We came to the popular toast place, but it’s not open yet….T.T We googled and found a cute cafe♥ One iced-americano + one waffle + one green tea latte Unni’s green tea latte This straw is really thin How do you like it? Do we need one more straw? :))) We ordered a CHEESE waffle, but only this much cheese is applied hahaha Let me try this cheese-applied part! It smells good~♥ I can smell maple syrup How does it taste?? Hold on!! Bear with me!! Just a waffle…(nothing special) Drinks are really good!! They put a lot of milk /// It’s really good!! I’ll show you how to eat a waffle properly LOL~ I highly recommend these two drinks 🙂 I like this green tea latte a lot Oh! I knew it!! This green tea latte is the most expensive one among these. That’s why this is the most delicious!! 🙂 It’s absolutely fine to pay more money for the good food and drinks 🙂 It’s been a long time since I drank a really good green tea latte I took a photo when you were ordering our drinks 🙂 Unni is a really good photographer!! I really like this photo~♥ You can send it to my mobile phone, can’t you?? She said she can’t…..T.T After one hour chatting, we are heading to our initial destination 🙂 There are lots of people even though it has just opened But there are seats for us luckily We’ve arrived at the toast place called “Mont nomsod” I’m getting two kinds of toast and an iced-milk I chose unsweetened milk Because toast is supposed to really sweet I am so excited :))) Thank you !! It was not that difficult to make an order haha There were two kinds of milk and I chose unsweetened milk They look so moist Look at this beautiful toast 🙂 This is “Creamy corn soup” toast. Shall we begin?? ^^ A smile spread across my face~♥ Let me try iced-milk this time Is it good? Nothing different?? How do you like it?? It’s milk!!…. It’s really good!!! :)))) Real good milk !!! It’s not sweet You should visit “Mont nomsod” to try this yummy milk !! It’s quite unique….”ice with milk” is a really good idea and it tastes so good 🙂 I am so full….but i can’t stop eating this yummy toast T.T I think I’ve already given up losing weight… It’s good for dessert I think Thailand has got great conditions to grow corn. I love Thai corn I am eating like a horse..even though I’ve already eaten a lot before coming here hahahaha We are waiting for a taxi that we’ve ordered…but it doesn’t seem to arrive here…. I think the taxi driver is a inexperienced one… The taxis passing by kept stopping in front of us….T.T… Unni really enjoyed saying “No” in Thailand hahahaha We cancelled a previous one and ordered another taxi again…. We FINALLY arrived at my favourite Hotel in Bangkok ^^ Welcome drinks, caramels and wet towels I am asking if the korean receptionist who I met last year is working today Unni is concentrating on taking photos fillling out the form… drinking welcome juice…^^ We’re going into our room at last~♥ What is this sound??? The phone is ringing… The phone is ringing Have you enjoyed this video?? I’ll come back with the next one ^^