Hey guys! Today I’ll be showing you how to make some festive drinks for your holiday party. i hope you guys like this video lets get started Okay! Taste test this is the hot chocolate one because I was filming the other tutorial the candy cane has half melted into the glass but it is at perfect drinking temperature now Im going to give it a try Its so Thick and creamy its like drinking…. Peppermint cream it’s just so good Good stuff Unfortunately it’s a bit warm it’s 43 degrees Today in Australia so i think im gonna give the cold one a try Ah thats so good! This one is the bomb diggity, putting the ice in means that the colors separate So you get this, pink to orange gradient It’s just beautiful My Australian friends.. this is the one Um, and if you wanted to make this alcoholic you could add some vodka to it but Its perfect just as it is for, a summer day I need to take some thumbnail photos of this before i drink it all Thanks so much for watching make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it And there is still time to enter my Polaroid camera give away Make sure you check out the first video in the series for the instructions on how To enter you just have to leave a comment in that video Anyways i hope you have a lovely day, and I’ll see you tomorrow