You and I have a lot in common
with as far as houses and architecture and
design because we’re obsessed with it.>>[LAUGH] Yes.
>>And->>Obsessed.>>I know you’re doing a beach house right now.
>>Mm-hm.>>And now I heard you’re looking for a ranch.
>>[LAUGH] Yes.>>[LAUGH]>>I’m so bad.>>I know you have chickens.>>Well, I do have chickens. I love the animals and
I’m really into growing my food.>>Yeah, it’s a great idea.>>I’m really freaked about the food
situation in this country and I love growing my own food. I really like it. It just tastes completely different and I’m really into it and
I’d love to have more land. I went to a ranch yesterday. It was really nice property. There were some chickens there but
it was on a corner so, they’re were two roads,
not enough privacy.>>No, let me help you find one.>>Okay.>>I would do that.>>I bet you will.>>Yeah.
>>And I had a farm. I know what that’s like to have that. It’s a lot of responsibility, though. Do you want horses?>>It photographed so
well in your book, though.>>Yeah, it photographs really well.>>Those are my favorite pages.>>Yeah, I know.>>Have you all seen the book Home,
it’s so beautiful.>>Yeah,
it’s right there on my coffee table.>>Right, there you go. It makes an amazing gift. I gave it.
They love it when you give it.>>A lot of people gave it for Christmas.>>I did.
>>I know.>>Yeah.
>>Okay, so let’s about Grey’s Anatomy. It’s doing very, very well.>>Yes.
[SOUND] Thank you.>>It’s the 12th season, right?>>Yes, amazing.
>>Yeah, that’s amazing. And then everybody thought because Patrick
was leaving that it wouldn’t do well, but it’s doing very well.>>Yeah, it’s amazing how much
you get done without a penis.>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>We miss him dearly but yeah, the show is doing very well.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] I’m just gonna let that one go.>>[LAUGH]
>>So, and but this is not the last season cuz there was like rumor that this is-
>>No, it’s not the last season, no I think a lot of people were
really upset about his departure, which is super understandable. But I think the change is part of
the reason why the show goes on so long, I think people tune to see. What does the show look like now? And what is Meredith
gonna do without Derek? And I think, they get so
upset about the change, but change is precisely
what everyone always needs.>>Right.>>To sort of get to the next place.>>Yeah.
No I know, and I think, well, I mean, like you said, I think obviously,
we get into where we’ve fallen in love with these characters, and when
the character is gone, you’re, you know? It’s like with Homeland or with anything. I mean, it just goes on.>>But for me, too,
it’s how do I act without him? So it’s more challenging for me. I’m more invested. I have to work harder to find my
groove without that missing parts.>>Mm-hm.
>>So it keeps me more engaged.>>Yeah.
>>I’m more engaged this season than I have
been in a long time.>>Good.
>>Cuz for the fans I want to make sure the quality
stays good and that I want to make sure. They’re there for us,
I want to be there for them.>>Yeah, well that’s great. And you’re doing some really
cool things because you were in the Taylor Swift Swift’s Bad Blood video,
you have got to be in her squad. That is really cool.>>Yes, especially for
an old broad like me.>>Yeah I mean that’s
[LAUGH] I mean seriously, her squad is you know young, young girls.>>Yeah, she’s amazing and she let
us pick our names when we got there. She said what do you want
to call your character? And you know, she’s got such a nice
disposition, an inclusive disposition.>>And it won the best video
at the MTV Movie Awards.>>And everyone has a moon man but
the girl who hasn’t picked hers up.>>Would that be you? Yes, talk to Shanda. I’m busy. Stop it. Is that?>>That’s yours.>>Is it really? Thank you so much.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you. Thank you.>>I know you’re busy.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah of course.>>Thank you. That was, thank you. Thank you Taylor.>>Yeah, you want a speech or anything?>>[LAUGH]
>>No, you have messenger service too here? This is great.>>And I’ve had the penis taken off.>>[LAUGH]
>>We’re back with Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompayo and I know you love playing
games and you love playing Heads Up and so we are going to play our newest deck that
we have added and it’s Bottoms Up and it’s all about drinking, and places to drink,
and types of drinks and stuff like that. I haven’t played it yet,
so I’m not going to cheat. I don’t know any of these answers
because it won’t be fun if I do. So this is our newest deck.>>God.
>>So just->>My bartending days were a long time ago. This is a town that you can go to and-
>>Funky town?>>No, if you drink this, you’ll be there.>>[LAUGH]
>>Last time we were here, one time we were here, we had chips and salsa, and-
>>Margaritaville?>>Yeah.>>Okay, chug, chug, chug, chug.>>Chug chug.>>It shakes.>>[LAUGH]
>>You know you can also eat this as a dessert
but you can also make it into a shot.>>I don’t know I’m passing.>>Okay, if you like.>>Pina Coladas.>>Mm-hm.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Once on this show I think I might have been a little bit-
>>Tipsy?>>Yay!>>Okay this you could use to also
fix things or you could drink it.>>Screwdriver. What was the one I passed on?>>Jello shots? Of course. It’s been so
long since I’ve had a jello shot.>>Yeah, yeah.
Don’t think of those much.