Hi! Today we are going to make macaroons skewers for sale at Seoul Dessert Fair! I went to work early this morning to prepare for the Seoul Dessert Fair 🙂 Today I’m only working in the studio because it’s closed day! Glitter The weather is very clear and hot ^ _ ^ First of all, separate egg whites ~ Next is sugar measurement … Descaling Almond Flour and Sugar Powder My wrist hurts It’s good Next up is the meringue White and crispy meringue complete * _ * I’ll add red food coloring and macaroni 🙂 Today, I’m going to make shellfish macaroons because the mermaid set is included in the Seoul Dessert Fair lineup. The most popular set is the Little Mermaid set every time you join Suddie 🙂 Pink dough finished! Also finished with white dough! I’ll put the two dough together and put it in the sachet! Macaron dough dripping comfortably *** Pretty Marble ~ Lay a shell-shaped pattern under the Teflon sheet and pipe the dough! When you participate in events such as Sudiff, the amount of work you need to prepare is more than three times the usual: There is only one series in the store every week, but there are 3-4 different series sets available at the event! When piping the first plate, marbles often don’t mix beautifully. From the second edition, beautiful marble clam * _ * Sprinkle with rainbow cereal! Marvel picks out the beautiful skewers and sprinkles them on top I’ll put star sprinkles one by one! (Doesn’t appear on camera) (If you show it at this point, can you see it well?) Replace the gloves again after you finish topping the toppings 🙂 Infinite twist operation * _ * Beautiful shells of seashells ~~ Drying in the oven Bake for 13 minutes at 140 ° C after drying 🙂 While the pink shellfish is baking The blue clam will also be piped straight into the marble dough 🙂 Repeat this three times or so .. ^^ .. Blue shellfish heel The grilled skewers are cool enough! I just grilled the shellfish macaroons but it’s already dark ..? Time to finish ^^ I’ll stack them thoroughly and put them in a bucket! Front to front, back to back! Refrigerate after tight sealing and can be stored for up to 2-3 weeks 🙂 Match the blue clams together After this, I can go home! Close the lid and leave the office faster than anyone else And I went to work again the next day It was raining on this day 🙂 It’s raining, so it’s okay to look out the window … ^^ (do not want to work) Today I’m going to make the little mermaid macaroons Pipe the mermaid hair with red dough Star Sprinkles …! Aiko (Dropping) I’ll put one on the mermaid head! Pipe the face and torso with white dough 🙂 I will make a mermaid princess bikini with a heart shape sprinkler! Delicately tweezers * _ * Finally the little mermaid tail? fin? The back side is simple Unfinished mermaids without faces ㅎㅎㅎ The Little Mermaids in the Oven Shower (๑˃̶ ꇴ ˂̶) ♪ ⁺ (Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!) While the mermaid is being baked again Grilled skewers neatly to the back The most important task now! I will draw the little mermaid face and details with food coloring! Shy ball touch and silky hair * _ * The Little Mermaid is complete! I’ll see the rest of the work quickly! Little Mermaids (๑˃̶ ꇴ ˂̶) ♪ ⁺ On this day, I only made a mermaid coke. That’s why today’s fast work The door must be locked Apgujeong Rodeo Statue Maruenu store seen from Rodeo’s entrance * _ * Now I have to go home! Sudife Promotional Video on iPad? I made Originally, my goal was to upload this video before I participated in Sudiff. By the way, after finishing Sudpe, I uploaded a video and made a useless video … ^^ Although Sudiff is over, please watch the lineup and promotional videos Finally Subscribe and like us (๑˃̶ ꇴ ˂̶) ♪ ⁺ Thank you for watching the video!