Whether allergen-free, without preservatives,
vegan or halal: the consumer must be able to trust that the product keeps its promise. This quality standard is a top priority for
manufacturers. They must guarantee their products are hygienic, sterile and of consistent quality. “Besides the availability of food in a rapidly growing world population, we must of course focus on safety. It concerns all of us. It’s about trust, health, and well-being. This means the producer must take utmost care to ensure that there are no unwanted substances in the product. This is why producers develop sophisticated possibilities for safe production. Thus, after the plants are cleaned, the drinks must not, under any circumstances, come into contact with detergent residues. For this GEA has developed a valve seat seal for manufacturing plants: due to harder material it can withstand high temperatures of sterilization processes and thus protects the beverages from contamination: “The Tefasep Gold plays a role both on the product and the cleaning side, in that ever higher, more aggressive media are used for better plant cleaning. And the valve enables the use of such media, process-safe and thus also product-safe. In addition to the germ-free production, the 100% tight sealing of bottles, cans and packaging also contributes to the product
safety. The company Filtec has developed a 3d laser sensor for the first time: This tests the pressure in bottles and cans and at the same time detects possible damage. We create a profile of the cap with an accuracy of 2 microns, and can measure whether the bottle or the lid is under pressure, or if there is too little pressure in the
bottle. This has an influence on the oxygen content in the product and this is extremely important for product quality and hygiene. In the future, the mobile cleaning device from Fraunhofer IVV will also guarantee a sterile environment. The self-learning robot can detect pollution in the room via a sensor, for example on conveyor belts. Accordingly, it directs the use of water and detergents and is additionally controllable via an app from outside. This so-called cleaning in place method saves resources and is designed to drive product safety forward. Quality and innovation – this is drinktec