hi I’m David elder and today’s episode of Elder eats is all about desserts sugar glazed goodness that is amazing I’m taking you on a sugar pill journey to some of my favorite dessert spots in San Antonio Paul just oh good you’ll see some savory snacks look at that and a ton of sweets so grab a fork and grab a knife this is elder eat the Hearst family’s been making these doughnuts fresh every day since 2016 the Hearst family at honey dipped Donuts prepares all of their fried treats early in the morning from start to finish for the Rays doughnuts it’s two hours Wow mom owner and cook Kim Hurst started making doughnuts 16 years ago and has been cooking Korean food or a whole life it’s not about this no I rescued I’ll cook that’s natural my own solution the shop offers a wide range of doughnuts including character doughnuts cereal doughnuts old-fashioned doughnuts and more nobody goes into a stop thinking oh I’m just gonna get an apple fritter well hey we got Apple blueberries strawberries banana nut and who doesn’t love doughnut holes and chocolate icing when we first went into business we had never heard of a honey dip doughnut turns out that’s actually at northern thinking about they claw glaze but we decided hey let’s have a little fun so we started dipping the doughnuts and pure honey when you come in here you can also get doughnuts that have been covered in Texas honey so you can get local honey on your doughnut as well and I’m gonna give it a try it smells smells like honey here we go coming up we check out the Korean food being served up at honey dipped doughnuts and desserts around the Alamo City so don’t go anywhere elder eats we’ll be right back [Music] honey-dipped doughnuts is a doughnut shop serving scratch-made sweets [Music] like a sticky bun all of these fresh donuts just came out of the fryer freshly glazed and they also just got the icy foot on top this one right here came right out of the fryer [Music] the actual donut itself flaky on the outside but just warm sugary on the inside the icing is perfect it’s right on point and authentic Korean food [Music] when you stopped I’d have no charity no the bulgogi spicy pork those are things that I grew up eating and it’s nostalgic for me because I feel like a little kid again the shop is serving up marinated we’ll go these sandwiches I’ve got cheese on it too that looks awesome goodness that croissant is flaky it’s nice and soft but it almost tastes like a Korean Philly cheesesteak sandwich they’re also serving up a chicken bulgogi sandwich this is their house-made hoagie roll that they’re making out here they call a hoagie roll but this is like their own thing they make in-house but I mean look how soft that is I mean this is awesome stuff they toast it up right there for your sandwich [Music] it’s really really good and on the menu they have a fill your belly spicy pork plate all right I got the sandwiches and you saw that but if you look for something a little bit here you got bigger appetite they got you covered this is a spicy pork plate now cuz of the spicy pork white rice and I have a cold cabbage slaw that comes out with it as well that’s the bite right there [Music] oh my god everything else is delicious don’t get me wrong but this is what you need to come out here and try this mixture of flavors this is phenomenal every morning here in the middle of the night to make these items and again native families love you can’t beat that you guys got to come out here honey dip doughnuts right here up Culebra row and their food is fantastic all the Korean food that they offer their doughnuts when you come in the morning they’re gonna be nice and hot off the fryer they’re making them fresh every day all of them are fantastic and they have a different kind little character doughnuts they have fritters they have cinnamon rolls anything and everything you can think of but they’re classic traditional doughnuts the chocolate the maple the strawberry and they’re glazed doughnuts one of the best here in San Antonio you guys gotta come try them out now we’re traveling off Blenko road and Bulverde road for a dessert shop that started in California fewer degrees is a california-based Asian Hispanic fusion snack shop that is serving up sweet drinks and savory eats like they’re spicy mac and cheese the mac and cheetos seasoned cream and macaroni get brought to a boil then mozzarella and cheddar cheese get added to make the cheesy sauce the macaroni and cheese then gets topped with wait for it crunched up extra flamin hot cheeto [Music] it then gets finished with chopped green onions and more shredded cheese oh that just looks great we’re being a place that serves really great drinks you think their food would be okay no it is really good some of the best mac and cheese I’ve had here in San Antonio possible in the menu cheesy asada fries marinated beef gets seared in a pan then made to order fries get covered in nacho cheese and topped with the Santa pico de gallo cooked eheh cheese chopped green onions cilantro and lime top it off if you want a lot of food everything comes in large portions but check this out there are silent fries are massive does you want to pour your lime on top of your fries this is insane that is amazing there are a ton of other dishes to choose from like their garlic noodles with shrimp popcorn chicken and extra flamin hot chili look this with Chicho donuts this is where it’s at and to wash it all down zero degrees has some of the tastiest drinks in town [Music] they’re matcha milk tea and tide milk tea make a great combo into split cup it just looks fun though doesn’t it have you ever had like Thai teeth this is like that on steroids do degrees also makes great mango now this and spicy watermelon drinks coming up we check out more delicious desserts from around San Antonio elder eats we’ll be right back [Music] do degrees also makes great mango novice and spicy watermelon drinks all fresh and made from scratch all the flavors are so fresh and they just punch you in the face with flavor if you love chocolate their Cookie Monster shake made with Oreos and a toasted marshmallow and chocolate or chata made with house-made horchata are the best bet and my favorite drink on the menu the lube a milkshake with taro root and boba is a classic bubble tea flavor done right ma’am it’s all colorful looks like a rainbow happened in there this is the ube milkshake ones are really good zero degrees has something for everyone both sweet and savory with two locations now open in San Antonio one on Blanco and 4/10 and one of 1604 and Bulverde so you guys gotta make sure you come out to zero degrees right here up over T Road and off Horton and Blanco they have great drinks really great food I mean the matka cheetos is amazing the solid fries though that’s what you need to get in this crazy monster drink here his cookies is good today on the elder eats if you got a sweet tooth or you’re looking for something snack you savory I got the perfect place for you it’s called Ice Ice Baby they’re right here on Bandera Road in San Antonio let’s go inside and check it out Ice Ice Baby is one of San Antonio’s newest and most interesting snack shops cranking out treats like their chocolate chocolate Oreo ice cream cone a hand dipped Oreo ice cream cone gets stuffed with a massive scoop of Bluebell chocolate ice cream then a fudge brownie gets skewered and stuck on top Oreo cookies and whipped cream make it even more irresistible and then it gets covered in chocolate syrup I don’t know how to approach this so don’t blame the shop is operated by mother-daughter duo Lauren and Veronica Cuevas you could think it we can make it you can choose an item and just make it your own Veronica worked at a rose bush shop years ago in San Antonio and is heading down the knowledge to Lauri the gold honestly was to have a business that my daughter could take over run on her own so she wouldn’t have to work for anybody the store offers tons of Instagram Abul treats and the best part they all taste as great as they look it’s awesome it is the best place I’ve ever been she’s so fun the Pina Luca is a cored out pineapple packed with strawberry Italian ice skewers of fruit and gummies and covered in chamoy this out this is the fini Aloka that’s the crazy pineapple y’all it looks like a ferris wheel stuck on a pineapple well that strawberry really it’s good oh they’re so good love watermelon they got you covered their watermelon Street features are freshly made agua the Sandia and a cord out watermelon with crushed ice watermelon balls and skewered fruit and gummies coming up we check out more delicious desserts from around San Antonio elder eats we’ll be right back [Music] love watermelon they got you covered there watermelon Street features have freshly made agua the Sandia and a cord out watermelon with crushed ice watermelon balls and skewered fruit and gummies got the little umbrella on the side too because you know what’s refreshing this summertime you got to look good you got to feel good oh my goodness and if you don’t have a sweet tooth today don’t worry they also have savory stuff as well like they’re a hot cheeto pie that uses fresh off the husk corn cojito cheese Rico Castle crema and jalapenos this is the Hot Cheetos I got kajita cheese give corn jalapenos Ice Ice Baby can custom make any treat you want at a very affordable price so cool down this summer with the crazy delicious snack that won’t hurt your pocket you guys got to come out here Ice Ice Baby 21:13 Bandera Road watermelon drinks pineapple drinks chocolate stuff I mean whatever you can think of they can make it for you out here it’s perfect for the summertime bring you the whole family everybody’s gonna love it [Music] hey it’s David elder with sa live and today on Elder eats I’m taking you guys inside one of the newest places to get a crazy sweet or savory delicious dish here in San Antonio I’m talking about churro holic we’re gonna go inside and see what they got on the menu book go check it out churro holic is a california-based dessert shop that serves up churros teas coffees and fried appetizers like their sauce and dry rub chicken wings jerk wings can get drenched in sauces like mango habanero into it this week and your spicy not married and they had a chicken wing all right [Music] amazing texture on the chicken itself is still crunchy I made the whole box and buffalo it’s actually the size of a buffalo cheese look at the size of that thing [Music] you can put this awesome attire and it would taste amazing and they also have get this fresh calamari and deep fried tofu now we have a knife now we have a lime covered piece of calamari right there he was just swimmin few hours ago look at him as delicious check it out it’s tofu how delicious is that and it’s kind of healthy for you right tofu teriyaki sauce if I just dip it right in that a little skeptical because don’t go from sweet and fruity to coffee drinks packed with caffeine the shop also serves up a ton of drink options one of their top drinks as their chamoy mango [Music] this is like a carnival creation mango explosion there we go I’m going for coming up here sweet tooth gets one last bite so don’t go anywhere elder eats we’ll be right back it has actual pieces of mango on top you got the true Moy mango in there and I mean it just looks like something you want to just drink on a hot day right sweet it’s a little sour that chamoy it’s really cool am I gonna bring the drinks and appetizers are amazing and when you’re ready for dessert you know they got you covered fresh tomatoes get made with your choice of toppings including fruity pebbles sprinkles matcha sauce chocolate sauce white chocolate sauce nuts and more you guys gotta come out here it’s true a holic pig just opened up here in San Antonio Kerala South New Braunfels on the south side of San Antonio calamari yep churros you have tofu all the drinks you could possibly think of mango chamoy these cheese bubble teas and ice cream desserts cheap eating san antonio press a live i’m david Eldon [Music] you