Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com and today we’re making a berry crumb cake. It has a buttery, crunchy
topping, a juicy layer of berries and a soft and airy cake. No one has to know it
was super easy and there’s a surprising liquid ingredient that creates a really
light and fluffy cake. Let’s do this! Pre-heat your oven to 350˚F then in a large mixing bowl combine three large room temp eggs with
one cup of sugar and beat together on high speed for about 5 minutes or until
thick and whipped. Now add 1/4 cup of light olive oil and mix just until
combined. In a separate bowl whisk together two cups of flour and two and a
half teaspoons of baking powder. Add half of the flour mixture to the batter and
stir just until combined. Add one whole Tbsp of lemon zest and this gives the
cake an amazing pop of fresh flavor. Add 1 teaspoon of real vanilla extract
then stir to combine. We add 1/3 cup of club soda or seltzer water, the more
carbonated, the better the air bubbles make the cake super fluffy and airy. Add
the club soda while mixing. Finally add the remaining flour and stir just until
combined. Line a 9-inch springform pan with a ring of parchment paper and
generously butter the bottom and sides of the pan. Transfer all of the batter to
your prepared pan, slightly even out the top then on to the berries. We cut the
strawberries in halves and leave the rest of the berries whole. Arrange the
fruit evenly over the top and there’s no need for perfection. Let’s quickly make
our crumb topping in a medium bowl. Combine 3/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 4
Tbsp of unsalted butter and 1/4 tsp of salt.
Rub the butter and flour together between your fingertips to create crumbs.
Sprinkle the crumbs evenly over the top of your cake then bake in a preheated
oven at 350˚F for 45 to 50 minutes. We found our sweet spot at
about 48 minutes and bake until a toothpick comes out clean. All right, this
has been resting in the pan for about 15 minutes and I just can’t wait any longer.
We’re gonna do a taste test. Okay, so we want to loosen it up from the
pan and just use a thin edge spatula to carefully go around the edge. Oh and I
can already tell this is gonna be a really soft cake. Okay, you ready?
Oh look at that… oh man it’s as beautiful as it is
delicious. So let’s cut into this beauty… generous slice of course. Okay,
excited! Take a look at that. This is so good. All right, let’s eat this already.
I just love that this is my job. Eat all the cake. Okay, here we go. Wow! I know I say that a lot but Wow! I
love that buttery crunchy topping. You can taste just a little hint of salt. It
is so good and then that juicy layer of berries and I’m telling you – baked
berries are so good. Baking berries just really amplifies the flavor and it’s
just this flavor explosion in your mouth. I don’t know how else to describe that
but they’re so good and then it has that super fluffy crumb cake underneath. Oh,
I’m so happy. This is easy because I can make this all the time. If you guys enjoyed
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