Welcome back, hey
Olga, did you ever make those gelatin treats
for your girls when they were little? Oh I
did and they loved all the flavors, strawberry and
orange especially. Well guess
what guys? Chef Ralph is here
with some fun new ways to use those classic favors that just
might have your kids giggling. (music). Riddle me this, what wiggles and
jiggles and gives kids the giggles? You guessed
it, gel dessert. And what better
way to celebrate back to school than with these colorful and
tasty treats from Bakol Jel Desserts. Not only are they so
easy to make- Moms, you’re gonna love me for this, they’re an all
natural snack and a healthier option for your kids. Let me
show you what I’ve made. I’ve
got fantastic strawberry jel mold. I’ve blackberries,
cherries, dragon fruit, mint on top, it’s so easy to make. You
keep your fruit at room temperature, you keep your mold
in warm water, you put the two together, and boom it’s that
easy. How about gummies? You
like yours in the form of a bear? We’ve got it right over
here. Fruit rollups? All made
with Bakol Jel Dessert. You
substitute the water for apple juice, you heat it up, you mix
’em all together, they turn out fantastic and they’re great. But
what am I going to make for you today? My all time leading
favorite, the watermelon jel dessert. Now right here I’ve got
in front of me what would look to be an ordinary plain
watermelon, but that ordinary plain watermelon is about to get
jazzed up. We’re gonna cut
around a little circle so we can start to free the watermelon,
maybe make a couple of squares over here, maybe mom you can mix
it for your margarita, when nobodies looking. Scoop out the
watermelon, it’s just that easy. You can reserve this, throw a
little fresh mint, and everyone’s gonna love it. Now,
here’s where the magic’s gonna happen. Right here, hot water
makes it so easy and then I’ve got my favorite raspberry jel. I’m gonna mix it together,
dissolve the jel in the hot water- ah this is so good. Watch
how easy this is. I’ve got my
hallowed out watermelon shell, I’m gonna pour in my jel mix,
fill it up to the top. When
making the jel recipes, make sure not to over mix it, once it
starts to set it’s done. Then, a
little bit of plastic wrap goes on top, now make sure, a little
chef tip, when you have your watermelon, you take a little
off the bottom, so it doesn’t wiggle too much. If you don’t
take it off the bottom, you can add like a cup from the
mayonnaise, some Saran wrap, or plastic, or paper towel to keep
it together. Look at this. Oh my
my. I took the liberty of making
one earlier for us. I’m gonna
reveal the plastic right now. Oh
look at that. It’s cool, it’s
fun, it’s so good. Now watch how
easy it is. I got my knife, I’m
gonna take my watermelon, just like this. Made with 100%
natural ingredients, there’s no artificial flavors or colors,
they’re non-GMO, no preservatives, there’s 6 great
flavors to choose from. Ha! It’s
that easy! All you do is cut it
up, mix it up for your friends. You want to know more about this
recipe and Bakol Natural products? Check out
BakolNatural.com, or our website, theBalancingAct.com. And don’t’ forget to share your
favorite Bakol Jel Dessert with us. This has been a QuickByte,
but chew slowly. (music).