Hello everyone today I am going to show you
how to make a delicious chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream filling. Hey everyone
it is becky here, and me, sort of, today I am going to show you as promised a super simple
chocolate cake recipe it is so good, a lot of you asked for it on the last video so today
I am hoping you can refer back to this when I am doing something a bit more fancy or decorating
but I will not have to show you how to make the chocolate cake again we can just refer
back to this video otherwise every single video you end up doing will be like, right
we made the chocolate cake, so you come back to this video to learn how to make the chocolate
cake, there are some other ones that mrs barry does too like a vanilla sponge not every recipe
I do will involve chocolate cake, shall we show them how you do it, yes lets get going.
The first step you need to do is grease and line the 2 baking tins so I have some greaseproof
paper, tin on top, then draw around the bottom now just for viewers becky what shape is that
a circle, ok sorry, I am sure are viewers get that right so there we go I have drawn
around the bottom and you may have noticed I have folded this greaseproof paper in two
now barry said why have you got it like that for well we have 2 tins so to save me doing
2 circles I folded it in half and cut around this and we have 2 circles see you thought
I was being daft, I taught you that of course you did. Rubbish bin please thanks, that is
all you are good for now I am the assistant. There we go and now I just grease the bottoms
and around the side, before I have done it I greased the bottom and the side and not
put any paper in in the past that has stuck to the tin yeah use paper I am not saying
that will happen to everyone but just on the safe side, I am just putting paper in the
bottom, next step we pre heat our oven about gas mark 4 or 180 or 160 if you have a fan
oven but do remember all the steps and info you need are on the myvirginkitchen website,
what an amazing website the best website ever oh wow, it is better than, I am not saying
that website, I was going to say bbc or something the best website ever yeah bbc site is better
but we will get there one day, today we are going to use a standard glass mixing bowl,
feel like I am on a shopping channel available at the great price of �2.99 no so yeah just
a standard mixing bowl today and just a spatula because I want to make this recipe as basic
as possible for anyone and everyone to do in future videos I may use my hand mixer or
big stand mixer that I have got because I love using the stand mixer it makes things
so easy to do, but I do appreciate not everyone has one of those first step is to cream together
your butter at room temperature and caster sugar, now I just cream these together so
that it is light and fluffy if your butter is not room temperature this step is going
to be really difficult I think that is looking good, my arm is hurting though it is a lot
easier if you have a stand mixer or hand mixer, next up is to crack in your eggs, I am just
going to add one in at a time and beat them into the mixture, egg number 2, next step
sieve in the flour and baking powder this is going to help the cake rise and get rid
of any lumps in the flour and now sieve in the cocoa powder this is again to get rid
of lumps in the cocoa powder I have butter on my nose how did that get there, is that
butter, no flour, did you throw it on me or something, no now we fold in the dry ingredients
keep going until fully merged in, this is why using a spatula is such a good idea you
can scrape around the sides and then you can get any mixture off the bottom of the bowl
too, look at that it is looking really nice and chocolatey now we divide between the two
tins and put in the oven, get all the excess bits off the side, but I think I have two
little helpers hoping some is left, what are you hanging around for, we are going to lick
the spoon, lick the spoon? Yeah! These go in the oven for 20 minutes but do
keep your eye on them you do not want any burnt tops on the cakes, it is time to get
them out of the oven, lets see if they are done, they smell amazing, perfect, they have
been in the oven for 25 minutes, I just got a cocktail stick out of the drawer, and to
check done we just put it through the middle and it has come out nice and clean so it means
they are done. All we do now is turn the cakes out onto a wire rack to cool down, hey presto
and do not forget to pull of the greaseproof paper, wow they are cooling down this is a
great opportunity to make your chocolate icing, I want to eat these right now, do not be tempted
like him, that is a good tactic to be honest so when the cakes cool make the buttercream
otherwise you will just want to eat it it smells so good, stonking.
The three ingredients we need for chocolate buttercream icing are butter icing sugar and
of course cocoa powder the first thing I am going to do is beat the butter to make it
nice and soft, by breaking this down it makes the butter more manouverable and spreadable
when we add our icing sugar in we can spread it over our cake, we sift the icing sugar
in small batches and now I am going to give it a good mix together remember it is good
to add in batches to ensure you get the right consistency we have got other dry ingredients
to add like our cocoa powder, what I am just helping clean the surface down oh that is
a nice change thanks I do all the cleaning in the house, yeah you wash all the dishes
remember to mix all the icing sugar and butter together sorry just waiting for my cake make
sure it is a smooth spreadable consistency, that is actually really important do not just
do it so the icing sugar is in with the butter give it a good 5 minutes stirring it makes
it so good, and give it a taste too, only the chef gets to taste. Now we are going to
sieve in our cocoa powder just like before we fold the cocoa powder in again this is
a lot easier if you have a hand mixer or stand mixer I have just got to make sure this buttercream
is alright, yeah. I have just got to make sure this buttercream is alright, yeah.
Our cakes have cooled down now and am putting them on the cake stand ready to frost, if
you do not have a cake stand you can just use a plate. I am just going to put the buttercream
in the middle of the cake the buttercream is done it is now time to but the other sponge
on top, that looks good, yummy, I am just putting buttercream on the top this is optional
you can leave with nothing on, dust with icing sugar, cocoa powder or ice around the edges
of the cake, what do you think, I do not need to say any words right now but it was mrs
barrys birthday the other day and I bought some lovely chocolates and think we finish
them off with that right yeah I have not eaten them yet, ta da! Oh my gosh, so proud of you
nice one, thanks I am proud of it too, nice one, go on taste it see what you think, oh
my gosh good old chloe oh my gosh mrs barry you have done it again, so good, so that is
it I think mrs barry is going to do a basic vanilla sponge too, not a lot of you know
this mrs barry is self taught and learning to bake but one day you told me I do not know
if you want to tell people but you have a little dream yeah one day I would love to
open my own little bakery that sells cupcakes and cakes or something quirky, beckys bakery,
you never know but if that ever happens we will refer back to that video one day but
hope you give this recipe a go another baking video for mrs barry in the bag give it a go
if you do send us pictures @myvirginkitchen remember to subscribe for regular videos and
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cake that is it see you next time, bye!