[Music] this is dr. Greger in the kitchen where I take the science and put it into practice today I’m going to share with you my new favorite dessert matcha ice cream matcha is powdered green tea leaves what’s so great about green tea its consumption is associated with lower rates of heart attacks strokes and premature death proven and randomized controlled trials to prevent precancerous colon polyps from developing and pre cancerous prostate lesions from turning into full-blown cancer in so antiviral there’s an FDA approved green tea compound Weightman used to reverse warts caused by the HPV virus that’s why in my daily dozen checklist it is one of the healthiest beverages along with water and hibiscus tea matcha is probably the healthiest way to drink green tea since you’re drinking it as a whole food wears normally you just make a hot water green tea extract right throw away the leaves that’s like boiling some collard greens and throwing away the greens and just drinking the cooking water I think what proportion of nutrition you’d be throwing away the same thing with tea leaves matcha allows you to drink tea whole that way you’ll get all the nutrition but also all the potential contaminants am you know China was late on the ban on leaded gasoline resulting in higher than average lead levels in the soil on Chinese tea plantations gets taken up by the plant but does not tend to leach out into the water when you just make tea the regular way but if you eat the tea like matcha or if you throw tea leaves in a smoothie or something I would recommend making sure your tea is sourced from Japan rather than China and I have a video about the tolerable upper daily dose for kids pregnant women other adults depending on brewing method and a source country all right now this stuff I have here is from Japan so that’s not a problem the problem however with any matcha tea is the taste matcha has a strong grassy earthy mossy flavor so I figured wine put it into ice cream it could be the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down of course traditional ice cream is way more than a spoonful of sugar not to mention a saturated butter fat and that dairy proteins actually can interfere with some of the beneficial effects of the green tea compound so how about making a healthy watch ice cream comprised entirely of whole foods just to Whole Foods to be exact take to a frozen super ripe bananas and put them in a food processor or blender alongside with a 1/2 TSP of the matcha tea now more if you can stand it but it’s pretty strong stuff so why don’t we start there and blend it up blended frozen bananas take on this perfect rich creamy ice cream texture now the more the riper the better you want lots of little brown spots on there look at that beautiful green color here all right I’m gonna add a little maybe a little mint garnish here the matcha actually makes the blend of bananas taste better somehow so we’re talking just two whole plant foods one a dark green leafy makes a gourmet decadent tasting dessert the more you eat the healthier you are that’s the way desserts should be or I got an unbiased taste tester here I’d like to bring out Josiah come on out here I’ve got some green ice cream for you turn you into the Hulk check it out try it what do you think ah now you’re just saying that it’s really good yeah all right fantastic all right see there you got it if you want more recipes like this and coorporate some of the healthiest foods on the planet check out my new cookbook the how not to die cookbook I think the I think the ice cream recipe in the book actually uses strawberries on the bottom vanilla extract instead of the matcha but delicious either way these makes a great new year new you kind of gift all the proceeds I received from themselves my books DVDs speak engagements all goes to charity I just want you to be healthier [Music] you