Hello, I’m Rimbaud Rang, Leader Hwang of Walk Talk. Let me introduce our 7th gourmet spot in Hawaii. [RAINBOW DRIVE-IN] This is similar to how Korean people would have meals at ‘Kimbab-cheongug’. Their menus are very cheap and of decent quality. Enough talking.
Let me introduce our 4 charming actors. Jeon Shin-hwan (a.k.a Whole body-hwan), Lee Sang-won (a.k.a Kobi)
Yang Ji-soo (a.k.a Yangjo-jisoo), Park Joo-hwan (a.k.a Sandrina) [Located 23 minutes on foot from Waikiki beach]
[One of their regulars is Barack Obama] [Signature Menu: Loco moco, Burgers, 40 different plates]
[Price: $2.50~$9.25] [Opened in 1961, One of local’s favorites with 58 years of history] [They sell their own merchandises] [Big portions, cheap prices and their signboard is cute] We’re going to eat harmoniously, chummily,
gracefully pit-a-pat together. Shall we start eating? Thanks for the meal. Let’s introduce everyone’s menu. [Leader Hwang’s choice]
Mix Plate ($9.95) [Land, see and air]
[Fried chicken, Fried fish and Beef Barbeque] That’s why it’s called ‘Mix Plate’. [Kobi’s Choice]
Loco Moco Plate ($8.95) And a cheeseburger as dessert ($3.25) This Loco Moco looks different to the one from the ‘Diamond Head Grill & Market’. This place’s gravy is much thicker. I prefer this one. – Excuse me? Are you enjoying that much?
– Sorry. This cheeseburger is very light. It makes think of this cheeseburger as a dessert not a main dish. I really like this burger. As we mentioned, Barack Obama is one of the regulars. Also, principal Ha once did a photoshoot here. But didn’t we also mention previous places as Obama’s favorite? Because he spent his childhood here. He grew up here until he went to university. That’s why he’s so familiar with all the real local restaurants in Hawaii. [Blurred to protect our player]
You know, we’re going to aim for 100K steps in a few days. It’s going to take about 20 hours. You would see us looking pale and drawn. [Experienced person]
You can literally lose 4kg in a day. [Preview – Challenging 100K steps] Lately ‘Shaka Boys’ seem quite popular when I read comments. I saw there was a person who memorized the full name of ‘Sandrina’. Anything you’d like to say to the fan who memorized your full name? Hello, I’m ‘Sandrina Alabika Audreytoi Rianstutensharnen Park’. – To the fan who memorized my full name…
– Are you going to give a gift? So, let’s share our reviews of the dishes. Being my first time, it felt a bit greasy.
So I’d recommend preparing some pickles. Also, I felt a bit greasy.
I would definitely bring some Kimchi next time. He’s our supertaster here. I loved the cheeseburger. They’re famous for burgers but rather than their main burger,
I prefer the plain cheeseburger. Personally, I prefer this Loco Moco’s more than Diamond’s. I prefer their denser and heavier cooking style. You must visit here if you want to feel the real local environment. We’ve, showed the 7th gourmet spot ‘Rainbow Drive-In’. Stop eating while I’m busy delivering the closing statement. We will return with the 8th gourmet spot. Aloha!