Hello, everyone. I’m Nora. Today we’re going to make a vegan chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The name is a bit long because it has different elements. It seems like a mess but in a beautiful way. This time we’re making our jam, the chocolate sauce, and the base as well. You can also use a store-bought jam to make it easier. Let’s start by making the base There are only 5 ingredients: rolled oats, dates, ground almonds, cacao powder and a pinch of salt I use raw cacao powder This is rolled oats that I’m using Then let’s start by adding the dates into a food processor Chop them until they look like this Then we add the oats, ground almonds and cacao powder Oh, the cacao powder I’m using is pure cacao, no sugar Then add a pinch of salt and blend again Then the texture should be a little bit dry at this stage Scrape down the sides then add a little bit of water and then blend until they come together like this looks very cute Grab a 6″ cake pan Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper Add the base mixture It will be a bit sticky Use a spoon to even it out to form our base Place it into the freezer Then we’re going to make our raspberry jam Start by adding our frozen raspberries into a pot Turn on the heat add some water maple syrup and some arrowroot starch oh, right the recipe will be in the description box down below Then give it a quick stir Cook until it thickens This will take about 5 minutes Cook until it looks like this then turn off the heat Set it aside to cool Then let’s make our cheesecake filling We’re going to use raw cashews this time Soak them for 3-5 hours ahead Drain out the water Add them to a blender along with the full-fat coconut milk maple syrup lime juice, which I usually freeze into ice cube cus it’s more convenient Then add a hint of vanilla extract and tofu Yes, tofu. AGAIN I love tofu Then blend them until it’s smooth Then Remove the pan from the freezer Pour the cheesecake mixture into the pan then Drop a few dollops of the cool berry jam into the mixture I just do it pretty casually then use a knife or the back of a utensil to draw like the marble texture then drop more jam This recipe will have some extra jam Just save them for you yogurt I like to drop the pan on the counter for a few times Place it into the freezer for 2 hours Then let’s make our chocolate sauce Heat the coconut milk by using a bain-marie Add maple syrup and cacao powder a pinch of salt mix them together Once the coconut milk is hot add the chocolate chips Turn off the heat Gently stir them together Let the chocolate melt gradually Then it will look like this Set it aside to cool for a while Then take out the pan in the freezer Pour the chocolate sauce on top This chocolate sauce is good on its own. You can eat it just like that. Then spread it out a little bit or to cover the whole cake if you prefer Then return it to the freezer Let it sit until set then you can remove it from the pan The following step is totally for the photogenic reason I add a few raspberries on top and it’s time to slice and enjoy! This cheesecake might look messy but beautiful in my eyes so I hope you feel the same It got the bittersweet from the chocolate and sour taste from the raspberries and the richness that a cheesecake should have It’s not very sweet I hope you like it If you love cheesecake give this video a thumb-up and subscribe if you like See y’all next time. Bye-bye