Hi, I’m Marlene Spiegel, founding team leader
from Wildtree. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to show you how to make a great and
delicious bananas foster. My first ingredient is butter, which I’ve melted in this skillet.
Then I’m going to add the brown sugar and stir it in. Some brandy, pretty effect. And
I have just sort of carameled this, some of that sugar. And then, I’m going to add some
rum. Now, if you’re going to light it, now would be the time, after the bananas, to light
this and get a little flame. However, I’m dangerous with flames. So, instead of lighting
it, I’m just going to let this saut? around. It will take about two to three minutes, and
then we’re going to pour this over ice cream. It’s a wonderful dish, easy to make. It will
give a little caramel effect, see how it’s starting to thicken up a little bit. The alcohol
itself burns off, even though we didn’t light a fire. And then we’ll be able to put this
right over ice cream. I’ve got two bowls with vanilla ice cream here. I think vanilla is
probably the best flavor. I’m going to take the banana, pour it right over with some of
the juice. Look at how that just melts right in. This is an excellent dish. How about a
bananas foster? I love bananas and I love chocolate. No chocolate in this dish, but
you could put that by me in a minute. So here we are. Bon app?tit. Have a bananas foster.