– I may have to take over. – The vlog?
– The vlog. On a more permanent basis. (rhythmic music) – Hey everyone it’s Mark
Wiens with migrationology.com and eatingthaifood.com
in Bangkok Thailand. I’m sitting down right now
for a really quick breakfast at home but before I start
eating, I wanna tell you a quick story. Back when I was going to
university in Arizona, that was from 2004 to 2008, I would always watch a TV
show called Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,
one of my favorite shows and still is. I never dreamed that I
would have the opportunity to not only meet Andrew but
to kind of hang out with him and eat a meal with him. Andrew is in Bangkok right now. He is filming for a brand new TV show and I have the honor and
opportunity to meet him and I think we’re gonna go meet him. I know we’re gonna ride
around in a tuk-tuk and then I know we’re gonna eat at one of my favorite restaurants
in all of Bangkok. The producer Patrick has said I can vlog which is awesome as well. I’m excited, stay tuned for
an awesome day in Bangkok with Andrew Zimmern. This is (speaks foreign language) which I actually ate last night so this is leftover
Thai food, my favorite. Let me pick some of that
fish off the side there. May as well mix that with
some (speaks foreign language) onto the rice. I gotta get that garlic
though, gotta get that garlic and that chili on here as well. (groans) The soup is sour,
you can taste the lemongrass, you can taste the garlic and you can taste that galangal in there as well. Breakfast was excellent. I’m on a motor bike now
on our way to the BTS and we are headed to the
Dusit area of Bangkok. We just made it to Dusit
Zoo, gate number four. This is where we are meeting them. We got here a little bit
early, so we’re gonna hang out. This is right across the street from the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. The whole team has just arrived. They are setting up all
their gear and rigging the tuk-tuk with some
GoPros and some cameras. And then back in that van, right there, they’re getting all the
cameras and equipment ready. We’re about to jump into tuk-tuks soon. – Show time, show time
– This is Patrick the producer.
– Show time, Erin. Team intuitive content,
intuitive content, baby. Best place for television. – [Man] He’s gonna come
and pick a bander, okay, just do a circle here, okay? – I am in the tuk-tuk
now with P’Weera now. We are doing a quick circle
and then we are gonna pick up Andrew Zimmern. I am now in the back of the
tuk-tuk with Andrew Zimmern. Say hello to Andrew, very, very cool. I am excited and a real honor
to be hanging out with Andrew. We are heading on our way to Soei which is one of my all time
favorite restaurants in Bangkok. I started off doing mostly blogging, and now I do mostly
vlogging and food videos. – Sounds more fun. – Yeah, I love the videos. – No pressure, but let’s
see how you are on camera. The question isn’t what
aren’t we gonna order, it’s how are we going to
eat every item on the menu? ‘Cause I’m not really
a decided kind of guy, I’m kind of a one of everything guy. – [Mark] I think we will
get along together well. – [Andrew] It’s a much
better way to approach it. – We made it to Soei, hanging
out with Andrew and P’Weera. And we have just ordered
a few of the dishes and Andrew just ate a mackerel head which is called (speaks foreign
language) off of a GoPro which is a pretty awesome move. We’re getting ready to
dig in and I gotta start snacking on those mackerel heads. I’m gonna grab a mackerel cheek.
– Crazy good. – [Mark] Oh yeah, those mackerel cheeks are ridiculously good. – [Andrew] Insane. – [Mark] Just completely
crispy all the way through. How is the food? – Well, we’ve eaten six dishes, five of which have been the
best dishes of their types that I’ve ever eaten and the
sixth one is the first time I’ve ever eaten anything like it. The quality of the cooking here, the skill and the precision, a
lot of great technique. This is an amazing, amazing place. Yeah, there’s too much
talking going on at this table and not enough eating. – We just finished the
main filming eating at Soei and now we’re just cleaning
up this roasted shrimp salad. It is crazy good. The flavors are just sensationally good and what I really love is
that he slices the lemongrass or kind of shaves it so
that it’s not too woody but then it just releases so
much citrusy lemony flavor along with the lime juice. The crew is all taking
photos and getting some video of P’Soei as he’s
cooking but I just wanted to quickly show you this
one dish which is called (speaks foreign language) and often times at this restaurant, I like to order it with (speaks foreign language) which is the soft shelled crab
but they ran out today, so we ordered it with
(speaks foreign language) which is shelled crab. It is an absolute stunner of a dish. It is a dish that you have to order. It is a dish that you have to
order when you come to Soei. How is, I’ve gotta get a bite in here too. Andrew just stole my bite. – When I really wanna make
a point, I do one of these and raise an eyebrow. That raised eyebrow has won
me three James Beard Awards. Practice your eyebrow raises, food geeks. – Yeah, it’s just ridiculously good. There are egg yolks in here
too to elevate the richness even higher. We are now sitting down
for a whole crew lunch. This is (speaks foreign
language) which is fried rice with mackerel and this
is the type of fried rice I’ve never had here at Soei so far. I’m gonna hit that with a
little bit of lime juice and also you gotta eat this
with (speaks foreign language) which is fish sauce and chilies. Put that onto the top. – You should try these.
– Okay. – They’re excellent.
– Oysters, steamed with soy sauce. – Get everything on it or? – Yeah, I like to include
a little bit of everything on one bite. – I like to avoid the little red dots they look like something
dangerous is gonna happen. – With the seeds in them? – Yeah, but everything goes. – Okay, yeah, let’s eat
this together though. By the way, this is Adrian
who is the lead film– – One of them. – One of the lead film
crew, so he’s really cool. – Wow, that’s great. – Wow, that’s ridiculous.
– Taking mine. (laughing) – [Man] He’s the best photographer
in Worthington Minnesota. – Yeah. This is a dish called
(speaks foreign language) and it is deep fried pork skin. These little nuggets are
pork skin and there are kaffir lime leaves in here,
there’s chilies, there’s basil in here and it almost looks like little, the drippings of a deep
fried battered item, but that is all pork skin. Oh, that’s ridiculous too, mmm. – Even you felt that it was
one of those transcended meals and that every time you go here it actually achieves
that level of quality. That’s only because all
the food goes through the chef’s hands, a
special attention towards health and wellness and
lightness with his food that I think makes it truly unique. – [Mark] Yes, perfectly said. – I may have to take over–
– The vlog? – The vlog on a more permanent basis. I really think that Migrationology
is one of the better food vlogs and blogs in the world today. You do a fantastic job, all kidding aside.
– Thank you. – We’re gonna have to send
you to Andrew Zimmern School of Truth Telling and Swearing. (laughing) This is the (mumbles)
action for your audience. – [Mark] Yeah, very cool. Hello. – [Andrew] Hello pretty lady. – [Mark] And we got a big bag
of sound equipment down here. – What is it, what do I need? This is the kind of
behind the scenes thing you only see on Migrationology. Thank you.
– You want an iced coffee? – I have to go to work now. – You want a Maserati, you gotta work. – You gotta work, I do want a Maserati. – I don’t, I just wanna make people happy. That’s all I wanna do, I
wanna make people happy. – If all you wanna do
is make people happy, then why do you make me
so miserable all the time? – ‘Cause I love you and
you’re so good at what you do. You inspire people, you inspired this man. You were an inspiration.
– Definitely. – Backwards on the motorbike.
– Backwards on the motorbike. With the awesome Jim-ball. – This is why he works with us. – [Man] It’s the only
reason, it’s the only reason. I’m not good at anything else. – He’s fantastic! Action! (upbeat music) – We made it to Ratchawat, we are about to eat some hot dogs. Ying just got me an iced coffee, okay. – [Ying] Thank you. – [Andrew] I think you made
a horrible mistake though. Here’s the deal, do you
ever go out to dinner and just have a date
and you make him leave the camera at home? – [Ying] I really want him
to leave a camera at home. – [Andrew] I think that
should be a new policy. One dinner date with
camera and one without. One with, one without. – [Ying] Listening? – International rule.
– Thank you. – Relationship 101.
– Thank you. – Dried pork. We stopped for some fried meat. This is fried pork belly. – I haven’t been walking,
I’ve been carried on a Sedan chair by a
whole herd of lackeys and (mumbles) whose job is
to transport me that way. – Fried pork? – Then I’m dropped off and
I get out and it looks like I’ve been walking around. – So crispy. – It’s very crispy. – And perfectly salted. – It’s the absolute perfect street meat. Doesn’t get any better.
– Yep, I agree. Mm, that’s good, so good. We also had some (speaks foreign language) which is the northern Thai sausage. (upbeat music) We just finished shooting a drone shot where we walked into the
tuk-tuk and it drove off in a tuk-tuk all shot from above. That’s gonna be a really cool shot, can’t wait to see it
when the TV show airs. There’s the drone coming back in. Andrew is right behind
me now doing a little bit of an introduction and
standing right at the entrance of Ratchawat Market. – Every single day.
– Say hello. (speaks foreign language) – We are all done filming here. Just wanna say a big thank you to P’Weera. (speaks foreign language) He drove us around in a tuk-tuk. If you ever need a tuk-tuk when
you’re at Ratchawat Market, this is his tuk-tuk right here with the (mumbles) in the back. Ying and I just jumped onto a bus. The cool type of bus
with the wooden floor, the classics in Bangkok. We’re heading back to Anusawari
which is Victory Monument. We’re almost home but
we just decided to stop for a quick bite to eat
at this street food stall right behind me. They specialize in Isan food which is food from the north eastern region of Thailand and also they have jim jum
which is Thai Isan hot pot. I think there’s chicken, there
might be some pork on here, liver, some intestines and there’s an egg right in the center. What you’re supposed to do
is just kind of break up that yolk and stir up
at least Ying told me to stir it all up. Open up this soup. There should be some, there’s
some galangal in here. There are some kaffir lime
leaves, what else is down here? Lemongrass and I’m just gonna
dump in all the meat first. Or just slide it in, whamp. Add in all these vegetables. There’s basil down here, sweet basil. There is water morning glory,
so water morning glory. What you normally need to do, break it and then just dump it
all into the clay pot. Gotta add that cabbage in there as well. Okay, I’m gonna just stir this around. As the jim jum is cooking,
I also ordered a side plate of laab and this is minced pork salad. There are also some intestines in here and this is a good looking plate. I’d better get an intestine in that bite. Oh yeah, what I like
about this version is that it’s really heavy on the
(speaks foreign language) which is the toasted
rice, sticky rice powder. So it gives it that crunchy texture but also a smoky flavor. That dressing. Yeah, I think we’re good
to go with the soup. I’m gonna dish myself
some of the vegetables. Yeah, that should be good for now. I’m gonna take that piece
of pork and this is another different dipping sauce. Oh, that’s hot right out of the pot. I’m gonna eat some of
the vegetables as well. Yeah, you can really taste
that lemongrass in there. Ying and I are gonna sit
here and finish the rest of this food so I’m going
to end the video now. It was a really cool
day and really an honor and really amazing to hang
out with Andrew Zimmern and walk around and eat
at one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok. Big thank you to Andrew Zimmern, big thank you to producer Patrick Weiland, also a very cool guy and also to Erin and the whole team, crew. Also wanna give a shout out to kylele.net. I was hanging out with him in Vietnam. I will leave his link
in the description box but that’s how I met Patrick
the producer originally. Big thank you to everyone. (speaks foreign language) What’s up from Bangkok,
thank you all very much for watching this video
and please remember to give it a thumbs up
and leave a comment below. Make sure you subscribe
for more food videos and I will see you on the next video. (upbeat music)