– [Julia] Welcome to Drawtectives, where we solve a dumb mystery
using even dumber drawings. I’m your host, Julia Lepetit,
joined by my friends, Nathan Yaffe. – [Nathan] Grendan Highforge. – [Julia] Also known as Grendan Highforge. – [Jacob] He’s fully in character, he’s descended into Grendan. – [Karina] Um, hello. – [Julia] Staying in character
the whole episode today. – [Nathan] You know, I was thinking of the Not Another D&D Podcast
intro, where they say the player’s names, and then they say their character’s names– – [Jacob] We get it, you’ve
been on Not Another D&D Podcast. – [Julia] Wow, flex. – [Nathan] That’s not how
we do it here, I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Nathan, I play Grendan Highforge. – [Julia] Jacob Andrews. – [Jacob] York. – [Nathan] Okay, yeah, it’s weird. – [Jacob] Gyorik, Rog’goul, a.k.a York. – [Julia] It sounds like
we’re playing a fighting game, and we’re going through the characters. – [Nathan] We’re nailing this intro. – [Julia] Yup, and Karina. – [Karina] Rose. – [Julia] Yup, both just
one name, that’s it. – [Karina] Stop asking. (laughing) – [Julia] We’re here on episode five, and it’s been a little
bit since we recorded the last episode, so I guess recap time? – [Crew] Please. – [Jacob] Please, sweet Julia. – [Nathan] What even happened? – [Julia] Well, last episode,
we met Avis and Ogilvie. – [Karina] I like them. – [Julia] You liked the little screecher? – [Karina] Yeah, he’s my little friend. Little comrade. Little rogue friend. – [Julia] Your little
rogue friend, who was, he was running around the
mansion, stealing some stuff, stealing evidence, stealing masks, stealing some information. – [Karina] He reminds
me of when I was small. – [Julia] So Ogilvie
had a few clues for you. First of all, they were wearing the masks from somewhere in the house, they had– – [Jacob] They were borrowed. – They were borrowed?
– Yeah. – [Julia] They were borrowed
from somewhere in the house. – [Karina] They were not real bird people. – [Julia] Not real bird people. They also had Sam Ug’s arrest report, and they overheard the
kitchen staff saying that some of the knives went missing, and I think that’s all the
information they had for you. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, Sam Ug. We haven’t met Sam Ug yet, correct? – [Julia] You have not, no. – [Karina] Yeah, we just saw the paper. – [Nathan] They just seemed like a badass. – [Julia] And you noticed
that, on the arrest report, Sorin was the arresting officer. – [Jacob] Yeah, a little
vengeance there, maybe. – [Nathan] Or maybe it’s a red herring. – [Julia] Oho! Perhaps. Okay. – [Nathan] Is that a little Jancie? – Oh, Jancie’s here again! – Hi.
– Hey, Jancie. – So I’ve marked on your maps that we went to the
conservatory, so that’s off. Which room would you like to go to now? What are you all feeling? – [Grendan] You know,
these big fancy mansions, they got such fancy names for rooms– – Yes like “Dining”. – Yeah. Well “Dining”, not as fancy, but “Parlor”, what even goes on in a parlor? – I don’t know what a parlor is. – I’m glad I’m not alone on that one. – Like a pity parlor?
– There’s a little parley! Oh, or that. I was thinking a little
parley in the parlor. – Oh that makes sense. – Is that like a joke or?
– What’s a parley? – It’s like when the dogs
sniff each other’s butts. – Grendan, I was about to say
you’re my only refuge here in this group, but I take it back. – Yeah, you forgot who
you’re dealing with. – Yeah. – I think that was a pretty accurate description of a parley in dog terms. Like, when dogs do that,
that’s like what… Imagine us people doing that. – Sniffing butts? – Yeah, but like, you do
a little meet and greet. – All right, let’s just go to the parlor and sniff whoever’s butt
we have to sniff in there to get this thing going.
– Don’t sniff anyone’s butts. That’s improper, and probably very rude. – York, you should sniff their butts. – Getting mixed messages. (laughing) – [Julia] So y’all shuffle
over to the parlor. – [York] Oh, look at these
nice things, is that masks? – [Rose] Are those? – [Grendan] Two masks are missing. Antlers? – [Jancie] There are two
masks left, apparently. – We’ve got a fox, and we’ve got a raven. – I want the fox, dibs. – No one take any masks,
it might be evidence! – We’re borrowing. – You’re not, no! – These masks are for borrowing, we’ve already established that. – I can’t believe this child is such a bad influence on you all. – That’s my friend!
– Incredible. – I wish I had his confidence at that age. – So a parlor is a mask room. – A mask and antler room.
– It’s where you go to borrow your masks. – You put on the mask and then you sniff other people’s butt. – Okay, I think I’m getting it now. – [Jancie] I hate this. (laughing) I just hate this so much. – There’s a witness, or a person. – [Julia] There definitely is a person, there definitely is a witness. – Hello. – They’ve got cape hair! – I sniff their butt immediately. (laughing) – What are you doing? – Is this not? Sorry, I was under the
impression this is what I was supposed to do in here. – Nah, no it’s really not. It’s just super not, but you know what? Whatever floats your boat, man. – Do you wanna sniff mine too, or? – You know, I think I’ll pass, but thanks.
– Seems a little rude, frankly but all right, not off on
the best of terms here. (laughing) – Yep, I’m sorry for
the bad intro I guess. – [Rose] As they’re talking, I’m taking the mask off the wall. – [Jancie] Put that back! What are you doing? I can’t believe I have to watch you all. – Really? At this point? – [Rose] It’s been five episodes. – [Jancie] I thought you
would’ve learned something. – So who are you guys? – We are – The – Detectives. – The detectives? – We rehearsed that.
– Yo. We’re the detectives. – The detectives? – Yeah. We’re here to solve the case. – You know about the murder, right? – Mhm. – Did you do it? – I super didn’t. – I like your tattoos. – Thank you, thank you. – I like your many necklaces. – Thank you, I, my friend
did my little sleeve tattoo over here, and another friend
made all this jewelry for me. – Cool friends.
– You ever bought anything? – Jesus. (laughing) Grill her! Yes, York! – I mean, that really
sounds like I haven’t bought anything in my life, but
I assure you I’ve bought at least one thing. – What was it? – I dunno, it was probably
like a guitar or something. – All right, that’s pretty cool. I do like that. What’s your name? – Falco.
– Falco? – Yes, Falco.
– Oh, like Falcon. – Yeah, like Falcon. My name used to be Falcon, and
then I had it legally changed to be something a little cooler. – Cooler than Falcon?
– You lost the “n”. – You messed up big time. – I made it fancy. I made it fancy, I put a little accent on it.
– I think that’s so cool. – If I lost the “n” at the end of my name, I’d be Grenda. – How do you feel about that name? You like it? – You know, I’ve gotta think about it. – It’s kinda cute.
– Yeah, it’s real cute. – Feel it out, Grenda. – Grenda. Yeah, everyone call me Grenda for now, and I’ll, I’m trying it on. It’s like when you try on a
new hat, you see how it fits. – You got it, Grenda. I like you more as Grenda I think. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – That’s great. – Feeling a little warmer
towards you when I use that name. – Okay. – I do like Grenda,
it’s just real pleasant. – Sweet, well, mystery solved
on what my name should be. – We leave the room. (laughing) – [Nathan] We just thumb’s up at Jancie. – [Jancie] Un-believable. – Grenda, did you do the murder? – Uh, no, I didn’t. – Okay. I know Grendan didn’t, but
Grenda’s an unknown to me. – No, that was good detecting work, York. – Yeah, I feel like it’s
good to ask your friends, you know. – When they change their
name, that changed something they did in the past. – You know, new identities,
new truths revealed. – Well I’ve watched some of
those Orcish soap operas, it’s the only channel we
get back in the tribes, you only get one channel,
lotta soap operas, and sort of the double-identity
thing’s a common, that’s usually what it ends up being. – Man, I love Orcish soap operas. – Oh, you watch ’em too? – Yeah. – You watch Tusks of Our Lives? – Yeah, and One Fight to Live? I love it.
– Oh that one’s good. It’s kinda falling off this season though. Season 37’s not quite as
strong as season 36 was, but you know. – Yeah, I mean you know, you
gotta cut them some slack, they changed up the
writers for this season, you know, they gotta
feel it out a little bit. – Could you believe what happened to Gorey Roarey this season? – I can’t, oh my god. What a twist, you know what I mean? – It was a real– – Spoilers! – Oh, sorry sorry, Grenda hasn’t seen it. You’ve gotta catch up, I’m telling you. – It’s hard to keep up
with them all the time. – I’ll give you my login
information for where you can watch this stuff. – Jancie, we got the login info. (laughing) – Can we go yet? – [Julia] Nathan, were you trying to think of a Netflix pun? I was looking to you for a Netflix pun, and I saw your brain working on it. – [Nathan] No, I was just
trying to think of any soap opera name, but you got… – [Julia] Days of Our
Lives, All My Children. – [Nathan] All My Children, that’s one. – [Jacob] Maul My Children. (laughing) That one’s not good for kids. Adults only on that one. – [Rose] As this entire
conversation’s been going on, Rose has managed to get
both masks off the wall, one tucked under each arm. – Hey, can I have that bird mask? – [Rose] Oh yeah, we can match! – Nice. – [Julia] She just pops
it on for a second. She’s like “It’s a little hot in here.” – It’s a little hot in here. – Oh that’s cool, because
it’s the exact same color as your hair. – Yeah. – It looks like the bird is
like coming out of the back of your cape, like the wings. – Yeah, I would like to
say that that was planned, but it certainly was not. – It’d be pretty weird if it was. (laughing) – So y’all need to ask me questions? – I feel like we’ve been
asking you questions, like we’ve been, we’ve
got a real good rapport, we’ve developed a good
rapport, I think that’s part of building trust from the witness. What’s your relationship to the deceased? – I just know them from
some social circles. I know Lotta from the past a little bit from her work, kinda cut
into mine a little bit. – You’re being mad vague right now in a way that makes me suspicious. The past? – The past, well– – Everyone you know is from the past. (laughing) – You know, that’s so true. – That’s really deep, York. – Yeah, that’s really true. You’re not wrong.
– It’s not deep, it’s obvious. (laughing) – Well, Lotta worked in… Lotta worked as a socialite kind of thing, and she did some information. I met her when she was
more of a socialite. I think I met her while I was on tour, I don’t really remember. I guess you guys aren’t
too up on modern music, that’s fine, but I’m the lead singer of the band Birds of Pray. – You’re the lead singer
of Birds of Pray!? – You know it. – What?
– Oh my god! It all makes sense now! That’s the only band we get
up in the Orcish tribes. – Man, that’s really cool. I can recommend some other
bands for you if you want. – There are other bands!? – There are other bands, my dude. I went on tour with a few cool ones. – What were they called? – [Julia] You son of a bitch. (laughing) (somber music) – I love You Son of a Bitch. – That’s my favorite band! – That’s a really good band,
they’re very avant garde. – You Son of a Bitch, best
post-punk revival band in my opinion. – You have to wince their
name out when you say it. – You do, it like goes
through the whole theme of post-punk just like you know, you really gotta
feel the emotion of it, you know? (laughing) Anyway, I’ll make a
whole list for you later. – Cool, it sounds like
you know a lot of ’em. – I mean honestly like, You
Son of a Bitch has such a deep discography, that
you’re gonna wanna spend a lot of time with them before you move onto anything else I think. – Yeah, I mean they only have one album, but it’s really intense, it’s really good. – When I said a deep
discography, I mean like emotionally deep, like
you really need to listen to that one album a lot of
times to makes sense of it. – It’s a really long album. – Yeah. – [Julia] I can’t believe
I made a spreadsheet and a doc specifically for this episode, and it still wasn’t enough information. – Bold of you.
– I still wasn’t prepared! – [Jacob] Julia, this is an improv show! (laughing) – So should we ask about the crime? – Yeah, okay, so you know Lotta
because she was a socialite, you’re an awesome badass musician. – Yeah, she was a fan of my music. – What are our other questions? – What about Sorin? – Oh yeah, what’s your opinion, yeah. – Sorin was chill. He was just, I dunno,
he was a real good guy, I thought maybe he’d be real
uptight considering he’s like a paladin or
whatever, and from his job, he’d probably be, you know,
real stuck up or whatever, but he was pretty good,
he was pretty chill. I didn’t have any problems with him, neither did any of my friends, so. – Well great, okay. So, story checks out. – Did you see or hear anything suspicious on the night of the crime? We’re just trying to
get together some clues, because I think Jancie’s getting mad. – She’s in the corner again,
so, you should probably tell us what you were up to. – [Julia] She’s actually
stolen the masks that Rose has and is trying it on herself. – [Rose] I was using that! – Well I didn’t really notice
anything too suspicious. I know that I was hanging
out with the kitchen staff for a good chunk of the time. – That’s so cool.
– Oh yeah. – Yeah, you know, hanging
out with all these fancy lads and ladies gets a little tiring,
so you wanna take a break and just like talk to
and appreciate the people who are really making the party happen. – I feel like some of
Buzz’s sayings would make great song lyrics. – Oh yeah, you’re totally right. I was actually hanging out with him. I took a photo with him if you wanna see, I posted it. – Yes, more photos of buzz! – [Falco] Well he’s kind of in there. – [Grenda] Oglevie’s
edging him out of the pic. – [Falco] That’s that
little screecher’s name? – [Grenda] What’s coming out of his mouth? Is he chewing something? – [Falco] I think he was eating dessert. It was like dessert time, and
he was just spewing some stuff out of his mouth. I dunno, little guy wanted into the photo. – [Grenda] Who’s this red lady? – [York] Who’s this red lady? I don’t know any red ladies. – [Falco] She was a waitress
who’s working the party. I think her name was Sam. She was just kinda hanging
out between the kitchen and the dining room for most of the time, but we had a pretty good
conversation in the back yard at some point. – [York] I just have to point out that you got so many yups. – [Grenda] Man, being a famous musician– The most yups I’ve ever gotten
on like a pic I’ve taken of a dog is like 10. I never get any heys. – [Rose] One time I got
two heys, and it was like the best thing that’s ever happened to me. – [Falco] I got a lot of
heys and yups, you know. – [Rose] I rode that high for weeks. (laughing) – [Falco] I’ve got a lot of followers on my socials, you know? – [York] How’d you get
your picture on the screen? – [Falco] If you wanna get
into how cameras work later, I’d be happy to explain to you. I don’t know too much about it, but. – [York] I’ve never seen
anything like this before. Is it just like a picture showing? – [Rose] York, do you
know what a camera is? – [York] No. – [Grenda] It’s similar
technology that they use to shoot the soap operas. – [York] Oh the soap operas! – [Grenda] Yeah, you know
how like the people in the soap operas are on a screen? – [York] The little ones
that are in the box. – [Rose] They’re not really in the box. – [York] They’re not…
well then how do I see them? Rose, that doesn’t make any sense. They’ve gotta be in the box. – [Rose] I open my phone
and take a picture of York and hold it up to him. – [York] Who’s that? (laughing) – [Rose] We’ll get back to this. – [Falco] Yeah, we can get back to we can get back to that in a bit. – So you didn’t see anything suspicious or hear anything suspicious? – No, I saw that some people were missing during dessert time. – Was Soren missing during dessert time? – He was at some point. I can’t really tell you
who else was missing. I mean I noticed that Soren left, I think he went to go get
rum or scotch or whiskey or something for another
one of the guests. He said he’d be right back, and then I don’t remember him coming back. I mean it was him and, I
dunno, a few other people, I couldn’t really tell
you, I was too busy looking at all my yups and heys coming in. My phone was just blowing up. – That’s so many. – Yeah, I try not to look
at my phone too much, but you know, sometimes business calls, but not in the nature way. – Sometimes it does
call in the nature way, and that’s like another great
time to look at your phone. – Hey, have you guys
interviewed anyone else? – Yeah, I think you could say what
we did was an interview with those other people, yeah. – I’m sure y’all did great. What did they make you do? – Draw stuff. – You guys draw? – Weirdly a lot of drawing. – It’s a lot of drawing. – Yeah, we have these notebooks. – It’s like they don’t
wanna help solve the mystery without being drawn something in return. It’s as if everyone
here doesn’t super care that a man is dead. – They just want drawings. – Here’s the thing, I super
care that Soren’s dead, because Lotta is so upset,
but here’s the other thing, that sounds like so much
fun, and I did find something in this room, but you
know, I don’t want to break from tradition, so. – God I hope it’s a third mask. (laughing) – Could be, might not be. If y’all want it, I think
I’m gonna have you guys draw me something too. – Okay. – I think what I would like
you guys to do is to draw the album covers of my favorite
and most inspiring albums that I’ve ever listened to in my life. Y’all be cool with that? – Yeah, I’m cool. – You’re gonna have to think
of band names for those. – Don’t worry about it,
I know my favorite bands. I know my favorite albums
and bands and stuff. – Great, that’s awesome. – What a relief. – So which one of you
would like to draw first? – Me. – York does. – I wanna draw first. All right, so you want me
to draw an album cover? Don’t these albums already have covers? – [Falco] Yeah, but I’d
love to see what you have to draw about them. So all right, York,
you said your name was? – [York] Yeah, York. – [Falco] All right, York,
I’d like you to draw one of my favorite albums, In the
Court of the Crimson String, that’s by King Citrus. – [York] King Citrus, In the
Court of the Crimson String. It really sounds like there’s a cooler way that could be called. Like maybe like a Crimson
King might be a little cooler than a string. Why would a string have a court? – [Falco] That’s what the band intended, there’s like some deep
meaning stuff in it, but… – [York] Sure, all right. – [Grenda] They already have
King in their band name, they can’t put that in
the album title too. – [Falco] That’s true, it
would be a little repetitive Okay, so I’m excited to
see what you do here. – [Grenda] I haven’t
listened to King Citrus since I was in high school. – [Falco] Yeah, you know,
weirdly enough, my dad got me into King Citrus,
and then I was like “Oh, this is dad music” and
then like it really took me until my late teens to really
appreciate King Citrus. – [Grenda] I should
give it another listen. – [Falco] Yeah, I mean
it’s so strong, and it does some wild stuff. – [Grenda] It really makes you pucker. – [Falco] Yeah, man. – [York] Is that what you want when you’re listening to music? – I mean…
– Sometimes. – [Falco] It makes you feel something. – [Rose] Maybe it’s not what you want, but it’s what you get. What you deserve. – [York] That’s dark. – [Falco] So I see you’ve
started off with a lemon here. – [York] That’s the only fruit we get up on the Orcish tribes. – [Grenda] Maybe it’s a yuzu. – [Falco] Might be a yuzu. – [York] It’s not a yuzu. – [Rose] I love these shoes. – [York] Yeah, I figure if
you’re like a citrus king, you probably got some nice boots. – [Falco] So this, you’re
going more with like the band name than you are
with the album name, huh? – [York] I’m gonna do both. – [Falco] Oh nice. – [York] Because I figure the Citrus King must have the court, right? And then maybe he’s
got the crimson string. – [Grenda] Oh like it’s his court, but he named it after the string. He’s got a lot of courts. – [York] Yeah, this one is the
Court of the Crimson String. This is sort of an armchair. – [Grenda] If I was a
king, I would love just a big comfy chair to sit in. – [Falco] You know how tiring
those fancy chairs get? – [Grenda] Man, I can just
see in there that classic logo for their band,
it’s just making me think of all their good songs
playing in my head right now. – [Falco] Like which one? – [Grenda] Yeah. – [Nathan] Is King Citrus a reference to an existing band, Julia? – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s a
reference to King Crimson. – [Julia] This is a King Crimson album. – [Nathan] Yeah I don’t know that one. – [Julia] It’s a weird pull for me. – [Nathan] No one say anything. Edit this part out. – [Karina] Yeah, no
one say anything funny. – [Jacob] Everybody shut up! Just shut up! Nathan’s getting a joke ready. – [Grenda] Yeah, I love
that one song they’ve got, Undisciplined. (laughing) – [York] That sounds like a song. That sounds like a song to
me, I’ve only ever heard the one band like I said, but. There’s some songs I’ve heard
that sound like that kinda in the name. – [Rose] It’s definitely a song title. – [Falco] I’m more of a
fan of their song, Sun Kid, I really felt like that
was pretty impactful. – [Grenda] Sun Kid’s pretty good. (laughing) When I first heard it, I
was like “Are they talking “about the sun like in the
sky, or like a person’s son?” – [Falco] Nice, maybe
they left it vague so that you could interpret it. – [Grenda] Yeah, but then
I saw it was spelled sun, like in the sky in the
description, I was like “okay.” – [York] This is a fascinating
discussion, may I just say. – [Grenda] Man, look at the… Wow, they got that red
string is everywhere. – [York] Yeah, it’s all
over the place in this one, I figure that’s most of the
court is this crimson string. – [Falco] Do you think
the king put it up there, or the string’s been
there for like eternity? – [York] The way I drew
it, it kind of looks like they did one of those pranks
on him where they threw a bunch of string all over
his court, and he got there, and he is not happy. – [Grenda] He looks like
he’s trying to get up. – [York] He’s a little flushed
and embarrassed I think about what happened here,
he’s getting a little mad. Who could blame him? It seemed like it was a nice
court before all this string. – [Jancie] Hey York? – [York] Yeah? – [Jancie] I didn’t want to say anything, where did you get colored pencils? Did you get those from the small child? Where did you get those? – [York] I definitely
didn’t take colored pencils from a small child. – [Rose] I did. – [York] Rose did and she gave them to me, and then I used them, I’m sorry. – [Rose] It was more of a
trade, I gave him a knife. – [York] Yeah that’s true,
you did give him a knife. – [Rose] We’re friends,
we’re rogue friends. – [York] It’s good for a child
to have a knife I think– – [Jancie] You gave a knife to a child, and took his colored pencils
and put it to another adult? Is that what’s happening? – [Rose] Maybe. – [Jancie] I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on all of you. – [York] Just gonna color
his crown a little bit. – [Jancie] How many colored
pencils did you get? – [York] I don’t wanna
say, I think you’re gonna yell at me more. – [Karina] Rose is
desperately trying to shove the entire box back into her dress pocket. – [Jancie] You know what? According to Oglevie’s
logic, we borrowed them, and we’ll just give them back. – [York] As far as you know,
I only got three colors, so I’m just gonna leave
it at that I think. – [Rose] Yeah, like the mask. I hold up the mask again. – [Jancie] When did you
even take that back from me? I’m putting that back on the wall. – [Rose] Rogue friend. – I’m done, is this good? – Simple payment. – Do you like this?
– I like that song too. (laughing) And Novella of Weekend. – You know, man, it’s all right. It’s all right that you
don’t know King Citrus. I’ll recommend some albums to you. – No totally, I know about music. – It’s fine if you don’t, my dude. – I know it’s fine if
you don’t, but I do, so. That’s just like something about me, is I’m pretty big into music. – If you know so much about
it, why don’t you come in here and draw– – I will! – [Falco] All right there, Grendan. You ready for an album title?
– Should I do the thing? – You do what you want, dude.
I’ll do the thing York did. Because I know how albums are shaped. – [Rose] I mean so did York. – [Grenda] Because I know about music. – [Falco] You sure do, my dude. – [York] Grenda, I’m super
impressed with your knowledge about music, it seems like you know a lot, based on how much you say it. – [Grenda] If you say it
enough, it means it’s true. What’s my album? (laughing) – [Falco] Another one
of my favorite albums is “Goodbye, Yellow-Slick Toad” by Electric Tom. (laughing) – [Grenda] Oh yeah, I
definitely know this one. Goodbye, Yellow-Slick Toad. – [York] That sounds like a sad one. I remember when I lost my
yellow-slick toad as a boy. I cried for at least 10-15 minutes. That’s the most I’ve ever
cried about anything. – [Grenda] It’s a good thing
we got those colored pencils in the colors that we got. – [Falco] How many of
you have colored pencils? Now I’m just curious.
– Can I borrow– – [York] Absolutely not. – [Grenda] Okay, nevermind. – [Rose] They’re mine! – [York] Those are Rose’s pencils. – [Rose] You can have them. We’re all friends here. – [York] Oh sorry, I
misread the situation. Yeah, you can borrow them. – [Rose] Classic York. – [Jancie] I say executive decision, just share the colored pencils. You’ve stolen it, you might as well. They’re not even yours to begin with. You can’t claim ownership over it. – [York] I mean if you
take something, it’s yours. – [Falco] I’m really into this frog. – [Rose] Aw, he has a little shirt. – [Falco] I just really like everything that’s going on so far. Here comes another friend. – [York] That’s what I looked
like when my toad went away. How’d you know, Grenda? – [Grenda] I think we’ve
all had to deal with our toads going away
in some form or other, and I think that this album
really speaks to that. I mean it’s a formative
experience when your first toad, be it a yellow-slick toad or… – [York] Sort of like a green lumpy one. – [Grenda] Or one of them
giant brown ones, you know? – [York] One of them blue wet toads. (laughing) – [Falco] So what are all y’all’s favorite Electric Tom songs? If you had to pick. I mean I understand, York,
that you maybe didn’t have too much time to listen
to some Electric Tom, but. – [York] I don’t think I
need to reiterate again, I’ve only ever heard of the
one band, it is your band. – [Falco] That’s true, I guess
that was an unfair question. – [York] Have you done
any Electric Tom covers? – [Falco] Uh yeah. – [York] Do I know what a cover is? Is probably my next question for myself. – [Falco] Yeah, I mean
that’s something you maybe want to think about, like
what even are covers, you know what I mean? – [Rose] What song have you covered? – [Falco] I’m Still Swimming
is one of my favorite ones. Candle in the Tornado. – [Rose] My favorite song is Airplane Man. – [Falco] Yeah, oh man, I love that one. Do we know what airplanes are? Who knows? – [Rose] Are there not airplanes here? – [Falco] I don’t know. – [Grenda] We have smartphones, but not (laughing) airplanes. – [York] We exist in a bit of a nebulous technological period. – [Rose] That’s what
makes the song so magical, we’re not quite sure what an airplane is. – [Falco] It’s so cool that
Electric Tom just invented these things called airplanes. – [Rose] Someone should make those. – [York] We’ve got ground planes, but imagine if they were in the air. – [Falco] Hey York, do you
have a wild train problem up by you guys? I heard that’s like– – [York] Yeah, how’d you know? – [Falco] I just, you know… – [York] Sometimes we
call them ground planes! – [Falco] Yeah, I did a
tour once in the wild lands. I just stopped for a moment,
and I went to the local bar and hung out with some
orcs and they had mentioned the local wild train problem. – [York] I remember that,
I had to miss that show because I had to murder my brother. – [Falco] Oh, how’d that go? – [York] Sort of one of
those throne unrightful claim sort of situations.
– How’d it go? Did you win? – [York] Well I’m standing
here, so I think you can imagine that I did not get murdered.
– York, that’s scary. – [York] Which part about it? That I almost lost the throne? – [Rose] That you murdered your brother. – [York] I’m a prince, did I mention that? I’m an orc prince. – Did you mention that?
– Wow, that’s cool. – [York] I dunno if I’ve
mentioned that or not, but I did have to murder my brother about it.
– It wasn’t in the recap, so I don’t remember. – [York] We’re learning a
lot about each other today. I think that’s what’s bringing
us all closer together. Are any of you guys
the prince of anything? – [Grenda] I dunno, I’m
sort of like the heir to the Highforge armory business,
but like I’m not, I’m not really about that life. I think I’ve said something
to that effect before. – [York] Oh yeah, because
you’re really lazy. – [Rose] Which is valid. – [Grenda] I think my
passions just lie elsewhere, like I think I work hard
when it comes to dog walking and mystery solving, and knowing about music that
I definitely know about. – [York] Yeah, I mean you know
some of us have to walk dogs, and others of us have to kill
our brothers in blood feuds. That’s just life. – [Rose] You guys do so much. – [York] What do you do? – [Rose] I’m three credits
short of graduating college. – [York] Oh, what does that mean? – [Rose] Don’t worry about it. (laughs) – [Falco] Never went to
college, but it seems like a tough time. Wow, this is a rude toad. – [Rose] I just needed money,
so that’s why I’m here. – [Falco] I feel that. I worked a lot of odd
jobs before I got scouted, and you know, started this band. – [Rose] This is an odd job. – [York] You know, just pick
up the odd detectiving job here and there when you have to. – [Falco] Some lives hang
in the balance, some truths. I’m loving this. – [Rose] This is a whole scene. – [Falco] I love this wall-eyed frog. – He’s so slick.
– No rug rats. – [Grenda] Goodbye,
goodbye, yellow-slick toad. – [York] My toad was
nowhere near this rude. – [Falco] What was your toad’s name? – [York] Tammy. Tammy the toad.
– That’s a good name. That’s a good name for a toad. – [York] Yeah. – [Falco] I never had a toad. I never really had a pet, really. I had a bird that sometimes visited me. That was it. – [Grenda] Was it a falcon? – [Falco] It wasn’t. (laughing) – [Rose] What kind of bird was it? – [Falco] Just a little sparrow. – [Rose] Awe. – [Falco] He’d just hang out on my window. I think he lived there. – [Rose] I used to have this
stray that I fed sometimes. I miss it. – A stray bird?
– No, a cat. – [Falco] Oh, I thought
you meant a stray bird. I don’t know what that would mean, but… – [Rose] Most birds are, but you’re right, I just forgot to say what animal it was. – [Grenda] We were talking about birds, so I just assumed you were
also talking about a bird. – [Falco] Did you give that cat a name? – [Rose] No, I didn’t
want to get too attached. – [Falco] That’s fair, that’s fair. – [Rose] But I do really miss her. – [Falco] Yeah, man I should get a pet. I’d get a pet in a
heartbeat, but you know, too busy touring, you know
paparazzi would go nuts, they were taking pictures of
me coming into this building. – [Grenda] Rose, can I
make this toad nice and– – [Rose] They spill
out of my dress pocket. – [Grenda] I just need the yellow. – [Rose] Along with a few knives. – [Jancie] That’s actually impressive how big your pockets are. – [Rose] Thanks, I sew them all myself. – [Jancie] Oh, that makes
sense as to why they’re so big. Because usually all I can
fit in my pockets are like, if you fold money into an eighth, then I can fit that into my pocket. – [Rose] I just got really
tired of not being able to carry around some coins in a pocket. – This is done. – Wow.
– I love it. – Goodbye, yellow-slick toad.
– I feel like you got the mood I’m into it. – Thank you. – Well great work
– This is beautiful, Grenda. – Thank you, gosh wow. I love music. I love bands, I love knowing about them, and referencing them– – All right. Rose. – Yeah. – [Falco] All right, Rose,
you ready for your album? – [Rose] Yeah. – [Falco] Another one
of my favorite albums, this one’s kind of a
newer one, but here we go. It’s “A Weaver You Can’t Out-Bet” (laughing) by “Freak Out at the Club”. I love that band. – [Rose] I love Freak Out at the Club. (laughing) – [Karina] I’m sorry, “A Fever You Can’t Out-Sweat?” – [Julia] Yeah, by Panic at the Disco. – [Rose] A Weaver You Can’t Out-Bet. – [Jacob] So you went
for rhymes way before you went with making any sort of sense. – [Julia] You don’t understand
how hard I was laughing at my desk putting down
Panic at the Disco on. – [Grenda] The thing about
weavers is they have more money than you expect, so if
you come up against them at the poker table… – [Falco] And they’re just
really smart at betting, you know what I mean? They got the tactics there. – [Grenda] I don’t like
to stereotype normally, but it really has been every
person who’s profession is a weaver. They’re just like, they come up to you, they come up to the table,
it’s like lemme cash out, I’m not even gonna try. – [York] Yup, this is above my pay grade. Even up in the Orcish tribes, you know you don’t bet against a weaver. – [Grenda] You don’t bet against a weaver, it goes weavers, then leather-workers, and then blacksmiths, we’re like third at betting.
– I bet orc weavers are like the toughest people to out-bet. – [Julia] Karina, I like
your compromise which was have tusks from the
bottom, no wait, give them tusks from the top. – [Grenda] It’s like one
of them vampire orcs. – [York] Yeah, it’s a vampire orc, you gotta watch out for those.
– Looks at York, hmm. – [York] I’m not a vampire,
my tusks come from the bottom. – [Rose] Trying to remember
what things look like. – [York] They’re not the
biggest tusks, I will admit, but they get the job done. – [Grenda] Isn’t the
lead singer of this band also named Grendan? – [Falco] That’s true, yeah. – [Grenda] Grendan Fury. – [Rose] I love Grendan
Fury, I met him once. – [Falco] Yeah? – [Rose] Yeah, but I didn’t recognize him. – [Grenda] People are always
like “Oh, you got the same name “as that band guy” and
I’m like “It’s… yeah.” – [York] And you know
exactly what they mean, because you know so much about bands. – [Falco] I went on
tour with Grendan Fury. Real nice guy, despite the last name. You would think from the
last name, he’d be, you know, a little angrier, but really not. – [York] You know, you
seem pretty cool, Falco, but it does also seem like you’re bragging literally constantly. – Yeah, that’s fair.
– I think that’s cool. – [York] Like you do it in a casual tone. – [Falco] Well you keep asking about me, and I’m trying to be honest,
but there’s no casual way of saying “I’m very successful.” (laughing) – [York] You know what? I kinda respect that, actually. – [Falco] I’m very
successful off of my talent and my hard work, there’s
no easy way of saying that without sounding like a pompous jerk. – [Grenda] You also have just
like a very cool aesthetic. – Thanks.
– Yeah, that helps. – [Falco] I have some
very talented friends. – [Rose] I wish I had talented friends. – [York] I’m talented at some things. – [Falco] Yeah, he can… – [Grenda] I think talent’s overrated. – [York] Explains why you don’t have any. – [Falco] Wow. – [Grenda] It’s the other way around, I don’t have any, so I
think it’s overrated. What are you, my therapist? – [Falco] You know, we
should build up our friends, not tear them down, you know? But sometimes you gotta tear
down to build back up though. – [Grenda] Don’t try to play
poker against your therapist either, they’re very good
at knowing all your tells. – [York] I was about to ask
why there’s so many baskets, and then I remembered. – [Rose] They’re a weaver. Yeah, the baskets are full of money. – [Grenda] They bring the
baskets to the betting table because they know they’re gonna walk away with so much cash. – [Rose] You can’t out-bet
them, because they got so much money, they’ve got baskets full. – [Grenda] They have a
deal with the casino, because everybody has to
get the complementary basket to carry their chips, so
they get a cut of that. – [Jacob] I can’t wait for
us to have to do like a Drawfee apology video
for stereotyping weavers. (laughing) – [Julia] Our first big controversy. – [Jacob] It’s gonna be
one of those videos where it’s like the thumbnail is
just like Nathan sitting there with his head down looking
like he’s about to cry, and the title is like
“I have to apologize…” and then it’s three hours long. – [Julia] And at the end, he
still says “Like and subscribe” – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] “Anyway, I’m really
sorry about what I did. “Like and subscribe, my merch is on…” – [Karina] “We’ll be back
to doing weekly videos.” – [Jacob] “We’ll be back to
playing Minecraft tomorrow, “but today…” – [Nathan] Weavers make
more than just baskets, we know this. – [Jacob] They make fat
stacks at the poker table. – [Karina] They make good-ass bets. – [Jacob] I hope we have
some weavers in the fandom. Really wanna corner the weaver market. – [Karina] Please comment
if you are a weaver. – [Jacob] Yeah, weavers only. – [Julia] Someone’s
gonna comment and be like “My name’s Weaver, does that count?” – [Jacob] It doesn’t. I’m gonna get out ahead of it. Sorry, Weaver. – [Rose] That’s one of my
other favorite bands, Weaver. (laughing) – [Falco] There’s blood in this scene now, and I’m concerned. – [Rose] No, it’s just the background, they’re in a red background. – [Falco] Oh, okay, I get it. – [Grenda] We gotta use the
colored pencils that we… – [York] That we’ve
established that we have. – [Rose] I took these from that child. – [York] Can I just
say, I think it’s crazy that this weaver got
the best hand in poker, which is one of each type. (laughing) – [Grenda] That’s a
really hard hand to get. – [Falco] They’re playing boker. – [York] I’m sorry, it’s boker. – [Rose] That guy’s got a pair of 2’s. – [York] Yeah, a pair of
2’s is no good in boker. That’s two of the same
type, you don’t want that. – [Grenda] Hey look, it’s the four aces. When they’ve got the big
symbol in the middle, that’s an ace. – [Falco] If you get one
of each numberless symbol, you win. – [York] That’s an immediate win. – [Falco] Man, boker’s a rough card game. – [Rose] We should play boker after teaching you what a camera is. Oh, and I guess solving the murder. – [York] I can teach you boker. – [Falco] I wanna get
in on this boker game. – [Rose] Ooh, let’s
have a boker game later. – [York] Boker night at the manor. – [Grenda] Is there a pilliards
room to play boker in? – [Falco] I mean probably,
it’s a big mansion. I’ll ask Lotta later
when she’s mourning less. – [Rose] When she’s less sad
and I can look directly at her. – [Grenda] Yeah, let’s
see what Lotta’s up to. You know what’s great for
grieving is just taking your mind off with a fun game of boker. High stakes boker. You and Lotta don’t
dabble in weaving, do you? You have to tell us
before we start playing. – [Falco] No. – [York] If I see a single
basket in that room, I’m out. – [Falco] Nah, she is good
at boker though, Lotta. Lotta’s really good at boker. – [York] Are you saying
she has a good boker face? – [Falco] She does. – [York] I knew I
shouldn’t trust that woman. – [Falco] She does have a good boker face. – [York] Ever since I first laid eyes on her sad down-turned face, I knew I couldn’t trust that woman. – [Grenda] I love the song
Boker Face by Duchess Gorgon. – [Falco] Duchess Gorgon really
broke down some walls here. I’m really glad that she’s on the… – [Grenda] She’s really strong. – [York] Physically. – [Rose] Here we go. Here’s your album cover. – [Falco] This is great. (laughing) This is great, I’m gonna– – [Rose] Thanks, I definitely
remembered how to play boker. – [Grenda] This pair of 2’s guy. Shocked. – [Falco] He’s like oh my god,
am I playing the wrong game? What are we even playing? What is this? – [Rose] I thought we
were playing Go Fish! I’m sorry, Go Bish. – [York] Go Bish? – [Nathan] Such great world-building
in this episode, guys. – [York] If you lose that
one, you just have to leave. – Go, Bish!
– Go, Bish! (laughing) – [Falco] Oh great, I’m so glad. – [Rose] Do you like it? – [Falco] I mean I love it. I’m gonna send this to
Grendan Fury after this so he can see the cool art that you did. I’m sure they’ll use it on the next Freak Out at the Club album. Maybe when he does like a
ten year anniversary release, he’ll use this one. Anyway, I’ll have him contact you. – [Rose] Awesome. – All right, so I said that I
found something in this room before that looked like
it was out of place, and you all have earned it
with your wonderful drawings. – So are these album covers
gonna be like special edition releases or something? Like are we gonna get to
see residuals from them, or are they just for you to enjoy? – For your amusement. – Yeah, they’re just for
me, but I mean if you want, I can send them over
to the bands managers. Yeah, I can send it there
way, and then you know, I’ll make sure that if
they wind up using it, that you’ll get royalties
and whatever, so. You’ve all earned this
clue that I’ve found. Here you go. – [Grenda] Whoa it’s a box! – [York] It’s a box. – [Falco] I found this little box. It was kinda just in
the middle of the floor, it was kinda like on it’s side.
– Is it little? – Yeah.
– I can’t tell the scale. – [Grenda] Is that a hole in the top, or just a little divot? – [Falco] It’s a little divot. Just a little detailing. – [Grenda] Kinda looked like a tissue box. – [Falco] It’s not a
tissue box I don’t think. I mean, I haven’t been able to open it, because it’s locked, but I dunno. I couldn’t get it to open,
it has this padlock on it, but yeah. – [Rose] Don’t we have a key? – [Grenda] We got a little tiny key from– – [Falco] Do you have a little key? – [Rose] It was very little. – [Grenda] From Buzz. – [Falco] You guys have a little key? – [York] We got a tiny key? – [Falco] Oh that key. – [Rose] I reach into my dress pocket. – [Jancie] Why are you
carrying all the evidence? – Because I got pockets.
– Again, how big are these– You know what, that’s fair. I don’t have pockets, so
you hold on to all these. – I’ve got pockets, but
they’re all kind of sticky. – Not putting anything in there. Don’t wanna ask. – It’s candy bars. You take a candy bar from the house, because you think you’re
gonna get hungry on the walk, but then it melts. – Do you guys wanna try the
tiny key with the box or? Or no?
– Yeah. (laughing) – Nah! – What’s the point? – [Julia] So you guys try
this tiny tiny key that Buzz gave you that he found in the kitchen. Buzz, again, savior. Try it on this little
lock box and it works on the little padlock, and
so you pull off the lock, open it up, and inside– – [York] It’s a bed for a knife! – [Rose] A knife bed! – [Jancie] It is a knife bed. Yes, but there’s no knife currently. – [York] It’s past bedtime for this knife! – [Jancie] We gotta get this
knife back into it’s bed. York is right. Rose, do you wanna put this
in one of your many pockets? – Yeah. – Okay, you hold onto it. – I put it in my left pocket, and I put the masks in the right. – Nope, not the masks. You’re putting those back. – They’re already in there. – I’ll be stealing those
back at some point. – Try. – So we know some knives were
missing from the kitchen. That special knife is out of
bed way past it’s bedtime, and Soren was killed by a knife or fork. – Or rhino. – Or rhino, depending on
which theory you personally subscribe to. – We basically only know that
he was pierced in the front. – Yeah. – So it could be a knife,
it could be a fork, it could be a rhino, a horn. Let’s be real, it’s
probably a knife, you know? What’s the probability
that it’s a horn or a fork? – Falco, you didn’t see any
rhinos tonight, did you? – Nah, I mean, Soren kind of looks like, I mean Soren or Pierce, they’re
kind of built like rhinos, you know, they’re like real big. You know what I mean? – And it’s not like
there’s horns anywhere else in this mansion. – Nope. (laughing) Nowhere else. – So odds are, if we can find
who took the knife out of bed, we’ll find who did the stab? – I mean I guess.
– Am I detecting right? This was a legitimate question. Is that right? Am I doing good? – That’s fair. Good job. – Thank you. – That is a logical thought. – Someone took the knife out
of bed but then locked the bed. – So no one would know,
but Buzz had the key to the knife bed. – But he said he found the key, right? – He did find the key on
the floor in the corner under a thing. – He is so low to the ground. – Yeah, he said it was like– – I guess he was vague, huh? – Yeah. He said it like fell over there, he’s not a man of many words. – So that was in the kitchen, and a bunch of knives went missing? How many knives did it take to kill Soren? – I’m telling you, he was a big dude. Built like a rhino. – I think it was a conspiracy
between all the knives, and this is their king. – You check on that theory. I’m gonna go sit in one of these chairs and check on all my notifications, but you guys have a– – How many yups did you get
during our conversation? – I mean, I don’t even
wanna look at all those. I mean heys are the ones
you have to look out for, because people just write
whatever, you know what I mean? Sometimes it’s real nasty. So I’m gonna hang out, it
was nice talking to you guys. – It was nice meeting you. – And yeah, nice meeting you guys. – Please make more music,
because we’re running real short up there in the Orc tribes.
– You got it. – You should give York an autograph. – Oh yeah, I can do that,
you got your notebook? – Yeah. – Okay, I’ll sign it. – Why would I want your signature? – I mean I dunno, it’s
something that people like. – For what? – I dunno. – Are they trying to forge it? I don’t trust that. – All right, I’m gonna
go hang out over here. Call me later because you
guys are gonna play boker. – It was nice of you to offer. – No problem. – Yeah, I might take you up on boker. – Yeah, let me know about
boker and pilliards. I’d love to get a game in before
I have to go back on tour. – [Julia] All right, so
you guys leave the room, and that is it for this episode. Congratulations, you
guys got a locked box. – [Jacob] We solved a mystery. – [Nathan] We solved a mystery
to whoever woke the knife up. – [Karina] What if we didn’t
realize we could open the box? – [Julia] The show would’ve been very sad. No, Jancie probably would’ve reminded you. She remembers. She’s got it on lock. She remembers what clues you got. – [Jacob] But we’re good detectives, so we remembered. And by “we”, I mean “Karina”. – [Karina] That was sheer luck, really. I only remembered because
Buzz gave it to us. (laughing) – [Nathan] We need Buzz
to give us every clue, and then we’ll remember. – [Karina] Can Buzz enter
the room and hand us the clue every time? – [Jancie] Absolutely not. – [Rose] Can I put Buzz in my pocket? – [Jancie] No, he’s a human man! – [Rose] He’s tiny,
and my pockets are big. – [York] So physically, yeah,
it seems like she could. – [Jancie] Leave him alone. He just wants to cook. – [Julia] Yeah, so that’s
it for this episode. Yeah, we all miss Buzz. Unfortunately, Buzz has come and gone, but we have plenty of
other people to interview. Don’t steal Buzz. We’ve plenty of other people
to interview next time on Drawtectives. Thank you all for coming, and we’re sorry. – [Crew] Sorry.