Hi, It’s Jill. Today I am going to show you how to make a rose on a CHOPSTICK! It’s so simple, you are going to be amazed. Before we get started, let me show you the supplies we need to make the rose cake. You can access my websites by going to SweetArtFactory.com for supplies and recipes. You will need the decorator frosting I use. You will find the recipe below or go to our website. Find WonderCream frosting, it is just three ingredients. It makes this great decorator frosting to frost cakes and make roses. The three colors I am using today are leaf green, soft pink, and bright white. The bright white helps give your frosting a super white color that is perfect when adding new colors. You will need two decorating tips, one is the 104 Rose Tip. The other one is the 352 tip, which makes rose leaves. You will need decorator bags. i use the disposable bags as they can be kept in the refrigerator to use again. I put the leaf green into my bag with a 352 tip to make my rose leaves. I did the same thing for our roses. Here I have the soft pink with a 104 tip ready to make my roses. Use a rubber band to secure the frosting into the bags. I don’t fill my frosting to the top, so you aren’t working to push all that frosting out a small tip. Also, you need a chopstick. The traditional way to make roses is to make them on a rose nail, but I found an easier way. On a rose tip, there is a wider end and and a narrow end. You want the fatter wider end to be pointed down and the thin end on top. The thin end is what makes the top of the rose petal. You have to get used to rolling the chopstick in your fingers. First, twirl the chopstick as you pipe a circle around the top of the stick to make the rose bud center. Now, you are going to make your first petal by making a rainbow or upsidedown U. Then do this again. Practice makes perfect. And then a third one. This makes your first row. Now, you can make your rose as big as you want. Here I make 5 small petals to make the next row. Then I am going to make it a little bigger by adding seven small petals. Put a small dobble of frosting where you are going to plant your rose. Using a small scissors, slide the scissors up the stick and lift off the rose. Lay on top of the cake. There you have a beautiful rose. You can make lots of roses, but for time sake, I am going to continue decorating the cake. To make a small rose bud, just squeeze a little frosting as you move forward and then back. Just go up and down to make small rose buds To make a thicker rose bud, just go over the top of the lower part of the rose bud and then back to the middle. Using the leaf tip, look for the pointed part of the tip. This is the pointed part you stick below the rose. Pipe and then pull out to make a leaf. You can shake your hand a little to give it more definition to the leaf. With the left over frosting you can decorate around the cake. Here am making swirls. Make long wide U’s to make a beautiful border. Now to finish the cake I am making rose buds. Now you have some room to write a message, like Happy Birthday See how simple it is to make a rose using a chopstick!