Hi everyone, Ludo here! Today, we’re baking a chocolate cake, but not any kind of chocolate cake, we’re making a chocolate entremets with a creamy caramel insert and a magnificent mirror glaze. Ok, the entremets requires a bit of work, but I can say it’s worth it. Don’t be scared, I’m here to guide you and help you make this cake smoothly. Ready? Let’s move onto the recipe! To do our caramel cream, we need 180g sugar, 60g water, 25g glucose, 5 egg yolks, 60 and 285g single cream, 1 vanilla pod and 4g gelatin. Start with hydrating the gelatin in a large bowl of cold water and let sit for 20 minutes. In a saucepan, bring the sugar, water and glucose to a boil to get a golden caramel. Once the caramel is golden, pour 60g of warm single cream, caution, it may spatter. It will dilute the caramel. Stir and set the caramel aside. Scrape the vanilla pod to get the seeds. Mix to the egg yolks to disperse them. Pour 285g of single cream. Mix. Then pour it back to the saucepan with the caramel. Heat this caramel cream on low heat, keep stirring, a bit like for a custard. Careful, do not exceed 82°C or the eggs may clot. Remove from heat, squeeze the water out the gelatin and add to the mixture Mix well with a hand blender. Pour the caramel cream in a 20cm entremets circle with the base covered in plastic wrapto prevent the caramel from leaking. Place in the freezer for 2h until set. Let’s move on to the Sacher cake. To do so, we need 120g 50% marzipan, 35g cocoa powder, 40g powdered sugar, 35g flour, 5 eggs, 40g melted butter. In the stand mixer recipient, place the marzipan cut into dices and add a whole egg. Beat at low speed to thin the marzipan. If it’s a bit stubborn, you can heat it a few seconds in the microwave and mix with the eggs with a hand blender. Add the 4 remaining egg yolks. Careful, keep the whites, we’ll need them. Keep beating the marzipan-egg mixture to emulsify it. Once back at room temperature, add the melted butter. Mix until incorporated. Sift the flour and the cocoa powder above the mixture. Fold in with a rubber spatula until incorporated. In the meantime, beat your 4 egg whites Add the powdered sugar a bit before the end to further stiffen the whites, until stiff peaks appear. Now spoon the egg whites into the Sacher cake batter. My tip is to spoon in a third of the whites first, to thin the batter. If it deflates a bit, it’s okay. Then, add the remaining two thirds of beaten whites and fold in extremely gently with a rubber spatula to prevent the mixture from deflating. Pour the Sacher batter into a silicon mold of 26cm diameter. Bake the Sacher cake at 190°C for 15 to 20 minutes. Once baked, use an entremets circle of 20cm diameter to cut the cake. Let’s move on to our crispy praline to bring some texture to our entremets. For the crispy praline, we’ll need 55g milk chocolate, 60g praline, 25g crumbled crêpes dentelles and 1g fleur de sel. Melt the milk chocolate and praline in a bain-marie. Add the crumbled crêpes dentelles and fleur de sel. Mix well. Immediately spread the crispy praline on the Sacher cake. Make sure you spread it on a fine layer and cover the surface. Place the cake and the praline in the freezer for 30 minutes. We’re now making the chocolate mousse. To do so, we need 240g 64% dark chocolate, 225g whole milk, 75g egg yolks, 45g caster sugar and 330g single cream. Let’s start with a custard. To do so, bring the milk to a boil in a saucepan. In the meantime, in a jar, whip the eggs and the sugar until pale and creamy. Pour the warm milk into the egg mixture in three times, and make sure you beat between each addition. Pour back into the saucepan. Heat the cream on low heat and keep stirring and do not exceed 82°C. The custard is cooked when it coats the back of a spoon and you run your finger and the indentation remains. Pour the warm custard in three times into the chocolate – previously melted in a bain-marie. Between each addition, mix well to emulsify the mixture. A bit like for a ganache. Don’t worry if after the second addition of custard the ganache looks lumpy, it’s normal. It’s only after adding the custard for the last time that your ganache is shiny and smooth. To perfect the emulsion, quickly hand blend the ganache. Let the ganache cool to room temperature. Then mix the very cold single cream to get a whipped cream. It’s time to add the whipped cream to the ganache. Like previously, spoon about a third of the whipped cream to thin the ganache. Pour the mixture into the remaining whipped cream. Make sure you fold in very gently so that the mousse don’t deflate. It’s time to assembly our entremets. To get a very smooth top, we’ll assembly it upside down. In a 22cm entremets circle with the base covered in plastic wrap, pipe a generous layer of chocolate mousse. Place the frozen creamy caramel insert, and push it gently on And cover the insert with chocolate mousse. Place the frozen cake, and push it gently on to make the mousse go up the sides. Freeze for 4 hours. It’s time to prepare our mirror glaze. To do so, we’ll need 12g gelatin powder, 70g and 90g water, 180g caster sugar, 180g glucose, 120g unsweetened condensed milk, 180g 64% dark chocolate. Prepare the gelatin mixing the gelatin powder and water. Set aside for 20 minutes. In the meantime, make a syrup with the sugar, water and glucose and heat to 105°C. I’ve already made a detailed tutorial for this mirror glaze, ind the link at the end of the recipe. Pour the syrup into the chocolate and condensed milk mixture, add the hydrated gelatin, mix and hand blend, make sure you don’t add any water bubble. Our entremets is perfectly frozen, we can now glaze it and decorate it. Careful, glazing is a delicate step, you don’t want any air bubble. Pour the chocolate mirror glaze in the center of the entremets in one shot. Once the glaze is well spread, and ended dripping, you can remove the excess with the knife blade. It’s decoration time! To do so, we’ll need 150g 64% dark chocolate, edible gold powder, 120g praline. While the entremets is still frozen, sprinkle a fine layer of praline nut chips on the base of the cake. We’re going to make a rather easy chocolate decoration that I love! First crumple a sheet of baking paper and smooth it out. Pour melted and tempered chocolate, chocolate that followed a tempering curve. Smooth the chocolate out with a spatula to get a 1 to 2mm thin layer. Let the chocolate set for 1 to 2 hours. Remover the sheet of baking paper. You get a crumpled look. With a blush brush, brush the entire surface of the crumpled chocolate with edible gold powder. Break the slab to make irregular yet big shards. Now place your golden chocolate shards harmoniously on your entremets to bring some volume and height. Our chocolate-caramel entremets is done and ready to be eaten. Voilà, our entremets is ready! I hope you’ll enjoy it with your friends and family especially since Easter is in a few days. Give it the thumbs up if you enjoyed the video, subscribe to my YouTube channel, leave a comment to tell me what you thought about this recipe, I’m waiting for your comments and I read all of them. While waiting for the next tasty video recipe, enjoy, treat yourselves, and see you soon! Erm… Am I at least recording? It’s recording. Come on, we’re motivated, we’re motivated. Erm… What am I supposed to say again? I hope you’ll enjoy and share all your friends and family… and share all your friends and family and enjoy it with your friends and family. Still recording? Still recording! Do you see me? No, you don’t see me. And for a more better finish look… More better? Well, it’s… How can I say… Oh wow, I look tired. I just want to go and take a nap.