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clicking on the link below this video. Although we’re racking up the awards for
our ice cream, and more specifically our soft serve, through the years, in the last two
years’ time we’ve even been nominated for Best Hamburger. Yes. An ice cream stand. Hamburgers. Best hamburgers in Dutchess County. You heard that right. Actually, in January 2017 our Instagram shot
of the cross-section of our Monster Burger was scouted for use in an upcoming Food TV
Network project, entitled at the time as “The Kitchen Sink.” True story, and we DO have the emails to prove
it! But trust me, our regular burgers steal the
show on the regular, as we can serve 100 or more a day…sometimes 100 or more a shift! Not bad for a wee little mom and pop establishment,
right? You don’t get that popular for something
that originally had nothing to do with your business’ origins by serving up boring old
burgers, though. But what makes Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill
hamburgers just…so…good? STEP 1: Where’s the Beef? Oh, here it is! We start with fresh beef burgers. NOTHING is frozen. They’re hand formed on campus by our staff
and individually weighed to be sure each bundle of beef is a true quarter pounder. And, sure, it can’t hurt that our hamburgers
are often sharing the flat-top with bacon…because people are ordering stuff that includes bacon
all the time, as you might imagine. Which leads us to…. STEP 2: Flipping on the Flat Top Our hamburgers are made on a flat top as opposed
to a raised grill. There may be no charcoal grill marks, BUT
we feel that a flat top seals in the juices and allows for a nice tasty char coating. To us and to our many customers, this kicks
the flavor notes up a bunch of notches. Plus having a well-seasoned flat top like
ours makes all the difference. We’re talking sixteen years in the making
for this particular piece of equipment. That may have everything to do with those
extra flavor notes that true hamburger lovers detect as they dive into their dish. It also may also have everything to do with
why your burgers on YOUR flat top OR someone else’s don’t taste the same way hamburgers
do. STEP 3: Burger Break Another thing that we do when we’re making
our burgers for you on our delicious grill is this: we give the burgers a break! Meaning we’re not flipping them too many
times while we’re cooking them. We’re not poking and prodding them a bunch
of times. When you do that, the burgers crumble OR they’re
just not as juicy. When you make your hamburgers at home, try
not to be so rough with them. Let them rest more and prod them less. You’ll see a difference! STEP 4: Better Buns We do offer gluten free hamburger buns for
those that want or need them, but by default our hamburgers are nestled between a buttered
and toasted potato bun. We’ve found that using such buns makes for
a better overall taste experience. Plain white bread is…well…plain. And sad. And sadness and ice cream stands don’t mix! STEP 5: Toppings for the Win We’ve found that the type of toppings one
uses to crown their burgers makes a HUGE difference. Our toppings are fresh made and can be locally
sourced. For example, our eggs are farm-fresh, often
from local farms that deliver them to us. Don’t think THAT doesn’t make a difference,
folks. It totally does! Look at those gorgeous buns and toppings just
waiting for our yummy hamburgers to meet up with them! We believe in super fresh hamburgers, toppings,
buns…the works! We package everything with care… Because they’re going to make someone’s
tummy do a happy dance. We take pride in serving up Dutchess County’s
best hamburgers and now you know some of the things that go into making them the very best
that you can get for your money. Hamburger Heaven OK, part of any relationship—even when it
involves foodies and their hamburgers—involves keeping things fresh and sometimes even spicy. That’s why we don’t just have regular
hamburgers and cheeseburgers at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill. We offer all sorts of creative burger creations! And even things that are hot temperature-wise,
let alone hot and trendy. We’ve got weekly specials that keep things
as fresh as the beef we use for our burgers. So down in the comments section down below
I’d love to know…what’s YOUR favorite burger? Is it a regular hamburger? A cheeseburger? Or something wild? Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill have to take when creating hamburger bliss for our customers, but do
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