Hi. I’m Marlene Spiegel. Founding team leader
from Wild Tree. I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to show you how to make a baked
apple. The first thing I did was core the apple. Put it in a baking dish. Then I’m going
to sprinkle some Wild Tree’s pumpkin cheesecake blend around and in the center. About a half
teaspoon for each apple. Apples are great this time of year. These are McIntosh. We’re
going to put the oven up to 350 and we’re going to bake them for five to ten minutes.
They bake quickly. So let’s put them in the oven and get them started. And we’ll put the
timer for five minutes. At the end of five minutes we’re going to pull them out and we’re
going to have two baked apples. Delicious, nice and warm. You can put a scoop of ice
cream right on top of them. And serve them that way. What a delicious way to thank the