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so the first dessert we are making are these Nutter Butter cookie sandwiches
I’m using some almond butter to keep it paleo if you are not free you can use
sunflower seed butter or if you’re not paleo and you just want to make a
healthier version you can use the traditional peanut butter to that I’m
adding in some maple syrup as well as a little bit of vanilla and this is what’s
going to make our wet ingredients for our dry I am using almond flour as well
as a little bit of coconut flour and some baking soda and this is what’s
going to make the Nutter Butter cookies themselves but what’s great is that it’s
made with whole ingredients there’s nothing fake or artificial in it either
and it really comes together quite easily then I’m going to roll the dough
into little balls so that we can make the Nutter Butter shape so the secret is
to use a fork and just press down the cookie both directions so you get that
marks that the traditional Nutter butters have and then I’m also gonna do
one on top so that we can really get that shape that the traditional ones
have and then all you have to do is bake them off for about 10 minutes at 350 and
allow them to cool once they’re nice and fully cooled I’m gonna spread on some
almond butter but again you can do is seed butter here to just make sure you
allow them to fully cool because otherwise the warmth of the cookie will
really melt everything and it’s kind of just gonna run all over the place you
want them nice and cool and then put another cookie on top and you have these
wonderful delicious Nutter Butter cookie sandwiches that are so yummy butter made
with better-for-you ingredients nice whole foods but honestly they taste so
good you’re not even gonna miss the original
next we’re making caramel apples so for this I’m using a simple date caramel
that you guys have seen me make for my Mars bars and my Snickers a little bit
of vanilla and some almond butter and then just blending that until it’s nice
and smooth and then just have to take your Apple so I’m using Honey Crisp and
I put a popsicle stick in it to kind of make it like the traditional Apple but
also to help kind of hold it while I spread on the caramel and the great
thing about this caramel is that dates already have a very naturally sweet but
also caramel flavor to them so it’s really simple to get that feel while
using something like a whole food as opposed to a refined sugar which is
great so just spread that into a nice even layer so that whatever you’re gonna
put onto it is able to stick to the Apple so I’m doing some dairy free
chocolate chips this is really delicious but you can also do a chopped nut you
can do slivered almonds walnuts you can even dunk this in chocolate if you want
to kind of a have a harder talk ilat layer on the outside of the caramel too
you can also do something like a coconut so flaked coconut is another great
option and what I like about these apples is that it’s also a really fun
activity so if you have a family if you’ve got kids this is great for them
to do because they can top it with however they like and it’s still a way
to do something fun and festive like caramel apples but still keep it
something that’s going to be good for them so for this one I’m doing flaked
coconut you can also do threaded coconut or whatever your toppings of choice are
just something to kind of coat the outside and then all you have to do is
allow them to kind of gel up and harden a bit with the caramel and they are good
to go and you can enjoy them all season long they’re definitely a very festive
delicious treat but you need to make and then we are making pumpkin brownies so
for the base I’m starting off with some dairy free chocolate chips as well as
some coconut oil and then I’m gonna set that to melt while I make the dry
ingredients so you can melt it either in the microwave or a double broiler then
I’m adding in some almond flour coconut sugar cacao baking soda as well as a
little bit of arrowroot which really helps to give it a nice chewy texture to
the brownies I find when you’re doing paleo baking a mixture of flours is
always best because it kind of really helps with the tech
once the chocolates melted I’m adding in some vanilla as well as two eggs you can
use flax eggs here or a Chia egg but I would really suggest to allow them a
good 10-15 minutes to really kind of gel up and get to that egg consistency so
that they can really bind and hold the brownies because that’s the point of the
eggs is that they really add a binding holding ingredient to the brownies so
then add your liquid ingredients to your dry and just gently fold everything
until it’s nice and combined and these brownies are definitely amazing
on their own they’re deliciously fudgy and moist but to make them a little bit
more festive I am going to add in a little bit of a pumpkin swirl but you if
you don’t like pumpkin you can definitely bake the brownies as is
they’re delicious but if you want to know the pumpkin swirl we’re gonna make
that now so I’m using some pureed pumpkin that I just buy at my local
grocery store into that I’m adding in some dairy free yogurt I do make sure to
get a natural one I’m one without added sugar because that way you were able to
control the sugar content a little bit of arrowroot just to really help it kind
of get that nice chewy texture in the brownie and then I’m just going to stir
this all together for a little bit of sweetness you could add a little bit of
maple syrup but I find it’s great on its own but if you find you want it a little
bit sweeter just add in about a teaspoon or two of maple syrup so then I just
took an 8×8 pan and I lined up with some parchment paper
I find this makes it very easy with baked goods because you can just lift
the brownies out after and cut them up but if you don’t have parchment paper
definitely make sure you grease your pan either one just so that you know your
brownies don’t stick to your pan because there’s nothing worse than forgetting to
spray your pan and then everything is stuck so just go ahead and spread that
out onto the bottom of your pan and then take your pumpkin and scoop it out into
giant spoonfuls because we’re gonna be swirling it so whenever you’re swirling
something you basically scoop it out into giant spoonfuls and then we’re
gonna use a knife to basically cut and swirl the pumpkin into the chocolate
brownie batter so I’m using a knife here and as you can see you just kind of
swirl back and forth there’s no really like right or wrong way to do this you
kind of just swirl this around until it’s nice and combined and then we’re
gonna bake that off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes and then
all you have to do is slice up your delicious fudgy pumpkin
brownies these came out so delicious I cut mine into nine so that I get like a
nice big square but you can definitely make them smaller too or make like two
byte brownie sized ones if you’d like and I would definitely keep these in the
freezer if you’re not gonna consume them all on the day of just because baked
goods dry out in the fridge so if you’re not gonna eat them all while they’re
fresh definitely freeze them that will keep
them nice and moist and fresh for as long as possible but they’re honestly
such a good easy treat that’s festive delicious and wonderfully chocolatey all
right guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to give it a
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in my next video bye guys