Hi. I’m Marlene Spiegel. Founding team leader
of Wild Tree. I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village. And I’m here to show you how
to make raspberry cream to go over a dish of raspberries. So I’m going to take about
a cup and a half, or so, of some Cool whip. I’m going to add two teaspoons of the raspberry
Wild Tree cheesecake blend. Now you can do this with a mixer, but I just thought of doing
it by hand to show you how really easy this is. You just blend that cheesecake blend in
with this Cool whip. And you’ve got a raspberry taste to die for. Of course I wouldn’t know
that anymore, at the early age I developed an allergy to raspberries. So I won’t be sampling
these. But then add a dab on that one. Another dab on this one. And you can serve this to
your guest using fat free Cool whip and make it a healthy dessert.