Hi. I’m Marlene Spiegel, sounding team leader
for Wildtree. I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village and I’m here to show you how
to make a delicious pound cake filled with strawberry cheesecake blend. First I’m going
to make the strawberry cheesecake blend. I’ve put in eight ounces of cream cheese. To that
I’m going to add eight ounces of Cool Whip. Then I’m going to take two teaspoons of Wildtree
strawberry cheesecake blend, and then we’re going to start it and whip it right up. Just
trying to get some of that stuff right off there. The pound cake, which I’ve already
made up, is made up with Wildtree’s pound cake mix, eggs, butter, and water. You bake
it in the over for about forty-five minutes on three twenty-five. The cheesecake blend
now, we’re going to spread. I cut the pound cake in half horizontally. We’re going to
spread the cheesecake right over the top of the bottom half to form a nice filling. Now
this cheesecake blend could be put in a cake, put in a pie for a no bake cheesecake pie.
You can also use it as dip and it’s great with strawberries or apples. Then I’m going
to cover this. Then I’m going to grab a knife back here and I’m going to slice it vertically.
You can see, this is how we can serve it.