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clicking on the link below this video. This week we had a major challenge and we’re
going to share with you the steps ANY successful stand like ours has to take to in order to
handle a challenge like this properly. The 2018 season started off with a bang in
terms of us being featured on major news networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and more. We also pulled off a SUPER rare three-peat
win (three years in a row) for the Best Ice Cream category for 101.5 WPDH’s “Battle
of the Best.” WPDH is a huge win for us because they’re
one of the biggest radio stations in the Hudson Valley, covering a lot of New York State! But we weren’t open for more than a day
or so when…. We had a Nor’easter. A huge storm that forced us to close for an
entire day. It might not sound like such a big deal to
you, but after being open for such a short time, after all of that fanfare, it was like
a kick in the GUT to us. Our business went from 360 to zero and I promise
you, even for a stand like ours, it’s hard to get everything back to normal, full-steam,
after being open and then closing so quickly. What are the steps we had to take to get ready
for business again after each and every day we had to close…which seemed like every
other day for ultimately the first two weeks? STEP 1: Call in the Cavalry We had to get folks in to shovel, salt and
sand every walkway, while getting the lot plowed and properly cleared, too. Good luck getting help during a huge Northeastern
snowstorm, right? All the plow guys and gals are busy. But, that said…Justin Suranofsky, a longtime
loyal Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill customer, is also our plow guy, and he’s a lifesaver. Here’s a shout-out to him. Thanks, bud! We LOVE our customers. That’s a fact that’s been highlighted
in our Bonus Tip from a previous video, so be sure to check it out. We’re always saying that without them, there’s
no us. Any ice cream stand…any business in general,
really…must always remember this FACT: people vote with their dollars, their support and
their time. You always have to remember to that. Customers first. Always. When you love them, they love you right back. Which leads us to the next step! STEP 2: Get the Word Out Since we love our customers, we’ve GOT to
get the word out to them ASAP. In our Bonus Tip, you’ll see what we had
to do beyond THAT…and it’s NOT as easy as you think. But first: We use social media as our first wave of notifications
to our customer base that we have to close due to inclement weather. We’ll email our list after. In the meantime, we start with live streams,
then we put out static posts with eye-catching graphics published to every single one of
our social media platforms. You can never EVER presume that everyone can
read your mind and know your intentions as a business owner. You’ve got to let them know that you’ll
be closed for the day AND why. Never ever assume people are just going to
figure it out. That’s rude! You can send out an email but you also MUST
work social media to get the word out FAST so everyone knows for sure that you’re closed
and that you definitely intend to reopen at a date and time certain. Confirm it. Don’t keep people guessing as to when you’re
open and when you’re closed when crazy weather strikes. Sure, you might reopen the very next day and
for normal business hours, but still…when you love your customers, you can’t wait
to talk to them and you’re ALWAYS keeping their best interests at heart. So you kick off with a live stream and then
follow with static social media posts on all of your related platforms. We’re pretty much everywhere, so make sure
you follow us anywhere you’re likely to hang out online. Some people will do anything to get to our
multiple-award-winning soft serve, hard ice cream or oftentimes scratch-made hot meals,
but we have to make sure they know not to venture out in a foot or more in snow, only
for their trip to be in vain. Therefore, it’s great to do a live stream
first thing that morning and then do another one during the middle of the day to catch
up with the customers to see how their day is going, whether or not they have power,
how much snow they’re getting…. And whether their kids, who are also home
from school, are driving them crazy yet! STEP 3: Coworker Communication Next, you have to get word out to the crew. Now, they may have seen your social media
posts and live streams, but maybe not. And they may need to be specifically told
that you already have a snow clearing-crew on deck, so they’re not needed for that
either. We love our staff and want to treat them with
respect. They love up on our customers, so we need
to treat THEM like gold, too. So, we get the word out to our staff that
they don’t need to risk their necks coming in, as soon as we’re 100% sure that we’re
closing for the day. You can’t be the dopey boss that lets the
hardworking staff slip through the cracks. Please let me know in the comments down below
how YOUR boss treats YOU whenever there’s inclement weather. I want to know! Keep Communicating OK, everyone knows that we’re closed—like
every other day due to snow—and when we’re reopening each time. But did you know that things work out best
for you when you KEEP the communication going? Yup! And people appreciate when you go the extra
mile for them. So we don’t just do posts, emails and live
streams once or twice and call it quits. We do all of this two to three times a day,
both for the days it snows themselves and we’re actually closed BUT ALSO on the days
when we’re reopening, too. Because people are busy. They forget. They’re multi-tasking. They often times need to be reminded or don’t
know for sure whether or not we’re open. And while over the last two years our hot
food has gotten a fanatical following of their own, leading to a huge increase in takeout
orders no matter the weather, never forget. You MUST remind them about the hot food, if
you’re a place like us. You MUST use social media and email to remind
them that we have takeout, and that they can order it online, call it in or even Message
us through our Facebook Brand Page! They don’t have to wait out in line or out
in the elements when there’s takeout. So the bad weather doesn’t have to mean
no Joe’s, you know? People have spent three generations taking
their loved ones to Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill. You have parents, grandparents and kids coming
AND…up until more recent years…they only thought of us for mostly milkshakes and baby
cones with sprinkles on them. Occasionally you’d get a request for a malted
or a bigger sundae. When it’s cold out, a lot of people don’t
want that sort of cuisine. So snow can really KILL your business if you
don’t communicate with the customers enough to remind them about all the ways your stick-to-your
bones, often scratch-made comfort food can really save the day for them when it’s snowy
and cold out. So communication is key to keep customers
from guessing about when you’re open and closed when it’s touch and go outside with
the weather. And communication is key CLUTCH when your
customers are still getting to know you as you continue to evolve and change your business. We’ve offered takeout and hot food since
2002…and even in late 2017 we were getting people complimenting us “adding” those
services. They didn’t believe us when we put them
wise to the fact that it had been available for 15 years. Guess what helped raise our profile? Proper communication using social media, that’s
what. So while we’ve taken a hit due to inclement
weather quite a bit this season, the upside is we’ve had a lot of opportunities to communicate
with our customers, whom we love to pieces. Hopefully, it’s a win-win for everyone! Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill have to take when dealing with snowstorms galore, but do YOU have a
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