How to make a delicious crepe with ice-cream
and chocolate sauce. The crepes I used, Wildtree’s gourmet crepe mix. I just added 11 ounces
of water, mixed it up, and took a little skillet put some butter in the bottom and put one
at a time flipping them in thirty seconds. Wala, here are the crepes, I’ve got those
finished. Now I’m going to add an ice-cream scoop to each of them in the middle. I have
softened the ice-cream just a little, so it’s easier to work with. Now you don’t even have
to put ice-cream when you do these, you can just fold these and put the chocolate sauce,
which sometimes is my preference. You can also use these crepes to make a lovely seafood
blend, or a chicken blend, or a steak blend. Now I’m going to take the sauce, about a tablespoon
of each, and on this one. Now to me this is to die for. Wouldn’t you like to bite into