s do some more purple, let’s add some purple in there
(mumbles), we’re almost done. – All right, now it’s my turn. (boing) – (together) Ayyyyy! – Which one, pink or pink? Now we have 1 bad and 1 good. – Hopefully I get it right. Hopefully I get it right. (doorbell) (ding) Ayyyyy! – [Eden] Whoa… that is cool. – (mumbles) – She gets the cheese slime. (defeated trumpet sound) (mumbles) – This is disgusting. – ’cause it smells really.. – Smells so bad, but the textures nice. – Can I smell it? – Nope… here we go, textures pretty nice though. Okay! Now we’re all done
and let’s mixey mixey! – We have to add our activator first. – Yes. – [Group] (mumbles) – [Noah] Ready?… Ready?… go! – [Eden] Whoo! – [Hope] Whaaa!…. Ewwww! – [Noah] Gotta add a lil’ bit at a time. I’m gon’. – Whoa! Did you all see that? – Whoa! – Weird! – This is so cool! – [Eden] All right mine looks like dirt. – [Noah] I need more activator. – [Eden] It’s all the cocoa. – [Noah] I need more activator. – There’s so much going
on in mine right now. This looks nasty! (sludging sounds) – [Noah] Mine is ah…
kinda turning into slime. I guess. – [Hope] Mine is… mine is nice! – This is mine, and I’m
calling it Junkyard slime. – Thanks for watching it was so much fun, playing this challenge, definitely vote on who you think won. I’m pretty sure, mine’s the best so I win the ten thousand
Super Bucks! Whooooo! – No! – Smashed it. – (mumbles)… too, and make sure you click that big red subscribe
button, and click right here for more of our challenges! And remember there’s always time for fun, and we’ll see you there. – Bye guys!