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check that out all right guys let’s hop in so the first dessert we are making
are these pumpkin cookies i’m starting off with some almond butter i love
almond butter because it’s full of healthy fats you’ve got lots of vitamin
E from the almonds and you have some nice fiber as well I’m adding in some
pumpkin to that pumpkin is loaded with zinc which is great for your immune
system especially with this change of season right now and like a lot of
people getting sick and everything it’s also loaded with potassium so it helps
to balance the electrolytes in your body as well so you’re gonna add in half a
cup of that into your almond butter and then I’m adding in a splash of vanilla
for some flavor as well as some pumpkin spice which just fill up some nice
warming spices and really complements the pumpkin well so it just mix that
together until everything is combined and smooth I find when you mix like the
more wet ingredients together first it’s easier to get kind of an even
distribution so fold back together and then I’m adding in some almond flour and
almond flour again high in fiber high in protein and all the healthy fats from
the almond flour and the almond butter really helped to shut down those hunger
hormones kill cravings but also keep you satisfied when having this healthy
dessert then I’m adding in a couple handfuls of some dairy free chocolate
chunks you can do chocolate chips or any kind of dairy free chocolate bit you
like you can cut up a dairy free chocolate bar and throw that in but I
found like a little two handfuls or look the perfect amount without being too
chocolaty then I’m taking my silicone baking sheet you guys have some uses so
much it’s one of my favorite things I’ve gotten off Amazon and I’m taking my
cookies rolling them into balls and then pressing them down on my sell cone sheet
and you just smush them together into your balls and then place them on your
sheet super simple guys and then once you bake
them you will have these delicious warm pumpkin cookies they scream fall they’ve
got a little bit of chocolate in them which makes them decadent but they’re
not super sweet so they are so delicious once your pumpkin cookies are done they
will be ready to eat what I love is that they’re made with
like more simple ingredients I try to keep it as simple as basic as I could so
let’s go ahead and taste oh wow there are very moist cookie you got the
healthy fats from the almond butter a little bit of chocolate when pumpkin is
subtle enough where it like just tastes yummy but not like overly pumpkin II
perfect balance of like sweetness and I put not too sweet delicious this is
definitely gonna be a fall staple for me and I think it’s a fun twist on like
your normal chocolate chip cookie should throw a little like fall in there next
up or making these chocolate truffles so I’m starting off with some coconut oil
which is a great medium chain triglyceride great healthy fats to help
the metabolism and help you burn fat I’m adding in some raw cacao and what I love
is because this recipe isn’t being heated we still get all the antioxidants
all the iron and all the mood enhancing properties of cacao because it’s still
raw when we eat it a pinch of Himalayan salt as you guys
know it balances your pH and has lots of minerals in it as well
then I’m adding in some cacao honey this is a superfood cacao honey if you don’t
have cocoa honey you can use just normal honey but I figured since this was a
chocolate recipe I’m using this cacao honey that just tastes really good it’s
really how honey with a little bit of cacao and you stir that together until
everything is nice and smooth and the coconut oil is kind of combined with the
cacao and the honey to get one smooth mixture then you’re gonna add in 3
tablespoons of cold water it needs to be cold so that those chocolate kind of
seizes up and you’re able to use your hands to kind of mold it into balls so
jus all that into balls and then you’re gonna place that onto a plate while you
get your toppings or kind of surroundings ready to roll it in so I’m
starting off by rolling a few of them in some dairy free chocolate chips and just
make sure to kind of press them into the truffle so that it really sticks in
there you couldn’t do any kind of thing you want here you can do both to nuts
you can do coconut you can do slivered almonds you could do crushed peanuts
you could even top it in a little bit more chocolate if you want and kind of
make a chocolate shell on the coating but it’s kind of up to you and whatever
you like to do but I like a mixture of chocolate chips coconut and then
slivered almonds to kind of cover all of the basis but whatever you guys
like to have on the outside of your truffles feel free to do that and then
once your truffles are done they will be ready to eat they’re the perfect little
afternoon or after-dinner snack when you want a little healthy dessert but you
don’t want anything too big the perfect bite-sized treat down all right guys
once your truffles are done and you’ve rolled them in whatever you want they’re
ready to eat let’s have a taste I’m real excited because well they already felt
really silky while I was rolling them so I’ve been excited to take a bite of
these oh my god give me a sec guys these are so silky they are perfectly silky
they’re like buttery in your mouth oh my gosh they like you have to try these
guys are amazing I would store them in either the fridge
or the freezer but definitely one of the two you can roll them whenever you like
and I like that you can just have one afterwards and then like you’re good to
go so you can make a batch and then have them but oh my gosh they’re so silky
they’re so decadent but they’re like good for you you really can’t go wrong
and lastly we’re making these warm apples it’s super easy to make and they
taste delicious and decadent subscribing off with an apple and I like to keep the
peel on when I do this because the peel of an apple actually contains your Solek
acid which increases the amount of calories you burn and also increases the
amount of skeletal muscle that you make so I’m just chopping up half of a Honey
Crisp apple Honey Crisp of my favorite I just finally hit the best flavor and
texture and they’re in season right now so it’s perfect I’m adding in a teaspoon
of this forth and heart vanilla ghee the vanilla is really nice with the apples
because it’s already infused and then I’m putting my apples in the pan along
with that and then I’m going to be adding in some apple pie spice you can
also just use cinnamon they’re fairly the same apple pie spice just has some
McNutt Meg and some allspice I believe so you toss that together until your
apples are soft and then once those are done you can put those into a bowl and
I’m gonna top it with the game changing ingredient and that is coconut butter so
coconut butter is fairly similar to coconut oil but it has more fiber and
has lauric acid which boosts your immunity and then once they’re done you
have the super quick all inspired dessert
you don’t have to wait like half an hour for it to make an apple crisp it’s just
more decadent sauteed apples with this nice rich coconut butter and it’s so
delicious guys highly recommend making this fun so once you’re sauteed apples
are done we have the coconut butter on top I love this because it’s the perfect
super quick kind of fall dessert but you don’t wait for a crisp you don’t wait
for pie it’s healthy we got the healthy fats from the coconut butter sauteed
apples butts in a minute I mean can’t go wrong let’s have a daze mmm oh you know
the coconut butter really makes this because it feels decadent it feels
creamy it literally feels like I poured icing on top of apples but it’s healthy
for you highly recommend checking us out all right guys I hope you enjoyed it
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