– [Sammy] Mix the batter. Scoop it into the pans. – [Woman] Put it in the oven. – [Sammy] Put it in the oven. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles. Put them in the box. Deliver them to the customer. – Sam is tremendously friendly. He just brings this energy and excitement when he walks
in the room, it’s nice. Everybody loves to see him, and so he, in turn, shows the love back. – I like to go to school in Eden Prairie. The teachers were nice and the classes were fun. – Most of our students through TASSEL will take the cooking
class maybe one semester, and he took it for six semesters. He found what he wanted to do and we helped him with
the steps to get there, which was a great lead way
into the cupcake business. – I like chocolate chip cookies. – He’s an entrepreneur
in happiness, really. I mean, spreading it around. I think that’s the best part, is just how happy and how proud he feels.