Hi, I’m Marlene Spiegel founding team leader
of Wildtree and I’m here today to show to show you how to make a great pumpkin bread
along with a pumpkin cheesecake blend. We’re going to start with the cheesecake blend.
First ingredient is eight ounces of cream cheese, which I’ve already put in, and another
eight ounces of Cool Whip. Then I’m going to add a pumpkin pie cheesecake blend, four
teaspoons of this because I really like pumpkin. This actually is very good if your making
sweet potatoes also to add to that. Now I’m going to blend this so it’s going to be a
little noisy. And viola! here’s the cheesecake blend. Now we’re going to take this cheesecake
blend in a few minutes and we’re going to put it right on the pumpkin bread. But first
let me tell you how to make the pumpkin bread. You need a box of the pumpkin bread made by
Wildtree mix, two eggs, three quarters cup water and a stick of butter. You melt the
butter and blend it all together. You pop it in a nine by five loaf pan, greased, put
it in the oven at 350 and bake it for about forty five minutes. And this is what you get,
a beautiful golden pumpkin bread and it is absolutely delicious. Now I’ve cut this one
in half because I want this to be a serving piece for desert for you. So we’re going to
open it up and I’m going to take this pumpkin cheesecake spread and I’m just going to spread
it evenly over this bread. And let me tell you, I’m not a pumpkin bread person even though
I like pumpkin, I love this pumpkin bread. It’s nice and moist and when you add the pumpkin
spread to it, it’s to die for. I just did a show in Baton Rouge at the junior league
holidays and every pumpkin bread and every pumpkin cheesecake blend I had I sold. In
fact I sold them within the first two days so next year it’ll be ten fold what I brought
this year. I’m going to just lay this over top and then we’re going to cut it, slice
it so that we have a sandwich effect.
Now look at this, isn’t that what you would like to have a sample either in the morning
or a little sweet treat dessert at night?