Hi guys, I’m Katie from Witon We all know how crazy busy the summer months can get so I’m here to show you how to make three super simple pop Recipes perfect to sweeten up any of your summer celebrations! I love making these recipes for my friends because they require just a few ingredients And not a lot of time and best of all I don’t have to heat up the oven to make them! Today, we’re going to be making watermelon pops, yogurt fruit pops, and Cheesecake pops. If you’re interested in seeing more fun summertime recipes like these be sure to subscribe to Wilton’s YouTube channel So you don’t miss out on any of our future videos Some of these pops are making today require a little extra time to chill in the freezer So I’m going to go ahead and get started right away on these watermelon pops. First we’re going to add my watermelon This is about two cups cut into 1-inch cubes, then I’m going to add my three tablespoons of lime juice And then this is two tablespoons of honey and then a pinch of Cayenne pepper this is going to add a really nice spice to this and A pinch of salt. Then we’re just going to blend this up until it’s nice and smooth Once our mixture is all blended We’re going to go ahead and pour it into our mini muffin tin about a quarter of an inch from the top Then we’re going to take our cream and pour it over the top to fill them the rest of the way So once these are full to the top we’re going to take this whole tray and pop it into the freezer for about an hour until they’re just starting to set then we’re Going to take it back out and insert our lollipop sticks into each cavity. Then back into the freezer for another four hours or up to overnight depending on how much time you have Next up is this quick and easy yogurt fruit pop recipe. This is great because it’s super customizable You can use any kind of yogurt You want a whole variety of fruit you can really just play around with it and make it your own I’m going to be using vanilla Yogurt 1 cup Then I’m going to add a quarter cup of sliced strawberries and a quarter cup of blueberries And then one kiwi peeled and coarsely chopped and last is one tablespoon of honey and then we’re just going to fold all of our ingredients together, so Next we’re just going to go ahead and scoop our mixture into this silicone Brownie mold. Once this is full We’re just going to pop this whole tray in the freezer for about 20 minutes until it’s just starting to set and then we’ll take It back out insert our lollipop sticks And then pop it back in the freezer for two to three hours until they’re just firm and then they’re ready to eat Next up is one of my personal favorites cheesecake pops for this recipe you’re going to take 12 ounces of white Candy Melts and Melt them until they’re completely smooth you can do this in the microwave or you can use our candy melting pot Then once this is all melted. We’ll take it off the heat and let it come to room temperature, so while this is cooling We’re going to go ahead and take our 8 ounces of cream cheese and beat it on a medium-high speed until it’s light and fluffy So it’s been about 5 minutes, and I think my cream cheese is looking good So I’m going to go ahead and add my candy melts which have cooled a little bit and mix it all together So once that’s all mixed together. We’re going to go ahead and pour the mixture into a 9 inch baking pan All right, so once the mixture is in the pan We’re going to go ahead and pop this in the fridge for one to two hours or up to overnight depending how much time you Have so now that our mixture has had a chance to set up I’m going to go ahead and scoop it out and roll it into about one inch balls Once you have your cheesecake ball. You can go ahead and roll it around in your graham crackers and Then just insert your lollipop stick And they’re ready to go And that’s it three amazingly easy recipes perfect for any warm summer day If you like this video be sure to give us a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what your favorite no-bake dessert is I’m Katie and thanks for watching!