I use the lemons every day! Do I really? I drink lemon water and I add lemon juice to my tahini sauce, but that’s it
really! Most of the lemons go wasted! Did you know that roughly half of lemons’ vitamin C hides in the peel? Isn’t it foolish to
throw such treasure in the garbage? So, what can you do with those peels? Make lemon powder of course! I’d been doing it for almost six months before I finally googled homemade lemon peel powder and apparently I was not the only nerd out
there! I don’t promote making a huge batch all
at once. I mean, what would you do with the juice from like ten lemons?! You could
freeze it, but… So, how does it work for me? I try the peels of the lemons I actually
use during the day and when I have enough dried peels,
I grind them. That’s it! I will talk briefly about storage and uses of lemon powder at the end of this video. So, make sure to watch it ’til the end and here it comes! Make sure to use organic lemons and wash them thoroughly first. You can either mix, top or blend it in smoothies, salads, dressings, yogurt,
desserts, snacks and of course in any recipes that require lemon peel or zest —
like my own recent vegan lemon cake that was SO delicious! Store in a dry cool
place away from sunlight. I put mine in a glass jar in the fridge. Let me know in the
comments below whether you find those how-to-make-stuff-at-home videos useful!
And if you are already hooked, then check out my other tutorials like homemade
applesauce, cashew butter, how to sprout buckwheat, basic sourdough recipe… Enjoy, subscribe and see you next time! Let’s lemon! Let’s lemon? Lets lemon!