– Oh, we’re doing this now? Okay. (laughs) Hi, I’m Tiffany McCall. And welcome to Sugar Rex. Today we’re going to be making
hand decorated sugar cookies. We’re going to be starting with
a basic sugar cookie dough. I’ve always loved baking, but I didn’t get into cookie
decorating until 2011. I actually worked for
a publishing company. And someone gave me a book
of hand decorated cookies, and was like, “I think you’ll like this.” I opened it up, they were so cute! My boss was having a baby
shower and I was like, I’m gonna try to make them. And I’ve been making them ever since. The first thing I’m gonna
do, is I’m gonna flood these. I’m gonna outline them first, and then I’m gonna go back and flood them. (upbeat music) The only difference with these is I’m gonna outline them side-by-side, flood them side-by-side, and then I’m gonna sprinkle
them while they’re still wet. So that it sticks. A good yeast donut, like
the best of the best. I’m not a big cake donut person. I’m not going to do that, cake
donuts are also delicious. But (laughs).