Hello, it’s nice that you tuned into thuskochtour again. Today I want to show you a delicious vietnamese dessert „Che Banh Lot“. This sweet dish consists of small strings with a pandan taste, mungo beans and coconut milk. This dessert is a very popular dish in Vietnam that you can find around every street corner. And now I show you what you need: 2l pandan juice 250g mungo bean starch 60g tapioca flour 30g rice flour Some pandan extract 800ml coconut milk 1tbsp tapioca flour 1tsp sugar some salt 2tbsp water 125g mungo beans (it’s best if you let them soak over night) 200g cane sugar 200ml water First steam the mungo beans in a steam cooker. Take a cotton towel and put it on the steam attachment to stop the beans from falling into the little holes and to stop them becoming too wet. Add the beans and let them steam for approx. 10min. The mungo beans are cooked when they have risen and when they are soft. Take the beans off the cooker after 10 min and decant them into a bowl in order to let them cool down quicker. Then prepare the sirup: Put the water and the sugar into a pot and let it bring to boil until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then prepare the coconut cream: Put the coconut milk, sugar and salt into a pot. To intensify the taste I added some pandan leaves. Now put it on the cooker and let it simmer for 5min. Then mix together starch and 2tbsp water and add it to the coconut milk, stir and let it simmer for another 2 min. Then prepare the strings: Put the pandan juice, tapioca flour, mungo beans and rice flour into a pot. To intensify the taste and to make the strings more green add some pandan extract. Now let the pandan juice mixture bring to boil on a middle level. While the mixture boils, stir again and again to prevent that the bottom burns. As soon as the pandan juice becomes thicker and clearer, take it off the cooker. Take a bowl with cold water and ice cubes and press the pandan mixture spoonwise through a press into the bowl. After that let it cool down. Now layer the individual components. First the beans, then the strings, ice cubes, coconut milk and then finally the sirup. You can sweeten it depending on you taste. Now you have the delicious vietnamese dessert „Che Banh Lot“. I hope you enjoyed this video and subscribe to my channel so that you won’t miss out on any videosand until next time. Bye