what’s up guys welcome back to healthy
recipe we’re gonna be making a dessert recipe today I realized that we don’t
have a lot of dessert recipes on this channel but that’s all about to change
I’m gonna make some delicious brownies they’re gonna be super healthy we’re
gonna be using oatmeal and some other healthy ingredients with sweet potato
they’re gonna be absolutely phenomenal and delicious so let’s get right to work
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notified okay so this is what we’re using for ingredients we have about 350
grams of sweet potato and it’s been cooked I just boiled it peeled it and
boil it I’m using some all-purpose spray this is canola spray for the pan so the
brownies don’t stick I have 3/4 of a cup of instant oatmeal for sweetener I’m
using two and a half tablespoons of honey this is organic all-natural honey
two and a half tablespoons of flax seed flour and is going to act as a binder two and a half tablespoons of cocoa
powder this is a organic cocoa powder and 1/4 cup of almond butter and that’s
basically all the ingredients we’re going to use for these delicious bran
okay so in a bowl with our sweet potato we’re gonna start adding the ingredients
first we’re gonna actually mash down sweet potato a bit I’m using the fork to
break it down today a nice one these brownies to be a little bit chunky that’s pretty good I’m gonna go ahead
and add the almond butter the cocoa honey flax seed flour gonna mix all these
through paste okay so now I’m gonna go ahead and add the oatmeal in and mix
that into our brownie and this is gonna add some nice volume and fiber our sweet
potato also has fiber so this is a nice fiber loaded healthy bran
okay so now we’re gonna take our baking pan and we’re gonna spray it down a
little bit so they don’t stick I’m gonna go ahead and put brownie in spread it
out and I probably should have had a smaller pan for this but we’ll make do
what we have I want these to be about a half an inch so I’m not gonna take the
whole pan or they’re gonna be too thin but you guys can definitely use a
smaller pans a little come out thicker all right so now we’re going to put
these in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes all right so here is
our finish brownie it’s cooked right now but it’s very hot so what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna let this rest to cool before we go ahead and cut into it so
we’re gonna give it about 15 to 20 minutes to cool off okay so now we’re
gonna go ahead and cut it into little squares or this big depending on what
size you want them and it feels like it’s nice and gooey it’s perfect just
gonna do six squares six nice big squares and that’s pretty much set I’m
gonna go ahead and plate them now there is my healthy chocolate brownies I hope
you guys enjoyed the video I garnished it with some wild flowers and a little
sprig of mint just for looks make it look a little bit prettier and more
colorful I hope you enjoyed it give us a thumbs up if you liked it remember to
subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you really soon on the next one
so here is the moment of truth I’m gonna go ahead and give these beautiful
brownies a taste let me go ahead and break them to show you guys what they
look like they are really nice they look rich it’s still a little hot but as you
guys know I am impatient so I’m gonna go ahead and taste them mmm Wow
really really good mom they’re soft they have just the right amount of sweetness
definitely getting some sweetness from the sweet potato not just from the honey
really really delicious the oatmeal is really soft it gives it a
little bit of body mmm they are amazing super easy to make you
can’t go wrong with these