Thanksgiving is tomorrow so
enjoy these last few hours of your skinny jeans. Of course, Thanksgiving is
about spending time with family and taking a moment
to appreciate all the blessings in your life. I’m kidding. It’s about food, a lot of food. Everybody has their
favorite family recipes but some old recipes
just– there shouldn’t be. Here’s some I found and
they shouldn’t make anymore. And I don’t think they do
but these are real recipes. This is something called
Frozen Cheese Salad. That’s a real recipe,
Frozen Cheese Salad. I guess you could make this
if you don’t like your family but don’t want to
say it out loud. This recipe puts
the sad in salad. This next one is
carrots, cabbage, and peppers suspended
in Jell-O. It’s called the Perfection Salad. I beg to differ. And also this is not a salad. I have had a lot of
salads in my life. No one has ever put anything
suspended inside of Jell-O. Here’s a holiday dish called
Shrimp Christmas Tree. Those shrimps
don’t deserve that. It’s just mean. This next dish is called
a White Mystery Fruitcake. Here’s a tip–
never eat anything with the word “mystery” in it. This is for someone who wanted
fruitcake but with a twist ending. If someone offers you this
just say, “That looks delicious but I just filled up
on Perfection Salad. Thank you though.” And finally, here’s something
I’ve shown you before. It’s called a Candle Salad. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] Again not a salad, not a candle. If your family makes
this for Thanksgiving it’s time to get a new family. OK, take that down. Let’s not see that anymore. Let’s try to un-see that.