We’re looking at the first generation of children living shorter lives than their parents Heart disease is the number two killer of Brits reversible with a plant-based diet we had the cure he had hundreds of thousands of people continue to die I Look across the Atlantic Americans more obese than ever on their way to death why aren’t people? Listening or was it just confused. They don’t know and the industry wants it that way I Mean the system runs off of chronic disease How many billions of dollars corporations are going to save because life expectancy is dropping for the first time of States talking about perverse financial incentive We are as certain processed meat causes cancer in human beings, then we are that plutonium causes cancer and cigarette smoke and asbestos You want to smoke smoke you want to eat meat eat meat but? Recognize what this might be doing to your family? This week on the show we have dr. Michael Greger who is a physician best-selling author and speaker who advocates a Whole Foods plant-based diet in order not to die and that’s the name of his latest book how not to die and he goes through the 15 leading causes of death and how they Can be prevented by eating? Plants and to get off our diet of animal proteins and dairy and look you might not be a vegan or a vegetarian I know I wasn’t for a long time, but it’s hard to deny the science That this is a healthier way of living and ever since I’ve been doing more body movement I try to do a meatless Monday, and I really try to incorporate these things into my life And my diet and the science is there and it’s very hard to argue with dr. Greger, and he’s really compelling his website nutritionfacts.org Is a purely nonprofit way to show you how you can incorporate this stuff into your life And I believe it’s a game changer. I think fifty or a hundred years from now We all will be eating a majority of plant food so listen to him. He’s super entertaining He’s lots of fun, and I think you’re gonna learn something about your diet and again Just try it try one day two days a week of a plant-based diet and see how it goes for you I’m doing the same thing and I absolutely love it And I’m also loving all the action going on inside the London real Academy because we’re about to launch our Speak to inspire program It’s a six weeks where I show you how to talk how to public speak like some of the greatest guests on London real how you can take your message and Start on a mission. How you can take your message to the stage? How you can do better at work in the boardroom and with clients by speaking to inspire so go in there check it out? I’ve got tons of free content and free video And if you want to join me for six weeks of accountability To transform who you are then jump on in and do it and now I leave you with dr. Michael Greger This is London real, I’m Brian Rose my guest today is dr. Michael Greger the physician best-selling author and speaker who advocates a plant-based Whole Foods diet to reverse and prevent fatal disease and illness You’re a graduate of Cornell University and the Tufts University School of Medicine and your New York Times bestselling book how not to die Examines the 15 top causes of death in America you’ve appeared in numerous documentary films including what the health? Prescription nutrition and eating you alive and your website nutritionfacts.org Has thousands of videos giving research-based advice about specific foods and health related issues dr. Greger welcome to London real? I’m so excited to be here I am excited to have you I was wondering before we get into all this good stuff And we got a lot to talk about when you’re about to land in London Heathrow, and you’re thinking okay? I’m going back to see the Brits How do we rank in the world when it comes to our? Diets compared to say the Yanks or third world countries or anything. How are we doing here? Well like the u.s. The no according to the gold burden of disease day Which is the largest study of? Disease risk factors in human history funded by the Bill Munda Gates Foundation the number one cause of death and disability Among Britons is the British diet and the same thing in the United States the American day number one cause of death? bumping tobacco smoking – number two now cigarettes only kill a half million Americans every year whereas our diet kills hundreds of thousands more So you think about you know physical inactivity not getting enough exercise smoking all that ranks below diet both in the UK and in the US But that’s great news that means we have tremendous control over our health destiny longevity in the vast majority Our premature death and disability is preventable with the plant-based diet another healthy lifestyle behavior So that’s great okay, and so most g20 countries are suffering from the same problem They’ve got an abundance of foods and making the wrong choices that is that usually what’s happening yeah? And so infectious is a disease and so I mean you said people used to dive in fact you say go back 100 years ago right the leading cause of death and things like pneumonia that was before antibiotics so now and Modern medicine is great with those kind of acute conditions You have an infection antibiotics and cure you of a broken legs we can set it there’s all sorts of neat surgeries so you can do but for chronic disease, and that’s really what’s Though these are the plagues these are the kind of pandemics of Diabetes and obesity and heart disease and hypertension the that’s what’s killing us now and unfortunately Medicine has little to offer right we can kind of slow down the rate at which you die from diabetes We can slow down the rate at which you go blind at which you lose your kidney function go on to houses Slow down the rate at which you you know get lower limb amputations But in terms of stopping the disease preventing the disease in the first place or reversing the disease Unfortunately mainstream medicine is very little to offer because these are lifestyle diseases right so yeah You can treat the symptoms, you can artificially lower people’s blood pressures with blood pressure medications But why not treat the cause in the first place, which is these inflamed crippled? arteries because primarily what reading although certainly cigarette smoke plays a role too, so I mean but Lifestyle diseases if that’s what causes it you can’t eat the same foods that cause the disease if you expect to stop a reverse it But that’s the exciting things that many of the leading killers Sohere heart disease the number two killer of Brits preventable arrests about reversible with a plant-based diet and we’ve known this I mean this is the Shocking right so the Lancer probably the most prestigious medical journal in the world published here in the UK July 23rd 1990 polished dr. Dean Ornish’s lifestyle heart drama I mean This is this was that was really the landmark trial that proved for the first time ever using something called quantitative angiography that indeed Heart disease could be reversed arteries opened up without drugs without surgery just a plant-based diet and lifestyle program since that day No one else should have died in this or any other country from heart disease we had the cure Yet hundreds of people continue to die from this preventable arrest of all reversible condition, right Number 11 killer Brits type 2 diabetes number 12 killer Britain high blood pressure these are diseases that can be reversed cured through diet and lifestyle changes alone So why do people continue to die I mean people should be upset should be angry that wait a second Are you telling me my you know father didn’t have to die? He said he had type 2 diabetes Got worse worse worse and died right I mean unfortunately doctors aren’t taught nutrition right there’s this you know doctors suffer from a severe nutrition deficiency in Education and we just weren’t taught about this and so we kind of graduate without this Powerful tool in our medical toolbox, and so that’s why I’ve kind of made it my mission To get out there and show physicians that they have a broader array of tools and go Directly to the patient’s themselves when it comes to safe side-effect free simple solutions like stopping smoking eat healthy You don’t need your doctor to tell you to do that you can you know take control of your own life and your family’s health and you are on a mission and Like the titles of the chapters these Booker are pretty plain and simple how not to die from heart disease how not to die from Lung disease how not to die from brain diseases how not to die from diabetes And it’s all about advocating this plant-based diet is that correct well anybody start in lifestyle So I talk about exercise talk by the importance of smoking cessation to talk about you know sleep other, but it certainly Diet is the number one most powerful I? Think we can do in terms of modulating our risk for chronic disease. Okay, look across the Atlantic Americans more obese than ever now on their way to death more information there than ever more money than ever why aren’t people? Listening is it because they ultimately don’t want to be told what to eat they don’t like their pleasures. They’re just not educated What is it cuz you’re beating your head against a wall, and it seems like it’s bloody But you’re still doing it getting your message out there What ultimate you think is it keeps people from from just taking taking those changes right was it just confused They don’t know and the industry want that way This is a this is a standard tobacco industry tactic muddy the water misinformation Right such that you know so one day cuff. It’s good for you one day. It comes bad for you you know Time magazine put butter is back on the cover shows you how desperate they are for dwindling print sales, right? Sells a lot of copies, but sells the public sure right and so people love hearing good news about bad habits Right if someone comes out with a diet book saying you know broccoli is really good for you How many books is that going to sell right someone comes down says bacon and butters really good for you? That’s you got a best-seller on I mean you know And so in the media loves those kind of stories right I mean And so there’s just these conflicted so they the processed food industry was a trillion dollar industry You know they just hope to confuse people so they’ll throw up their hands eat. Whatever’s put in front of them I mean that’s good for business But not so good for people. Where is it if you look at the science? There’s a remarkable remarkable global scientific Consensus as to the core elements of healthy living going back decades so I mean that the scientific record isn’t confused just the way It’s translated out to the public by these money commercial interests that the message is lost along the way is it a conspiracy by these industries or they just Weren’t looking in their best interest because they’re just trying to maximize profits this is That’s just this way the symptom works. I mean the CEO of coca-cola doesn’t say how do I make kids fat today, right? It’s like no. It’s how do I make my shelter olders? Happy in this quarter right short-term profits for shareholders Right even if that CEO said you know I care about my kids. I’m not gonna do this anymore They be kicked out. I mean that’s the whole purpose of a corporation maximize You know return for their shareholders. How do you do that? Okay? Well you take something with your cheap ingredients, right? It’s sugar water in fact sugar That’s subsidized by US taxpayers in the States right so it’s artificially cheap sugar And it’s what so it’s what a few pennies to make and then you sell for a few bucks a bottle That’s how you make money right, but something like produce fruits and vegetables. It’s perishable It goes bad and rots on the Shelf you put a Twinkie it can be on the shelf for a couple weeks But but I mean you can’t make money. It’s not a branded product there’s no markup so the healthiest foods the system is just set up to reward companies selling people junk and Unfortunately and even in the government level we’re subsidizing the worst foods We’re subsidizing sugar subsidizing food crops, so we can have dollar menu burgers whereas. Why aren’t we subsidizing fruits and vegetables, right? I mean so unfortunately the system, so that’s why we need to take Control over our lives over our family’s health and really kind of take it back so the informations there but unfortunately lost in this Cloud of commercial influence talk to me about the life of Michael Greger You are kind of a one-man Crusader going around constantly speaking on this you’ve been doing this for what near 20 years And you’re constantly on the road even though you told me earlier. I hate traveling But you’re still doing this used to excess sponsorships, you have the site in Auto work It’s all about free information Wow what makes this man tick and why are you doing right-right-right? There’s no ads no commercials No corporate sponsors strictly not cleaners, not selling anything. Just put up as a public service It’s kind of a labor of love, and I do it as a tribute to my grandmother whose own life was saved Through evidence-based nutrition, so I mean when I was a kid growing up my grandmother Frances Gregor was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease She already had so many bypass surgeries you basically run out of plumbing at some point nothing more They could do all right confined a wheelchair crushing chest pain her life was over How old was she at this point age 65 65 age 65 was a pretty young? Then she heard about this guy Nathan Pritikin one of our early lifestyle medicine pioneers And what happened next it’s actually detailed and Pritikin spy ography I’m called a man who healed America’s heart, and it talks about the death’s door people that showed up like Frances Gregor talks Maffei who arrived in a wheelchair she and Jeanette claudication She she couldn’t walk without great pain in their chest and legs within three weeks, though She’s not only out of her wheelchair. She was walking ten miles a day She was one of his great early success stories right where it’s a living program that put people on plant-based I had a graded exercise program. She was up walk around and thanks to a healthy guy She was given a medical death sentence at age 65 Thanks to a healthy diet was able to enjoy another 31 years on this planet until age 96 to enjoy her six grandkids Including me that’s why I went to medicine and that’s why I practiced the type of medicine. I practice today Lifestyle – that was it you saw grandma get better and you were like wow how can this happen? I mean at the time. I just assumed well. Yeah you go to your doctor and you get better I mean, that’s just I mean it was just like oh yeah, okay, um I mean it didn’t occur to me how Radical that wasn’t at that time They didn’t even think heart disease was reversible period they thought it was just a you know there’s this inexorable You know spiral to death, but Pritikin was showing back in the 70s That no this disease could be reversed. It’s a lifestyle disease That’s what causes it change the lifestyle at the home, so there were populations where this aware did Pritikin get this idea from right Well there were populations around the world for example in rural Africa There’s a network of missionary hospital set up through actually UK physicians like dr. Denis Burkitt right who’s one of the most preeminent medical figures of 20th century? Who went down started this these network of missionary hospitals, and they were seeing millions of people and They did not suffer from heart disease, so they didn’t see any heart disease. They didn’t see colon cancer They didn’t see breast cancer. They didn’t see I mean where as and these were Western trained doctors not like they didn’t know what to look for I mean the only people they saw is you know if They had some Foreigner there and all you know this is before they had westernized there died Same thing we saw in rural China for example where people eating these plant-based diets, and he said rural, China rural Africa What’s the the connect the common? Coming Venn diagram very different dyes is that they were plant based on a day to day basis would we’d only eaten on special occasions So waste how do we know it’s the plant-based nature of their diets? I was so effective cus in the Western world the only folks with such low rates of these chronic disease are those eating strictly plant-based Diets and so you can see the same kind of cholesterol low cholesterol levels and low blood pressures among those eating healthy and so and so Hope was let’s take people with heartsease put them on the same kind of plant-based I had followed by populations that do not get epidemic heart disease And hope maybe we just slow the disease down perhaps even stop it But instead something miraculous happened as soon as people stopped even artery-clogging Diets their bodies were able to start dissolving some of that plaque away opening up arteries without drugs without surgery Suggesting their bodies want to be healthy all along We’re just never given the chance so you can actually reverse this stuff. I mean this is look if you It’s like I talked about there’s actually a paper in the medical insurer. I’m talking about the best kept secret in science. What’s medicine? What’s the best kept secret in medicine is that sometimes the body under the right conditions can heal itself you know if you you know? Whack your shin really hard in a coffee table or something right you can get all red hot painful swollen inflamed blood Will heal naturally if you just stand back late and body work its magic right okay? What if you whack your shit in the same place day after day in fact three times a day breakfast lunch and dinner, right? You’d never heal right you go to your document My shin, or it’s a doc with like no problem whip out their pen write your prescription for painkillers You still whack your shin three times? They still wear the hurts like egg, but all feel so much better those pain pills on board Thank heavens for modern medicine right I mean It’s it’s like when people take nitroglycerine for crushing chest pain right tremendous relief We’re not doing anything to treat the underlying cause of the disease our body wants to come back to health if we let it If we keep read a mijung ourselves few times day. We may never heal. It’s like Smoking you know one of the most amazing things I learned in all my medical training was that within about 15 years of stopping smoking your lung cancer risk approaches that of a lifelong nonsmoker 15 years your your lungs get cleaned out your long your loans can clear out all that tar and eventually it’s Almost as if you never started smoking at all and every morning of our smoking life that healing process Starting to win for a cigarette of the day reentering our lungs with every puff Just like we can we injure our arteries with every bite When all we had to do all along the miracle cure is just stand back right let our bodies You know you get out of the way let our body’s natural healing Processes bring us back towards health the human bodies a self-healing machine Sure you can choose moderation and hit yourself with a smaller hammer But why beat yourself up at all talk to me about the parallels you see between tobacco And this whole you know crisis we went through in the 50s 60s 70s in America and Diet I mean we gonna look back at this in 50 years and say this is just a similar Lack of knowledge when it comes to that right so the parallel is not that there was a lack of knowledge But the knowledge was there But just no one did knew about it right and so there were decades of solid science starting back in the 30s linking lung cancer and smoking factor Actually the the the seminal paper that put it all together with this British doctors study, right, with Doll and Peto. They were the ones that actually finally clinched the deal and And so it was this kind of epidemiological study that proved this that that you know. I’m so you know for 1958 There’s a paper Adventist study out of California showing nonsmoker 90% less lung cancer than smokers all right, but no one knew about it cuz back Then there wasn’t this democratization of information you couldn’t go on the internet right if the industry could control the doctors They could control the message right and so the AMA the American Medical Association actually went on record saying smoking was good for you not neutral But actually good for you beneficial for your health when the Surgeon General came out with their with a famous report against smoking in 1964 the aim actually came out opposed actually refused to endorse the Surgeon General report Why couldn’t have been because they were just handed a ten million dollar check from the tobacco industry made did that actually had? actually happened Okay, say ok so we know why the AMA was sucking up to the tobacco industry But why weren’t more individual doctors speaking out whether or a few ahead of their time speaking up against industries killing millions but why not more maybe It’s because the majority of physicians Themselves smoked just like the majority of physicians today continued That our tribute to our epidemics of dietary disease. What was the AMAs rallying cry back, then everything in moderation They said extensive scientific study that studies have proven smoking in moderation. Oh, that’s fine. It sound familiar Food dentistry use the same misinformation twisting the science right are the same scientist for hire that downplayed the risk of secondhand smoke and toxic chemicals are the same hired by the National Confectioners Association to downplay the risks of candy same hired by the meat industry to downplay the risks of meat But the best estimates we have is that processed foods animal foods contribute to at least 14 million deaths every year So those of us involved in this evidence-based nutrition revolution were talking about 14 million lives and the balance every year If I’m supposed to eat a plant-based diet. How come milk and eggs and red meat and chicken taste so good, huh? the food industry Why does candy taste so good why does cotton candy taste so good well look it must be good for me if it tastes oh I mean the industry has found a way right to kind of subvert your natural biological drive so if you go back Yeah a few million years Right we basically evolved in a state of famine rhymey during the winter months right there’s not a lot to it No lady this before agriculture We couldn’t store up grain right so we avoid and so that’s why we evolved this insatiable taste for sweet Right and for fatty right because that’s where the calories are the calories right? Concentrated calories concentrated calories um and and salt right. There’s no salt shakers right there is no you know potato chips out on the Savannah right and so we had this desperate need for salt sugar fat and So these are natural biological drives so back then oh, yeah oh
That you know our sweet sensation made us eat a lot of blueberries off the bush right that was a good thing for a bites but now right now We’re not in a state of of chloric deficiency right in fact Most of the you know industrialized world we actually get too many calories now It’s a matter the industry has taken those same drives turned it against us. Oh you like sweet How about some oh you like salty? How about some chips? How oh you’re like you know fatty? Well, you know and so before it was a survival mechanism You know cracking open bones and scavenging from brains and bone mouth that got us to that got us Just a reproductive age to pass along our teens right now right in fact You could have if you ear Time Machine air drops some Twinkies back then Those in the end or the Twinkie Neanderthals will go on conquer everybody else is a calorie deficiency calories through any means necessary Right, but now we don’t just want to let the reproductive age right now We’ve evolved enough to actually start suffering from chronic diseases and chronic diseases Well, then you know those fatty foods those salty foods aren’t are Working against us, but of course. That’s what sells But the good news is so am I saying what oh, so I’m gonna eat. Healthy. Nothing’s gonna taste good at first That’s true, right I mean so know maybe the right best peach in the world will taste sour after a bowl of Froot Loops I mean it’ll just because your your taste buds are just overwhelmed right? Are you all sin going low salt diet your doctor put you one loss out that everything for the first week tastes like cardboard right but What you show I mean You can do these kind of metabolic Awards phase-lock people a room actually you know very tightly control of people eat So you have people salt soup to their liking and you measure how much salt they put in and then you put them a low Salt diet and few weeks later. They actually prefer less salt, and so you give them the soup that originally tasted the best Oh, it’s too salty. Yeah. You don’t like it right and so your taste buds naturally evolved in fact We sugar can happen as few as five days you cut out these super sweet foods within five days also Natural whole healthy foods taste good I mean people see me eat a Sweet potato baked sweet potato with a little cinnamon sprinkle on top and they’re like oh And I can never live that kind of aesthetic life But they don’t know that actually tastes good to me and in five days of not eating candy bars She tastes good to them to win actually I enjoy so you get the best of both worlds Wait a second it tastes good, and you get to live longer right, but you got to give it a chance to To to take back your taste buds from the industry, that’s trying to kind of or saturate them, okay Will you always completely plant-based or at one point? Did you ever say well maybe some fish protein is okay? Or maybe some gamebird protein is okay? You know was there any a time where you were like ah this might work, or you all look? It doesn’t matter what you eat on your Birthday or holiday special occasions just the day-to-day stuff that really adds up, right It’s just like the it’s like the whacker Shannon Allison right your body has this remarkable Capacity to heal it’s just when you jab it with a fork three times a day every day And it just doesn’t have the chance to heal right I mean There’s no science in the world that you can show me that suggests that social smokers these people There are some people think pick up a few cigarettes at a party a year right, and they never get hooked They know right um. No one’s gonna Tell me that a few cigarettes a year is going to have any you know measurable increase in lung cancer risk right over the lifetime But the reason a doctor says no smoking at all is they’re afraid that once cigarettes gonna turn to two then it’s gonna turn to A pack-a-day habit, so we just tell people no smoking at all, but that’s out of a recognition. That’s not the one cigarette That’s gonna. Do it right And so the same thing right I mean so so but on a day to day basis We really should try to eat out here now. I didn’t grow up so here I was as a kid see my this this remarkable transformation for my grandmother. Where’d you grow up um? Well, I’m so born in Miami. Okay. Um then grew up out west moved around okay I was like a little southern accent sometimes. Oh really no well I know myself My mom was Brooklyn dad was Queens and so if anything maybe I got over them okay. They just spoke in Brooklyn They’re so nice to go back and I show pictures of my mom It’s used part of Brooklyn core the Congress on racial equality and all these pictures of her getting dragged away and arrested during the civil Rights movement it was always in the family. There’s a family nono right we’re just kind of mission driven folks I guess I mean we just see an injustice all right and We want to make it better, okay And so you said you grew up not having this I know so so I mean for me. It was like oh yeah grandma Has to eat that way because she’s sick. It’s a treatment for sickness. I’m young and healthy I don’t need a treatment for sick right it was just and not realizing, so it really wasn’t until 90 Ornish’s paper Kemna Sharing the way can reverse heart disease within the which in the states is number one killer of men and women here in the UK Is number two killer of cancer, but so the number one killer of men and women can be reversed. I was like alright That’s it. I mean my family had seen with their own eyes, but here was published in black and white some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world like the evidence at that point was just Overwhelming that I couldn’t ignore it and so then started myself eating that way and with the recognition I should’ve been eating this way all along, but it just didn’t kind of click that oh Yeah, duh I mean if that’s all a plant-based I could do Reverse the number one or two killer of men and women kind of been the default Diets are proven otherwise in the fact that can also prevent a restaurant reverse other leading killers like type two diabetes and high blood pressure Which seem to make the case for plant-based eating simply overwhelming hmm? What do you eat today? Oh my god? I actually a really good so on the road. It’s not so easy I find myself in an airport food court and you know there’s not much to eat so but because there’s animal proteins everywhere no, but no in the hotel that we stayed in by by Heathrow here had a vegetarian breakfast thing and and breakfast in the UK’s what I tell them you eat beans for XY had beans and tomatoes mushrooms kinds of Traditional kind of British breakfast just without the sausage without the process me But I in fact I tell everyone you know so I encourage people eat legumes being split peas chickpeas lentils three times a day And so I say means eat like the Brits so you hit me I say eat like Britain beans for eggs But that’s not you know and Japan they have miso soup, and they have it lien in India I mean having legumes for breakfast is not so crazy, but in the u.s.. Like beans for breakfast What are you talking about, but so here? I give me. I can finally follow my own advice to eat like a brick Okay, um so yeah So great a great breakfast And then at lunch so I come here for the interview And and just pull out my phone and look for restaurants within the like one mile radius while I’m waiting around and poof To places show up one this restaurant called redemption whole food plant-based in fact. There’s a sign out front It says you know sugar fee plant base You know goes on it free free free free so what do we serve like question mark like what’s in this It’s just like what yeah. Well. That’s water, but no of course it’s just so I had this amazing dish with purple sweet potatoes and mushrooms and and greens and And and this yellow cauliflower and black sesame seeds and a peanut sauce it was absolutely fantastic And so everything checked off all my boxes have this free app dr. Gregers daily dozen where I on Android and iPhone everything of course is free Where you know it includes? You know how many servings of all the foods that encourage people to get into their daily diet so beans every day berries every day The healthiest foods greens every day the healthiest vegetables take this for the ground flax seeds quarter teaspoon turmeric the best beverages best, sweetener How much exercise blah blah blah and you take off the boxes and chart your daily project whatever so here I am I could have ticked off half my boxes for the day in one lunch And then how about this right for it for dessert? There’s this place called Nana bar, right? Um where it is a Nice cream bar so it’s a ice cream made from frozen bananas one ingredient frozen bananas Put through like some juicer food processors something comes out like soft-serve ice cream, and then they just have um whole food You know toppings um and and the guy behind the counter gets his mom made the granola like how cool is that okay? So I’m having his mom’s granola on on on frozen banana ice cream so whole plant food plant-based Dessert and me and totally random like I didn’t have to like do my homework I just showed up, and what where was I gonna eat now this doesn’t happen everywhere sometimes I’m in Arkansas or something and I’m you know living off and talked about bean burritos or something but When I’m blessed to be in a great metropolitan city like London. I get any healthy you could make it happen easy I mean without a second thought yeah, now you say that you’re in a plant-based diet But you don’t use the V word the vegan word is there a reason not to do that And also because you know I’ve had vegans on here, and I and I love it, but also they have a specific culture That’s also a lot of times quite combative when it comes to meat eaters and things like that and there’s the old joke you know How do you know well when you met a vegan give him a few minutes? And they’ll tell you and so are you to kind of disassociate from that or what’s your read on the whole well? I mean so as a physician The I mean the words vegetarian/vegan they don’t tell me what you eat, I mean, there’s and tells me what you don’t eat Right, but there’s lots of really garbage vegetarian food, you could eat live off of chips and soda, and you know I mean and Yeah, and you know I go speak at these college campuses you live off You know chips and beer basically right these college beans that you know don’t care about their health But they’re doing it for like global warming reasons or whatever And they’re you can eat a measurable diet right whereas whole food plant-based that tells me. I should what are you doing? oh
You actually eat your vegetables aha now we can right and so unfortunately It doesn’t it’s just not as informative plus. There. Is this kind of baggage that comes along with it Whereas like for your health it doesn’t matter whether you have a leather belt on or not, right? I mean they have other things that come along with it It’s it’s like an identified entity as opposed to like so if you’re gonna talk about Vegan I would prefer talking about vegan eating or a vegan meal as opposed to vegans a noun Identity cuz that sets of this kind of barrier like well. I don’t want to be a vegan Necessarily, but oh yeah, I want to see my kids grow up And I want to be healthy and okay so the more and more you know whole plant foods one can Center their diets around Right the better and so it’s a spectrum, right? I’m so the largest study of plant based leaders in the world actually used to be here in the UK until the Ventus to took over this massive study in the States particularly, California and in Canada I’m so following out tens of thousands of people eating plant-based diets and shows this kind of step So they compared non vegetarians to so-called Semi, vegetarians or flexitarians people eating meat more like a once a week basis rather than daily basis compared to pescetarians those we know need to set the fish weird ovo-lacto vegetarians We know me at all compared to beings. We know me eggs and dairy and shows this kind of stepwise drop Where each level is significantly lower disease risk for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and obesity? Such that even lacto-ovo vegetarians at least in the States or on average overweight their BMI is actually over 25 The only dietary go back to a fitting ideal way with those eating more strictly plant-based diets But so it’s not black and white it’s not all or nothing any movement We can make along this spectrum towards eating healthy can accrue significant benefits. I think that’s important message to you. Okay, you’re a scientist You’re a doctor so that makes sense you’re like what you put in your mouth. That’s gonna make you live longer and healthier as Opposed to what belts you wear as opposed to what you were so you care about the facts and the science right I? Went on a low salt diet actually I was doing an ayahuasca ceremony, so I did not eat a lot of foods And I found that once I came back on and I didn’t really want the salt And I didn’t really want some of those foods right and the other thing that’s happened to me we with me lately is I’ve been Doing a lot of body weight exercises lest of the lifting weights and I found that I’m just I’m Trending toward more of a vegetable based diet And also I’m listening to my gut a little bit more like if it hurts a little when I first eat it Why do I keep eating it? I don’t know do these things are these just other symptoms Do you think about this stuff or do you go back to this? There’s really nice feedback loops I mean is all the sign I mean so I mean that’s what that’s why I encourage people to You know give it a try right, try it is it like a free sample right anyone can eat anything for a few weeks Right, thank you need nothing for a few e I mean. I mean so look It’s just and so the thought of wait a second I can’t eat pepper on a piece for the rest of my life But like that’s just mind-blowing people can’t even consider that and of course That’s not what I’m saying you know, but I did they bases want eat healthy But um I say no no no give me three weeks right so three weeks Let’s eat healthy, and I’ll give you all these tips and you know in fact There’s this great 21-day kickstart program run by an organization a nonprofit called Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine starts at the first of every month 100,000 people done through its a bunch of different languages sign up It’s all completely free you do this kind of a social media group you all sign up together And you share recipes and you get daily tips and stuff and first of every month 21-day kickstart So I think it’s 21-day Kickstarter or something like that so again Just giving people the house to actually do it but again Just talking about just give it to an end the thought is look 21 days on your taste buds are changing the food is tasting better, and you’re feeling better and so all the sudden Oh your sleep is better You know people like oh you’re doing fine and young healthy they have no symptoms, then they thought they didn’t have centers They’re like
Oh my chronic indigestion it went away like I just thought that was normal to just always feel bloated and gross after me like this Just but no now you know so my you know bowel regulate my my periods are less painful I mean just like they just feel so much better and so then they have this internal motivation No longer is it like oh, yeah a few decades down the road you’re not gonna Have a stroke or something, but it’s this internal Wow I feel so much better in fact It’s like you know when they do these studies talk about science Often they do what’s called a be a design way you put people I switch people to a diet so you have before and after then you switch them back to make sure was actually the diet so you switch people from their regular diet to a Special diet and then you see changes And they might say wait a second was that just coincidence that that happened so you switch back to the original Let’s see if to see if indeed everything went back to normal and so so there’s been these studies done where the switch people to a plant-based diet right so far that’s been done for like migraines and a bunch of different medical conditions rheumatoid arthritis so switch people For a couple weeks, and then part of the study protocol They have to go back to the rich tonight because then you know your joints feel better We want to make sure you join sex you feel worse than we and they refused to do it and so many study subjects refused To go back to their original diet. It screws up the study in fact We have to throw out those people from the study because they violated the protocol and so actually the science comes out and actually Underestimates the effect right it’s so powerful. We can’t even show it because they won’t even finish the darn study Because he just feels so much better. They’re like well. I’m not going back. Oh. Yeah, I feel so much moving you crazy You couldn’t pay me to go back to the original day, and so that well you don’t know Until you give it a try right you don’t know how good you can feel to give it a try And then you have the internal move like I feel bad look I feel better like I don’t care so you know and then all The science in the world you know survival I know how my body feels and I feel better eating this way, and yeah, it’s great that science shows It’s gonna reduce my risk of all this other stuff But but again, you don’t know to you give it a try, so that’s really what I encourage my patients to do I’m American and growing up in America I’m just wondering how we break this cycle of eating. You know I still remember. You know how big is your steak? You know you know all these foods that almost seem like an American, right? Have my fries and to have my deep-fried this and to have my this and to have my that And you know I watched this movie cowspiracy I know you were in the sequel to that movie and you know when they asked him They said wait a second you want me to reduce my shower volume of the water to save water and they said But what about not eating meat to save water, and everyone’s like well? we can’t ask people to change their diet or though they’ll revolt and it’s because it’s such a personal thing to ask maybe an American – or maybe anybody How do we change the cycle and then on top of that? When my heart gets the disease I go to my doctor he writes a prescription for a statin that he basically you know is Promoted to do its it funds the medical industry they put out a beautiful 90-second ad on TV about how it’s gonna make me happy. I mean there’s a crazy vicious cycle going on here How do we I mean it’s it’s a very personal thing. I mean talking about dying. It’s like talking about religion talking about politics I’m a deeply personal. It’s like basically. I’m saying we second you tell me what my mother fed me You know hey And so yeah so You know oftentimes so what you know what I’ve done in my own practice is I start out not taking anything where I just encouraged Eat more healthy foods right you know, so I’m not taking anything away. It’s like okay I want you to eat this every day you have a salad of it You know and add these foods to your diet when you this much fruit every day, and um and then they feel oh They’re not I’m feeling deprived now They got too much food in hopes that you’re kind of you know there’s only so much you can fit There’s not only so many calories you get in today And so you’re hoping by you know eating some of the healthiest foods inspiring people to something other They just don’t have enough room for some the less healthy options of ending the day and so they can kind of start down that Path um and then they start feeling healthy, and they started getting a taste for these foods. They start experimenting with new foods You know people have the sense that Feels like what am I gonna eat like it’s like it would constrict my die Whereas many people actually if you ask them people tend to only eight or nine meet on surveys average people attending about eight or nine Dinner meals they’re just kind of kind of a boring restricting kind of reservoir of of me And when actually you discover that there’s this whole ocean of other possibilities out there all sorts of neat ethnic cuisines foods? You’ve never tried that you know you might actually like more than just the standard canna you know regular But you know I know just different you know flavors would prepare he’s preparing You know a lot of people you know grew up never know hummus was or never way It’s like wow this stuff is really good, and you know I mean and so it often ends up expanding people of repertoire They’re actually eating more interesting more diverse diets than they ever were before eating just kind of the standard American diet of the standard British He try to encourage him to try some new food to see right right and do it at whatever Pace is necessary to stick with it doesn’t matter what you eat today or tomorrow or next week It’s what you’re gonna be doing ten years from now right and so going whatever pace it has to be affordable it has to be Delicious it has to be convenient for you and your life Right I mean anyone can hold their nose and eat something in no light for a couple days or a couple weeks you right but They’re just it’s not gonna be life long sitting right you. This is a lifestyle It’s a whole different way for you so for the rest your life Can you eat this way if the answer’s no you’ve got to keep trying foods? And then all sudden you find a breakfast you’re like oh I never had steel-cut oats before wow these are really good with berries and nuts and all wow okay I could see myself eating this way you know um this variety of really good food Okay, so then you’ve got like you know ticked off a box or I’ve got a really good go-to breakfast, okay? And then you’re like what are some lunch options that fit into my workplace or whatever and so and look if this takes weeks This takes months we’re talking about getting your longevity. We’re talking about adding years to your life We’re talking about adding healthy years your life, so you actually be productive to society enjoy life right healthy people have more fun That’s the message. I want to give another thing people have more fun, right For people particularly young people a lot of people they may not have a close relative. That’s actually been really sick We’re actually seeing somebody die But see we physicians were in the hospitals right we see how? Horrible diseases right I mean I take all my diabetics to dialysis Unless you’ve been to a dialysis ward. You don’t know what it’s like to lose your kidney function What’s it look like oh? I mean so first of all there’s this stench of urine you just can’t get away from there because basically that’s what you’re doing you’re Filtering out the urine because they’ve no longer had kidney function right and and and so people have to go there And it’s literally hours hooked up to this machine the cycles throughout their blood, and it’s the most depressed soul-crushing in fact the turnover at this place in terms of the employees the staff is so great just because it’s just It’s just because they everybody dies so quickly in fact the average life expectancy once you start dialysis is very short um Though most diabetics actually don’t make a dialysis cuz they die of heart disease first because that is so increase your heart So you have a hard time for your kidneys function but with kidney fail But um people like the loss of independence like hospitals a horrible places to be I mean if you’ve never Experienced that yourself you just don’t realize that Whatever dreams you have whatever you want to do with your life I mean you don’t realize how cut short that would be by a disability they Olson like if you couldn’t see like what would that mean for your life and Your family and like you know and so yeah the vegans talked about global warming and welcome all these kind of other external kind of altruistic whatever But no, I’m talking tangible benefits you your life What do you want to do like? What are your goals and you know how you’re gonna get there, and how can I is? It look do your body your choice you wanna smoke cigarettes want to go bungee jumping. It’s your body your choice Do whatever you want as a? Physician all I can do is share with you what the predictable consequences of your actions are if you continue to smoke This is what’s likely to happen to people in your circumstance. You know Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, and I’ll see you on the inside They moved on to killin number two cancer who’s actually the number one killer here in Britain where they took men with early-stage prostate cancer put them on the same kind of plant-based and lifestyle program that reverse heart disease and saw for the first time ever a reversal of the progression of cancer first time ever died has been showing that randomized control trial the People in the control group that didn’t do anything special continuing their regular diet They gave that contribute to the cancer in the first place their cancer continue to grow you can follow biomarker car PSA which Roughly translates to tumor volume, which gets worse worse worse