Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. I have a super fast super easy way to Enjoy a delicious summer dessert using some of that peach topping and some of the bulk Streusel mix that we made a couple months ago. Today. We’re going to make this delicious peach crisp in no time at all And I can’t wait to show you how it all comes together Today we’re going to take the remaining peach topping that I had in the fridge. It’s still cold So it looks a little bit milky, but we’re going to turn this into a delicious peach crisp And we’re going to do that by using some of this beautiful bulk Streusel topping that we made a few months back I have had it in my freezer and when you have this stuff in your freezer and at the ready you can put this on Muffins you can put it on pies. You can use it to make a coffee cake in this case We’re going to top our peach topping and use it as a filling and we’re gonna make a wonderful peach crisp the way that you do that is just spoon this on the top of our ramekins these Aren’t easily tossed in the oven you can also put this like in a big baking dish and just Top it all off and then you can bake it off. You have a couple of options here you can bake this in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes until it’s brown and bubbly and Everything is yummy looking and then you can cool it off and serve it with vanilla ice cream Or you can pop this in the microwave You can put this on like 50% power for about five minutes until everything starts to bubble and That topping is going to crisp up just nicely because there’s just enough flour in there and the butter that’s blended in is going to Cook it and it’s gonna cook in there and it’s gonna get crispy and delicious We’re gonna pop these in the oven and we’re gonna bake them off and I’ll be back and I’ll show you what it looks like Well, our peach crisps are out of the oven like I said you can make them in the regular oven for about 20-25 minutes until they’re brown and bubbly or you can make these in the microwave for about five minutes you’re gonna want to watch it because all microwaves are different and When they start to bubble and squeak, you’re gonna want to just monitor it when they’re hot in the middle They’re done And if you take them out Then you’re gonna be able to just wait a few minutes that topping is going to crisp up after it gets exposed to the air And it’s gonna be delicious So you choose whether you use a microwave or not, it doesn’t matter but these are fantastic They look amazing. These ramekins are each two servings. So keep that in mind One person is not consuming One of these is just too big but I’m gonna have Rick give this a taste you can see the topping is beautiful the filling is just lush and Wonderful and I’m gonna have him take a taste of it What do you think that is? Heavenly? All you need is some whipped cream or some vanilla ice cream and you are good to go We did so delicious. Yeah Now, I know this may seem like a really short video and a really simple one, but sometimes those are the best if you have The right things on hand at any given moment. You can make something amazing If your friends drop by if you have this peach filling on hand, and that’s true. So on hand you just throw them together in a casserole dish pop them in the oven and While the you all have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and talk and visit You’ll be able to pull this out of the oven and serve it with vanilla ice cream and who is gonna turn that down? I asked you peach crisp with vanilla ice cream and Good friends. There’s really little that is better than that So I hope that you can take this idea. I hope that you can use this idea I’ll leave a link to the bulk streusel mix down below as well as in an I card here on the screen you’ll be able to find it at the end of the video as well and Then you’ll be able to use all of these things together I’ll also leave links to – the peach topping and we’ll also have a link to a playlist Where we have used this peach topping and filling etc. In other recipes as we went So I hope that you give this a try. I hope you love it and until next time I’ll see ya