Hi, I’m Marlee Speigel, founding team leader
from Wildtree. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to show you how to make the finishing
touches on a delicious cr?me brulee. We’re going to do the glazing process. I’ve used
two different types. One is the pumpkin cheesecake blend from Wildtree. I’m just going to sprinkle
a little bit of that on one ?cause I like pumpkin. On the other one, I am using the
very berry cheesecake blend from Wildtree and sprinkling that on the other. Now, these
can also be made, and you’ll see in later segments into cheesecake pies, cheesecake
dips, cheesecake spreads. My husband, John, is going to show you with a torch how to glaze
them. He’s using this because I’m not really good with the torch but he knows it better.
Hi, I’m John Speigel. This is a standard kitchen torch available at any kitchen supply store.
It’s powered by butane. It’s refillable. You get a canister of butane and you can fill
it right through the bottom. It works very much like a large cigarette lighter. There’s
a safety catch, you push that down, you push the trigger, it lights, sometimes. There it goes. Now, if you don’t have one
of these torches you can also put it under your broiler for about five minutes. It really
is quick to melt that sugar in the cheesecake blends. Thank you John and as a little treat,
let’s try some of this. You try the very berry and I’ll try the pumpkin; rich and creamy
if you look at the product;
my favorite dessert.