looking through to unicorn land 🙂 Stan GOT7 Unicorn’s poop! hey guys, it’s wengie and welcome back and it’s my favorite time of the week cause I get to Unicorn hug! Today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make three different types of fluffy slime And oh my gosh guys these videos are literally the most Fun to make because I get to play with slime and even after we finished shooting I literally sat there and played with it for like ages afterwards by myself because it is so fun But hold up you guys aren’t part of the fun yet i encourage you to join Click the subscribe button and you’ll be automatically entered into the current Macbook air giveaway I like to thank you guys because you guys are awesome You’re my fam, and I love you and welcome if you’re new as well You guys are always Welcome to join And the only one other thing you need to do is to be part of my reaticorns fam which means subscribe to my reacticorns channel as well that is linked down below, and that’s literally it so good luck and if we can get this video to like 138 thousand Thumbs up that would be amazing So if you guys like slime, take a few seconds hit that button and without further a do let’s get on with this video Let’s go This bubblegum slime feels so amazing and also smells super nice It’s totally reminded me of actual bubblegum, and it was super fluffy as well in order to make it you’ll need some white PVa glue, Shaving Foam, pink food coloring, bubblegum flavoring and borax the first thing we need to do is actually prepare our activator solution Because we’ll be using this a few times for this video to make it just pour 1 cup of hot water and add in 1 teaspoon of borax and stir it in until it’s dissolved and Then put this to the side as we’ll be using it later first take about 1 cup of PVa Glue Or elmer’s glue. Which is roughly a whole bottle so just pour it all in then add in 1 cup of shaving foam Next is the bubblegum flavoring so add a few drops of this into your mix it well and finally add in some pink food coloring Give all these ingredients a good mix until everything is combined smoothly together You may want to keep adding in pink food coloring until you’re happy with the result I wanted to make mine a super deep pink So I ended up using a fair bit When you’re ready add in small amounts of your activator solution at a time and mix well afterwards You don’t want to add too much in the beginning because it will make you slime too hard so make sure you add it in bit by bit As you mix you’ll see your slime slowly clump together and then start to become super sticky Oh my gosh this smells so nice if this slime was edible. I would have definitely tried to eat it Once the slime starts cleaning its own bowl It’s probably ready to be massaged with your hands Which is the fun bit keep massaging and use your fingers to decide wether it needs more activator or not you want it to be stretchy but not sticky and Firm but without breaking easily. at this point you’re pretty much done The really cool thing about this slime is that not only smells like actual bubblegum It actually feels like bubblegum as well Which is why is called Bubblegum slime it feels so nice and fluffy to play with so feel free to do whatever you like I think the most satisfying thing to do is just well it so it kind of looks like rolls of gum To do this keep pulling it apart like this and folding it back onto itself this creates all these nice little lines in the slime, and then just wrap it around itself in a swirl like a poop and that’s it! Another trick is you can actually blow bubbles into this slime to make it even more convincing Just take a straw and stick it into your slime and seal the edges with your fingers, and then blow your bubble I had no idea you could do this, but this works so well, especially for bubblegum slime This marshmallow slime smell so delicious and looks just as fluffy as real marshmallow fluff the ingridients for this slime are PVa glue Cornstarch baking soda and contact Lens solution I also made some new jar with this delicious real marshmallow fluff and had this awesome empty jar to make this slime look even more convincing add half a cup of elmer’s glue or PVa glue with half a cup of corn starch next add 8 pinches of baking soda and mix all of these together It’ll be pretty hard at first, but slowly you’ll end up looking a bit like cake batter Next add in 1 tablespoon of water to make it easier to Handle Now this part is optional But I added a few drops of vanilla Essence to make it smell really nice and this was the closest flavor I could get through plain Marshmallow mix as well And then slowly add in contact lens solution as your excavator mix as you add your contact lens solution And you’ll slowly see your slime start to form (Somehow I want to eat it…) This slime feels so amazing and smells delicious It’s kind of like halfway between slime and Ooblack and this is so much fun to play with You can make swells with this one as well But you can also do other tricks because this slime is way more easy to handle than regular slime Next you can even place your slime on your marshmallow fluff container and look pretty much like actual marshmallows Just make sure your prank doesn’t go too far and do that. Anyone actually eat this stuff Unicorn: whatever I’m gonna eat it! lastly this unicorn fluffy slime is my favorite Obviously because unicorns are life Unicorn 4lyfeu But it feels even nicer to play with because it’s so fluffy as well In order to make this you need Elmer’s Glue or PVa Glue Shaving foam, foam hand wash, baby powder, body lotion and food coloring. just make half a cup of glue With half a cup of shaving foam and half a cup of foam hand wash if you get nice smelling hand wash like I did. making the slime will be even more fun because everything just ends up smelling super nice! Next add one to two pumps of baby powder and full pumps of body lotion into your mix for the first fluffy slime I use this beautiful purple food coloring for the mixture keep adding in more free coloring as you mix until you’re happy with the final product When you’re ready add in your exctivator and mix until a slime spots to fold Again, wait till the slime looks sticky before using your hands and then add some extra activators to finish off The shaving foam and foam hand wash makes this one super fluffy you can see all the air bubbles in sides the slime which makes it Super light to hold and the rule is each time you make a slime you got to play with it until you’re satisfied Now it’s time to make these second color for the unicorn slime repeat all the original steps But this time I use a mixture of blue and green food coloring to create A light mintey color which I thought was super cool if you’re mixing colors like this I definitely advise using small amounts each time so you don’t overdo it by accident I ended up using about cool portions of blue to one portion of green for this color What do you guys thinks? this color turned out so well And I think it’s perfect for unicorn themed slime as you can see the slime is equally fluffy as the purple one And that’s what we want Lastly we’re going to do this one more time and this time we’re using pink So that’s it. We have these three colors for a fluffy unicorn slime, and we’re ready to put it together So to get the unicorn swell just place the three colors next to each other and join them together into a single role Now just keep stretching and folding it and then swirl it on your table, and you have your unicorn fluffy slime This slime definitely takes a while to make but it’s so worth it in the end Make sure you don’t fold it too many times all the colors are going to mix together And it will actually form like a nice purple color, but to make it super nice going to make the poop straight away UNICORN’S POOP!!!!!! Did you guys learn something new today? I hope you guys did and you should really really try this slime at home, it is so fun And don’t forget to hashtag me on #WENGIECORNS or social media when you do because I love seeing all your creations it makes me so happy and Let’s have a look at what happened on reacticorn this week Whaaaat?! a floating boat??? Yeahh Noouu Ohhh!!! It’s a shadow!! yeah, that’s right! Ouhh! It’s like the bottomm… It’s actually the bottom of the whatever pun lake.. Ohhh!! but the water is like soo super clear That looks like it’s floating Yeahh Holy whatt (can’t hear clearly :() Uwaaaahhh So.. I gotta say goodbye to you guys now 🙁 but you know I’m gonna miss you guys sooo much! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media, musically and stuff to keep up to date with what I’m up to and until next week I’m gonna miss you Bye guyss! *Wengie kiss* love you!!