We all love to make dessert, but who has
the time to do those desserts that
everybody craze about? You will
if you use my secret weapon! I’m Bryan
Terrell and welcome to my kitchen. Let
me show you how to prepare
European-inspired Mousse supreme with the help of
Dr. Oetker. Today we’re gonna make these
lovely little raspberry tarts that are
right here
they look like they’re difficult but with the help of Dr. Oetker
they’re gonna be so easy to make and
impress your friends and family, all it
takes, one cup of milk, strawberry mousse,
put that right in there then we have our
blender here we’re gonna start off and
we’re gonna do this on a low speed. Dr. Oetker
actually started back in the 1800s in
Germany he knows his product. After about
three or four minutes we want to whip
this up into really nice peaks– there you
can see that right there– then we’re
gonna take this and we’re gonna put it
in the refrigerator for about three to
four hours–It gets nice and stiff with that. From that we make our tarts and
then we’re gonna take some lovely
little raspberry we’ll put it right
there in the middle of that like that,
we’ve taken that mousse and we’ve put it in
one of our piping bags– you can pick
these up at any of your favorite markets
down the way– we’re gonna put some fresh
strawberries on there. we’re gonna put some
blackberries on there, some raspberries but you
can also use a Dr. Oetker for other
things we’ve done such as chocolate mousse
over here with a chocolate tart around
there got some lovely Oreo cookies in
there some raspberries. Also over here
we’ve done banana and we topped that off
with some lovely caramelized bananas on
that. To
find out about this mousse recipe and
many other decadent desserts go to
Oetker dot us or go to our website
thebalancingact.com don’t forget to
share your favorite recipe with us.