Alright, I guess we can start now. Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us. My name is Genie MontBlanc and I’m the project coordinator for the Great Basin Science Delivery
Project. We are pleased today to host our second webinar. Before we move on to that I wanted to give a little plug
for our next webinar that will be occurring on the
24th of February. Steve Bunting from the University of Idaho will be giving a webinar on changes in fuels across the western juniper, pinyon juniper woodlands successional
gradient and implications for effective use of fire treatments. So now we’ll move on to our webinar today and just to let you know we’ll be fielding, I’ll be fielding questions after the webinar, after the presentation is over. So just type in your questions and, and we can get some answers. Thanks. So today Rick Miller who is a professor of
fire ecology at Oregon State University will be talking to us
about the effects of fire and mechanical treatments on plants and wildlife in western juniper and pinyon juniper woodlands. Alright so take it away Rick.