[intro music playing] Welcome back to
“Everything That Matters in Cooking!” And, while our chicken is in the oven, I am going to show you the simplest –
and probably one of most healthiest- desserts you can make for your friends, your family This is a non-fat whipped cream. I live on it. I lost 41 pounds using this as my dessert This is NOT non-fat, but its only got 20 calories for two tablespoons. And let me tell you something, I can put it that away pretty well. This is how simple this is: you can use strawberries. You can do raspberries. Blueberries happen to be coming out right now
and strawberries are starting to come out So, what I do is I literally — — To me, it’s all about presentation, because “presentation” is important. And you’re gonna say, “What? All she’s doing is taking some –” — I know how to make whipped cream (and
I’ll teach you how to make it too.) But, this is so easy – look at this. Is this incredibly beautiful?