hello everybody welcome back to another convenience store food hall today we are going to be trying out some strawberry desserts from Family Mart now I am excited it is strawberry season here in Japan yes strawberry season is winter yes the most of the mundanes season is Christmas yes it is last year we went to strawberry farm to pick a strawberry yes we did yes we did that was so much fun we have a video if you missed it check it out we both love strawberries and strawberries in Japan are pretty sweet so we think we’re gonna like everything we tried today but anyway instead of talking let’s try them out the first thing we have here is called Ichigo non puffin you’re gonna pop a strawberry parfait this is 350 yen that’s not including tax and it looks really wonderful I love the container that it comes in it’s a pretty fancy container mm-hmm in fact I think you know we can just wash this later on and use it yes for some one thing you don’t I mean I mean you can buy this you know at the store I mean they actually sell these you know add those containers stores you know and they’re not really cheap so there are some pistachios on the top I see whipped cream strawberries and yeah Jerry um I think that strawberry just sauce so maybe by anyway let’s try it out okay oh it’s very soft very very soft oh oh it’s softer than I imagined it would be yeah Todd I cannot what’s inside mmm very creamy inside it is mousse it’s like a strawberry mousse it’s really soft like really some mmm how is it very creamy very creamy and immediately it disturbed in my mouth I know I know um hmm it’s like a male thing try the bottom the bottom is a bit more firm mm um yes it is it’s like a like a panna cotta like panna cotta yeah yeah it’s really nice um at first I thought there was nothing to it because it was just all soft mmm so at first I was a little bit disappointed to be honest with you because I don’t really like completely softy Search you know I need different textures and with that panna cotta I’m sure this is not adequate I’m not really sure what this is but this gelatin like layer plus the very Airy layer of mousse with the whipped cream on top yeah it’s a good compeition mm-hmm three-time boo boo fixture yes and actually for still no berry on the fresh strawberry hmm mmm you gotta eat it with this fresh strawberries that really makes it mm-hmm la blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the next one is ichigo-san dope it’s strawberry sandwich mm-hmm 350 yen that’s not including tax and you know fruit sandwiches like this are very typical sandwiches here in Japan we eat it all year long in fact we have a recipe that we did last summer so if you missed that one check that one out by clicking on that I it is one of my favorite types of sandwiches here in Japan so here you go thank you and of course cuz it’s strawberry season you know there is a strawberry sandwich um this is one thing that you don’t see all year round the strawberry they have you know different fruits that they use you know but it’s not strawberry season so if you’re in Japan visiting during strawberry season give this a try hi so other season I’m like on QE or Milani melon they have like peaches peaches they’re fruit cocktail yeah like Mars hmm really nice flavor hmm what basically I don’t like who did sandwich see true that is true why why don’t you like fruit sandwiches I think it doesn’t match with Brenda bread the bread you know a lot of people think that I used to feel the same way I thought fruit and whipped cream in bread but I actually like it now yeah first I thought it was really weird I know I know where you’re coming from though I understand I like sponge cake better yes um if it is bread is more sweeter mm-hmm I like this mmm little bit sweetie a little bit salty true I think that saltiness gives it a little balance though you know like salted caramel mm-hmm I like this one I think family mark does a pretty good fruit sandwich but that’s what we have is Ichigo no great food translates to strawberry cream a grip Ichigo no clip from family man yes and it’s 269 yen and it is inside the bottle yes it’s inside a totally a cup actually huh yes and I I think this this packaging is really neat now when you take it out of the package the container it’s it’s like this it’s an actual crate and it comes with this wrapper so you don’t get your hands dirty and um you can hold the crepes with you know dirty hands preferably clean hands but yeah yeah I’ll let you have a bite of this first I see a lot of whipped cream in here there is a whole strawberry cut in half on the top oh poor strawberry yes I’m hoping that there are more strawberries inside your crate not just on the top it does give us high so re-employed cream really arrey arrey isn’t physically taste what cream is good taste it’s good and the crepe wrapper is really soft oh wow amazingly soft amazing itself same texture as white cream really so there’s absolutely no bite to it no but it really is that good or bad it’s in good way really yeah all right very soft mm-hmm oh I see what oh I see what you mean Wow okay this one I actually expected very little out of it it didn’t look that great to me and I thought it was I wasn’t going to enjoy this but I like this one the best so far this crate has a really nice flavor what is it but I need more strawberries hmmmm this this great flavor what is this it kind of reminds me of autumn over this grape there is um a soulless severe sauce really uh Oh give me some of that please strawberry sauce mmm this flavor and texture of the crepe it kind of reminds me of like the flavor of dorayaki it doesn’t taste like grape here try it again like like if you close your eyes and you don’t think about the texture too much and just consider the flavor the flavor reminds me of dorayaki batter yes this is delicious yeah hmm the next one is peachy gonna a Korea still very clear hmm 220 151 p.m. yes pizza box without tax here and this one arm says there’s fresh strawberries and has a double Queen which move they use Custer target as well as whipped cream Wow yeah okay video Wow well I like how its presented you know and at first I thought that because you see the two shells of the Eclair one on top of the other so at first I thought you had to place that bottom portion on top but that’s not true because there is um there is custard inside so if I did that I will be getting custard on the outside so I guess you would eat it this way I mean how you would eat this in theory so this is like an open-faced Eclair I think so alright can I take a bite first yes please that like UMass mmm um this one is nice because there are whole tuhoe strawberries in this one so you get a lot of strawberry flavor in each bite not just cream like the other one look two types of the cream here we go very good harmony yes yes it does and there’s vanilla flavor yes I’m looking at the ingredients now because I tasted some vanilla tea buttery flavor and um it says there there is no butter in here so very fruity creamy paste really fruity clean vanilla beans well it’ll be just vanilla beans just vanilla bean Reedy yeah no fruit in the cream whatsoever yeah now you know that my my only complaint with this I think would be the soggy shell I know the Claire is very soft it’s more like a like a I don’t know like a cake like it’s not really a sponge cake it’s really I mean let’s just say what it is it’s just a soggy Eclair shell but the flavor is good the taste is good for me it’s the shell that’s just something leave something to be desired okay save this one for last this is called Ichigo I’m me too she want me to yes yeah me too yeah 276 yeah and each omitsu is a very traditional typical Japanese sweets and a lot of foreigners don’t care for it because of the uncle inside the uncle is a sweet bean paste and I know let me know if you guys are fan of uncle I know some of you are but this one definitely has uncle in it right there immediately you see that ball of Uncle this is a sub 1 this is the smashed bean not a smooth one and let’s dig right into it and I see something in here what is that cookin convinced its content the gelatin content but it’s a brown cocktail I don’t know what it is so so if I’m just gonna say goodbye talking about the chemo mmm nice flavor mmm I do have to say it does not taste like your traditional on me two totally different right cuz there’s so much whipped cream in here usually the main today but is ice cream yes yes let me try that content again content is Japanese gelatin made of agar agar contains um company has a very subtle taste but it has like more resilience taste it does this one does let me try some of that uncle and Calathes Punk one good lovers for all your uncle lovers out there I know it sounds like we’re saying uncle lover you know like you like your uncle or you like older guys but I know when we say that we’re talking about the sweetened bean paste hmm you have to eat it with alcohol oh really yeah without the uncle it doesn’t taste like admits it just tastes like a strawberry we are doing dessert right right with the uncle it finally tastes like got me too hmm okay so which one was your favourite today such a tough one mmm the first one so very poppy oh I see I like the soft the texture let’s create it you really why you don’t like to bite food food melting disappearing the flavor hahaha my favorite oh I see okay well my favorite this is hard for me do you know why maybe because you know it’s all strawberries and most of all really uses I like whipped cream they taste pretty much the same like they’re all from the same family obviously but they just taste the same just with you know slightly different variations I have to say my favorite one is the last one it’s the Ichigo army too just because the uncle gives it an extra dimension of flavor and the content has that sweet molasses flavor as well this is my favorite this one is the most multi-dimensional in regards to taste like gas so I choose the last one so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video which one was your favorite let us know in the comments down below and if you miss any of our convenience store food halls make sure to check that out by clicking up up there check out our playlist and if you have any suggestions or requests on what to do for our next convenience store food haul let us know that is one of the comments down below so thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye [Music] you [Music]