So many times I told you that food is not
allowed here. Oh yes, and detention both of you! Sara and Katie are back, with a mission to
sneak lots and lots of candy into class! Enjoy watching their funny adventure but when
you return to classes, leave your candies behind and opt for something healthy instead! Who doesn’t love those chewy fruit-flavored
taffy candy? They’re so yum and we can sneak them in class
right on our notebook cover. However we need to choose the right color
scheme! These bright colored candies are very obvious
on the rather pastely colored notebook. Let’s switch them up for some pastel starburst
taffies instead. Stick the yummy sweets on the notebook using
a bit of double sided tape and boom the candy suddenly looks like it’s a part of the notebook
pattern! Pink and yellow wrappers are the same shade
as the rainbows on the notebook, which creates a perfect camouflage! No one will notice that you’re actually smuggling
taffies on your notebook cover! Especially from far away. And when you feel a bit hungry, just take
your candy off the cover and pop one into your mouth! Mmm… sometimes a delicious fruity boost
of energy is all we need in the middle of a long teacher’s lesson! If you feel like having a chocolate instead
of candy – no problem! Take a large tin coloring pencil case like
this one. Remove all the coloring pencils and replace
them with chocolate! But let’s make this creation a bit more sneaky. Place coloring pencils on a flat surface close
together and take a picture. Print the picture and cut it out with scissors
so you end up with something like this. Place the printed coloring pencils on top
of your chocolates and voila – we’re ready to sneak them in class! You can of course put any kind of chocolates
in this tin pencil case. We could literally fit a whole big chocolate
bar in here. If you are a fan of kinder chocolates, go
for those! I love these small ones that come in variety
of different flavors, from strawberry to white chocolate, cookie and so on. Just make sure to not eat it all at once! A small treat here and there is perfectly
fine, but it should never replace your healthy and nutritious meals. Teacher may have taken away our cotton candy
earlier, but she’s definitely not messing with us this time around! Print a slightly curved picture of water or
similar drink related theme. Wrap it around the cotton candy container
and secure in place with a piece of tape. A water bottle also needs a straw! Take one and cut away a small piece like this. Using a glue gun stick the short straw on
the lid of your cotton candy water bottle and there we have it! A huge sneak in class approved jug of cotton
candy! It really doesn’t go any sweeter than this,
right?! To everyone around this looks like a usual
water bottle, but only me and you know that it is actually filled up to the top with delicious
cotton candy. Mine is apple flavored as you can tell by
the green color and it is so yummy! I am obsessed! Why can’t salad taste like this, right! There’s so much sweet goodness in here so
make sure to share it with all your classmates! Sara, what are you eating there? This? This is my water bottle, because one’s got
to keep hydrated. It’s super important. You’re absolutely right! Cheers! This is not a normal post it notes cube! No no, it is full of thin minty chocolates,
yummy! Take a notes cube and lift a few of the top
pages. Using an exacto knife make a cut through a
few of the pages like this and remove the cut out pieces. Fill the newly created empty space with a
thin minty chocolate. Do this along the entire notes cube as you
can see here! How cool right?! A post it notes cube filled with delicious
chocolate-y treats. Candy school supplies are definitely my kind
of school supplies! This one was so easy to make and the minty
chocolates are just too good to be truth! When you’re feeling a bit hungry just grab
one of those and you’re good to go. You can even switch these chocolates with
crackers or other similarly shaped snacks! Yum yum! The good old love hearts! An iconic candy that is a favorite of so many
people! Here’s a super easy way to sneak it in class. Take an empty non toxic glue stick and wash
the container super duper well! Make sure it is completely clean before proceeding
to the next step, which is filling the glue tube with a bunch of love hearts! When it’s completely full, pop the lid back
on and we’re ready to go to school! This packaging is so much more convenient
than the original love hearts wrapping, right?! And since love hearts are white just like
glue, there’s no way anyone could suspect that you’re actually carrying candy in your
glue stick container. This paper clip package looks like a perfect
container to sneak some yumminess into class! Take out all the paper clips and fill the
pot with candy of your choice. I’m going for Reese’s peanut butter cups! The lid has a little transparent opening. Cover it with a bunch of clips and place a
cardboard circle on top. This will hold the paper clips up, so that
they don’t fall into our peanut butter cup. On the outside this creation looks like a
regular pack of paper clips. However we know that there’s something way
more delicious hiding inside. Which Reese’s cup do you prefer? The regular or white chocolate one? I love white chocolate on general, but lately
I’ve been avoiding it because it tends to be way more sweet so I’d have to go for regular! Bread sticks dipped in Nutella! Honestly, I don’t know if there’s anything
better than that. Yup, we got to find a way to sneak it in class! Grab some acrylic paint in any color of your
choice – I went for blue, what a shocker, right? Take a packet of Pic-Nic and cover it all
around with the acrylic paint. You may need one or two coats, depending on
how opaque your paint is. Wait for the paint to dry completely and now
we can transform the delicious Pic-Nic snack into a pencil holder. Open it up and place a few pens or pencils
in the compartment where you have bread sticks. From teacher’s perspective this awesome creation
will look like a normal pencil pot. However you’ll be able to snack on yummy chocolate
covered bread sticks during lessons. So delicious and incredibly sneaky! Just make sure to keep the noise level down
as the crunchy sounds may attract teacher’s attention! What can we place inside this packet of stapler
pins? Actually whatever we want as long as it’s
small and sweet! Open up the package and take out all the stapler
pins. Now we can fill up the free space with lots
of small candy like these fruity Tic-Tac drops. Yummy in my tummy! This looks delicious and it’s super convenient
to take to school! What Tic-Tacs do you prefer: fruit-flavored
or the mint ones? I am all about the fruity ones – especially
the orange flavor. I used to adore them when I was little and
I love them just as much today! You may wonder – what possibly can we sneak
in class with a simple ruler like this one. Well, when there is will, there is a way! These candy stripes are perfect for the occasion. All we need to do is stick them on the back
of the ruler with a piece of double sided tape. I can fit three on there but of course stick
on as many as you can. These fruity taffy candy is so juicy and delicious! Another one of my childhood staples. They come in so many different flavors and
I am still loving every single one of them! Today we’re going for the apple flavor and
oh yes! This is just as good as I remember from years
ago. I could eat a ton of them, but I won’t because
remember what we agreed before. A little treat a day is OK but we should definitely
not over do it! This empty glue bottle looks like a perfect
container to smuggle something delicious to school. But what can we put inside? I have an idea! Make sure to wash your glue tube extra well. I cannot stress this enough, it is extremely
important that the bottle is completely clean! Now it’s time to grab your favorite liquid
candy and squeeze it into the glue container. I went for the blue raspberry flavor and I
wish you guys could smell it! It’s so amazing! I feel like I’m getting sugared out just by
by the sweet yummy smell. When the bottle is completely full, put the
lid on and ta-daaa! The squeeze candy glue is finished! I like how sleek this packaging is – you
can just store it in your pencil case. This way it’s always on hand and available
for a quick sweet snack. Perfect for when you need a bit of energy
boost! But this thing is super thick and sweet so
you only need a little, OK?! Deal! These notepads are way too ordinary and boring. Come on, I’ll show you a much more special
one! Take an old notepad like this and tear out
all the pages. Now grab a Kit-Kat! Stick it to the back cover of your notepad. I still have some space left so I can stick
on another chocolate bar… Because the more Kit-Kats the better, right?! Close the notepad and there we go, easy peasy
and totally sneaky. The notepad looks completely ordinary on the
outside but when you open it up, you discover a sweet surprise! When you start to feel a bit hungry in school,
you can just reach for your notepad and take a piece of Kit-Kat. Mmm… this is so tasty! I love it because it is not overly sweet and
the wafer inside gives it that delicious crunch. Taking gum to school is always a risky business! All the classmates usually want a piece, and
before you notice your packet is completely empty! Here’s a fun way to hide your gum from everyone
around. Take a packet of gum tape and apply a bit
of hot glue on one side. Stick it to the inside of a large pencil case
like this one and voila! You have your sneaky gum always available
just for yourself. Sharing with your friends is always a nice
thing to do but it’s cool to have a bit selfish option from time to time too, am I right?! Here we have a bunch of small candy drops,
pop rocks, tic-tacs and other delicious treats. All of these are so tiny so they shouldn’t
be hard to sneak in class, right?! Correct! I have an awesome idea how to do it! Take a marker and pull out the ink tube plus
the tip. Wash it really, really well. Now chose your small candy of choice! Pop rocks are such a fun and yummy treat so
I’m going for those. When you put this candy in your mouth, it
melts like hard candy and releases the bubbles with a loud POP! These come in a variety of different colors
and today I’m feeling the blue one, which tastes like cotton candy. Open it up and pour these cool popping babies
in the back of your marker. Seal the opening with the lid and you’re good
to go! When you’re bored during classes you can simply
pour some of that goodness in your mouth and let the fun begin. These are seriously so much fun but the popping
is pretty loud so – beware, because the teacher may hear you! They are definitely great to pull a fun little
prank on the teacher, but I think the best idea is to wait and enjoy your pop rocks during
breaks instead! What’s that noise? Open your mouth! Let’s continue! Is Katie eating her glue stick? Of course not, it’s the delicious white chocolate! Open up your white chocolate bar. I just want to eat it straight away but no
no, not today! Put a few pieces in a double boiler and wait
for the chocolate to melt completely. How flipping delicious does this look?! My mouth is watering so much, because white
chocolate is just my thing you know. Pour the melted chocolate in a completely
clean glue stick container and wait for it to set and harden. As you can see this looks exactly like a normal
glue stick, because of the white color. And it’s so cool how you can use the twist
wheel to get more chocolate out of the tube. Super convenient! Someone needs to start making chocolate with
this kind of packaging . Seriously, this one looks totally legit so you can definitely
prank your classmates and make them believe that you are eating glue, when you’re indulging
with some tasty white chocolate instead. I bet they would be so confused! Out of the small chocolates, Ferrero Rocher
has to be my favorite one, so I had to find a way to sneak it in class with me. Remove the brown paper and the top sticker. Take a glue gun and apply a drop of hot glue
on the golden wrapper. While the glue is still hot, stick this rounded
chocolate goodness on a pencil like that. Every pencil looks cuter with a topper. But when your topper looks pretty and also
tastes delicious, then you know this is just a winning combination! Seriously, check out how adorable these look! And the best part is that they taste divine. No more hungry hours in class for us! When your tummy starts making rumbly noises,
just take one of these off the pencil, unwrap it, bite in and enjoy! How can these be so delicious!? I am in heaven! If you’re more into fruity candy than chocolate,
here’s a hack perfect for you! Take a pencil and pull the eraser out. Squeeze a bit of hot glue in the opening,
like this. While the glue is still hot, take a lollipop
of your choice. Which flavor would you pick? I’m going for orange today. Snip off majority of the plastic lollipop
stick so you only have a little bit left. Stick it into the hot glue and boom, your
lollipop pencil is ready! Studying and learning is so much more enjoyable
when you can snack up on something delicious like a fruity lollipop, right!? And this is a perfect solution for when you
want to have this sweet option during lessons as well. The lollipop looks like a pencil topper, but
a way more delicious version! Mmm… another one of my favorite chocolate
bars is Duplo, so sneaking it in class is a must! Take a pencil holder and fill half of it with
these tasty chocolates. Yay, we fit all of them in here. Enough for you and all your classmates! We still have some empty space left and this
is where we’re going to place a bunch of coloring pencils and other pens. From the teacher’s view point this looks like
a usual pencil pot filled with coloring pencils. But on the other side, we have yummy chocolates
always available for a quick and tasty snack! Duplo is another one of those classic bars
that take me right to my childhood. They were a bit different looking back then
with three bumps and a hazelnut inside each of them. Anyone else remembers them like that? But nonetheless, I must say this version is
just as great! Next up is a very fun and creative way of
sneaking taffy sticks in class! Take a rounded coloring pencil like this one. Cut it into three pieces using a knife or
a saw. Take a piece of paper in the same color as
your coloring pencil, for me it is orange, and stick the pencil pieces on two corners. Take one, unwrap it, mmm smells delicious,
and place it on the paper between the two pencil parts. Finally roll your candy pencil up to wrap
it in paper. Here we have it! Our coloring pencil looks completely normal,
but only we know that a yummy taffy candy is hiding inside. Delicious! What a fun and creative idea. 100% sneak in class approved! This pencil looks exactly like all the others
but it’s hiding a tasty treasure inside. Here we also have a green one and it’s time
to try it right now! Oh yes! This is as delicious as it can get! You know when you’re so hungry and just want
to eat anything that crosses your path? Like this necklace for example? Bad idea! But you can make a necklace that is completely
edible! Tie some gummy candy onto a thread. I used this sour peach circle and four other
fruit flavored gummies. You can use any candy you like, as long as
they have a hole so they’re easy to tie up. This is how my finished product looks like! A cute fashion statement and an epic sweet
snack in one! I love how customize-able this one is and
you can use any kind of your favorite gummies! My personal favorite are sour ones. What about yours? In any case, this sweet necklace is a super
convenient accessory for when you need a quick tasty treat! Looks like Katie loves edible accessories
as well! To make a delicious marshmallow bracelet you
need a thread, needle and a bunch of mini marshmallows. Lead the needle through marshmallows to stack
them up on a thread like this. When your row of marshmallows is long enough
to fit your wrist, remove the needle and you can tie the yummy bracelet on. Looks adorable and tastes even better! When hunger creeps in you can simply take
a bite of your bracelet and you’re good to go. People sometimes call bracelets and other
accessories arm candy, and this creation is exactly that – a literal candy on your arm! Uh oh, not again, poor teacher! Remember guys, a small sugary treat here and
there is OK but on general healthy food is the way to go! Wish you an amazing school year and I’ll see
you soon, bye!