First of all we will take a pan and pour some milk in it. We will keep on stirring the milk. Mean while we will make thick paste from custard and water. Make sure there no Lumps in the paste! Now the paste is ready! Now add the paste in the milk. Keep on stirring the milk. otherwise lumps will be formed. Keep on stirring. Now we will add sugar. Keep on stirring. After 15 minutes, our custard is ready! We will remove it from the flame & allow it to cool down! Now we will assemble the pudding. Firstly we will Cut the cake and will set the first layer. After setting the first layer we will add custard. Now add some chocolate syrup. We will repeat the same process for the second layer. Similarly we will make the third & final layer. We’ll garnish our pudding with chocolate syrup & dry fruits. You can use gems as well instead of Dry fruits. Keep in refrigerator for 3-4 hours to set. After 4 hours are pudding is ready!